FCC votes on Net Neutrality—you bet I don’t like it

The Federal Communications Commission voted on “net neutrality” today; it was predictably approved.  Mark Cuban predicts lawsuits.

Cuban thinks the plan to regulate the internet as a public utility will “will fuck everything up.”  He said this at the Code/Media conference last Wednesday, in California, according to re/code.  “Net neutrality is just a demonization of big companies.”  (Source: The Daily Caller.)

Mark Cuban (Image source: SportsIllustrated.CNN.com) Couldn’t find any pictures of him not smiling.
Mark Cuban
(Image source: sportsillustrated.cnn.com)
Couldn’t find any pictures of him not smiling.

How about monopolization?  The big companies win in these kinds of “fights.”  Have you ever heard of a demonized big corporation really losing?  Especially with lobbies in Congress?

It’s the “dumbest stuff ever.”  (Source: CNBC.)

In 2010, the courts struck down an earlier move by the FCC, saying the government-appointed entity didn’t have the authority to regulate the internet.  Just let that little expression sit for a minute:  regulate  the  internet.  There have been fights in other countries in regards to matters like these, and they’ve been for free speech against more government intrusion.

Sure there’s abuse (and it would be good to have some actual data on that, when it comes to cable companies, than throw red-meat fear at the public), but how does more abuse help?  This ruling attempts to fix something that isn’t broken.  It attempts to make the government look friendly.  And guess where the cost goes?  To the consumer.

And then one of those buzzwords that über-capitalists use came up: open.  It gets creepier and creepier every time.  To “fix a problem” with that so-called “open” nature, where transparency is lost.

It’s times like these where polling data shows that people want change but not the kind of change proposed when it’s explained to them.

The idea that the internet will die because some speeds are crappier is, to me, a load of crap.  We survived dial-up, end of story.  There is, however, reason to consider internet a utility, like telephone service, since many services now DEPEND on internet access, and the dependencies are expected to grow.  But net neutrality goes further than that.

The field of competition changes with every new regulatory law, and of course not always for the better.  They almost always help the BIG corporations, and harm the small ones, your local services, especially those that don’t receive taxpayer money or manage with subsidies (and it’s a real headache just how complicated the tax system is that subsidies are needed because of deliberately high tax rates).

It’s also telling when the big corporations want this, as some do.

Now…if I were to step into my pile of politics…I would say this is akin to insurance companies getting demonized alongside perks as a result of the Affordable Care Act.  Notice your health insurance bills going up?  Watch your ISP bill go up.  The IRS might as well play a part in all this, gaining your personal info, ’cause…why not?  It does with the ACA; the IRS is supposed to have access to your medical info.

And of course, today, pseudo-socialists claim the people will have more ownership, more control…as if state and people ever mean the same thing.

Sigh… Maybe I’m wrong.  Maybe the FCC, known for increasingly tougher broadcast licensing, First Amendment-violating fining for indecency, growing its fines to a quarter of a million dollars for something as insignificant as the word ‘fuck’ broadcasted once over the air, won’t make free speech more difficult.

Maybe the greedy Democrats and greedy Republicans will listen to the constituents who’ve done their research and not the constituents in their pockets.  Maybe when hell freezes over.  Then again, hell is probably actually a frozen wasteland, given Maine.  (And Canada.)


Editor’s note: I don’t do politics often.  But when I do, I drink Dos Equis.

(It’s painful.  This is all painful for me.)

Falling to the darkness

I spend time away;
it breaks me free from the monotony,
but it breaks me, still.
Delayed drops of silence
and warning bells times three,
out of the loop for years, until…

I find myself loopy,
wild beyond reason,
within closed doors,
for each passing season
neglecting the life.
For what, more?

I reached out my hand, sprained.
I gave another welcome, drained.
I failed to make friends and amends,
exhausted myself toward belated ends.
Here, no matter the public,
the contact fades; it always does.

I’m not looking for fame; I want things to work;
yet the old nonsense and noise
overshadow everything; I regret,
holding myself to the flame,
short of entertaining or entering
the eternal furnace…yet.

I long for respite,
should decline become my middle name.
I don’t want to turn back, now, though
too often looking back with shame.
I can and plan hope for the better
years, anew in bad health.

The new world I feel, it feels like it’s falling apart.
The older fool of thirty years
becomes blind in more ways than just one;
ahead of the curve, he was, and still is
in too many ways wrong to count.
It’s so hard to climb in life, and yet so easy to fall.

And so, I bite my tongue, again;
I chew my lip, and take a sip,
and dip;
I shoot from the hip
in my way, slowly
falling to the darkness that resides before me.

Guest Posters Wanted!

Cheap bridges may allow one to climb walls, but one day … one day …

Ahem.  So I have internet access.  But via phone.  Not much, and never enough.

I still need to “take it easy.”  And not just because of the previously stated limitations, and not because I’m a bad writer (I am a bad writer), but for health reasons.  So to fill you in, I’m again spotlighting the chance to literally fill you in.
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Nothing Lasts Forever

So I’ll be taking a break from blogging, not that I want to.  You see, the Internet Service Provider is more expensive than need be, and the last payment wasn’t enough for all the new demands.  No, this is not a lame excuse as part of that list I crapfted yesterday, this deals with a real issue.

It’s been only four months that I’ve had any-time internet access in my life.  Only four months, since November 11th, via the phone.  I also saw in those first days just how slow it was using it.  It took hours to get “TV Fanfare!” up.  And it was truncated; the virtual keypad was used to retype something already written.  I could’ve transferred the blah via USB but didn’t know that then.  (Can you imagine typing 5,000 characters on a virtual keypad?  And without two days of experience?)

IdidNOTpressTHATAnd just how agonizingly expensive mobile data is—I was in a panic, setting my own limits.  This method of access is discouraging, to say the least, on top of an already discouraging living experience.

So many things…so many things that, to the average person, “simple,” “easy,” are hard here.  But it was a good thing, in a way, that I didn’t retype some vulgar jokes in the process of getting TV Fanfare! up.  (Detectives Bullock & Dix in Gotham, too easy.)

Sure, there was home access before…that time in the late ’90s—a land-line ISP…via modem.  You know, dial-up, voicing that annoying noise to make it clear it was connecting?  And not even 56Kbps; 28.8—under 4 KB a second.  Mobile access may be unreliable at times, but it’s never been that bad.

AOLAnd AOL.  Even as a child, I ended up choosing AOL’s basic web browser.  Ooh, I got some rad HyperCard stuff and a cool, non-animated X-Files GIF there…

Difficult as things are these days, I’ve still taken things for granted.  We all have our ways, being used to the blessings of the day in life.  We all forget about the labor it takes to get even the food on our plates, and few of us even know the origins and workings of our electronics, the resources, the water—yes, water, used to make chips in your PC, water that becomes polluted.  And what it takes for electricity alone.  And my phone’s touchscreen is covered with smudges.



How timely this is, that my 31st birthday is only a few weeks away, and I’ll be largely in the dark again.  Apart from gahd-awful cable news.

It’s not literally Dark Ages stuff here.  But in a way, it is, that the pests have a higher chance of carrying on than me.  The likely reality’s that this end of the family tree ends with me, how vulnerable, weak and dependent I am.  I too often scream muffled cries for help

Oh, there is hope for better days.  Unfortunately, my dreams—even my dreams now are warning me about my incompetence.

Anyway, I’ll check in when I can.  The Contact page is there in case anything serious happens too. …Maybe if WordPress didn’t subject us with so much code overhead, this wouldn’t be happening.  (Okay, it’s not quite right to complain about a service you haven’t paid into.)

Now, before I go, I just want to thank the people that have been reading this far.  My writing voice is heavily-edited that my fears don’t get the best of things.  I know very little of what I put up here actually resonates, and I know people are busier than ever, but thanks for making it clear that I’m not alone.  It goes a long way to know that this hasn’t been for nothing.  No milestones, just gratitude.

Thank you.

10 Lame Excuses


We all have our excuses for getting out of obligations real or implied, and sometimes our excuses are genuine.

One real problem I have: for some reason the Notification sound isn’t playing on my phone.  I checked the sound levels, etc., and it should be playing.  But it isn’t.

For excuses less-than-genuine, it may be due to those little jitters of paranoia or the fact I haven’t a life and resort to talking to Nobody, that I have a list.  You know, in case someone yells at me.  Funny thing…I never had to use one, since no one cares.  Only one of these is real…ish, and the rest I came up with today because I’m bored.  I’m not good at lists, so I’ll just do what I always do in these cases: set it and forget it.

  1. I had to use the bathroom.  For three hours.  It must have been that Indian food—something I absolutely never eat.
  2. I had to visit my sick uncle.  Who lives in Alaska.  Someone was generous enough to give me tickets both ways.  And I’d just learned I have an uncle.
  3. Sometimes there are so many things on my plate that I have to shut the internet off.  And my phone, that I didn’t text you back.  And my landline, that I didn’t call you back, even though you managed to ring.
  4. My boss had me working late.  Yeah, right after I got that full-time job.  After being unemployed for my entire life.  I’m sorry I didn’t tell you earlier.
  5. I’m secretly in love with you, and I can’t bear to respond.  It’s too painful. …Y-Yeah, I was talking with someone else at the time.  Okay, so we were sexting, but… All right, all right, she’s my wife, but I don’t love her.  (Click.)  Shit!
  6. The car broke down, and I was stuck in traffic.  Or someone prevented me from pulling out, and I ran out of gas.  One of those things.  I don’t remember.  Go away.
  7. Sigh.  My doctor called to inform me that I have hand cancer.  I mean, seriously—cancer of the hand?  Who gets that?  It must have been all that time handling the phone.  Get it?  Hand…l-ing the phone?  (Click.)  Shit!
  8. I’m Amish.  (And it’s none of your gosh-darn business asking me why that is.)
  9. My water broke.  Yeah, I’m actually a woman pretending to be a man.  A dudette with a baby.  I know, right?
  10. I’m not actually the person you intend to speak with, but an A.I. created by him.  He has since passed on.  His last words were: “So this wire goes goes here…and this w—BZZZZz!

Jason The Opinionated Man of Harsh Reality 10 “Facts”


I didn’t thank Jason when he reblogged one of mine because I found it strange that he did, and didn’t want the attention—breaking a few stats records—to go to my head.  I was also a bit busy answering comments as a result.  And…I don’t know nearly enough to do any “thanks” justice; sanseilife apparently does with this “10 Facts” post.  I love #3 in this list.  But I should clarify that he does sleep…in the morning…honestly, I don’t know when, but he does.

Now, hopefully things can go back to normal. …Some day.

Originally posted on sanseilife:

Imagine my surprise this morning when I checked my stats on WordPress while waiting for the microwave to beep.

I had a bunch of comments, views, likes and visitors, I thought I must’ve accidentally accessed some other WordPress blogger’s account!

Within about six hours I had surpassed my previous daily record on comments, views, likes and visitors!

What happened? JASON from Opinionated Man and Harsh Reality….

Jason had reblogged a short post I did commenting about a WordPress notification.

Jason always offers to reblog, guest post, guest blog, and share a post.   I never took him up on it because I figured it was for his more sophisticated followers but now I realize he can help even us little guys from the suburbs. I’m from Arvada, Colorado. Hey wait I am pretty sure Jason is from Arvada, Colorado!

So here’s 10 things I wanted to share that I know about…

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My Love… inspired by a few other Bloggers.


What is love? This is love. 100/100.

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Originally posted on butchcountry67:

here is why my marriage lasted 18 years and would have lasted until we were both old and gray and beyond before Cancer took her.

Our relationship was based on Honesty,Trust,Respect,Love,Friendship and Faith in each other and in God, really pretty simple , but i’ll go into some detail in hopes of this post being helpful to those in Love or just falling in love.

First I have to say this: who ever told you a relationship is 50/50 is so full of shit their eyes should be brown! The simple and honest truth is , a relationship is 100/100, you each give your all 100% or you give nothing and the relationship eventually fails …. simple concept, sometimes hard to practice, but always must be done.

Our relationship worked so well because she was not just my wife and soulmate, she was also my very best friend, and I…

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Zombie Tweep

Being up at four in the morning sucks.  When you’ve nothing to do, and nothing to read, and no one’s up, and you cannot sleep.  It sucks.

And over time, you just know all those wasted minutes will add up in the course of your life.  It sucks.  And now you’re checking back on twitter.
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