It has arrived

(Feb 13 8:28 a.m.)
(Feb 13 8:28 a.m.)

So much snow in one week.  An extra one, two… feet.  You know it’s a bit much when the banks get so high from the natural accumulation and artificial snow plow accumulation that the top of the mailbox popped off.  Luckily, my mother found the box (and a piece of mail).  And the box was filled with snow. …I used a bare hand (not so much my brain) to clear it out.

Window sill. (Feb 13 3:46 a.m.)
A bit of Nor’easter on a living room window sill. (Feb 13 3:46 a.m.)

It was a little exciting to see the progression of the weather. Continue reading It has arrived


Out with the old… kind of

Out with the old, in with the new.  The last section of the Bar Mills Bridge is now gone. (Feb 3 1:29 p.m.)

So it’s been over a month since I got the iPhone (as a Christmas present).  As someone who’s used to using an Android— a Motorola smartphone, it was interesting testing out the differences between the devices.  I’m sure there have been comparison tests before, so I guess this post will be relevant to my specific needs and environment.  This isn’t exactly a fair review, considering neither model are new, nor is this a comprehensive review. Continue reading Out with the old… kind of

In over my head

So it’s now February.  My brain, which won’t stop playing Beatles tunes, has turned to mush.  It’s been a while since I’ve written, despite raising expectations of doing so.  And it’s all because of denial.

That word, denial.  There has never been a time without it in the world.  There are always patches of darkness.  The dark circles under our eyes show how tired we are in this modern age.  The world population continues to grow, raising our need to raise each other.  And the cost of growing too fast is taking its toll.  The U.S. national debt is hovering around a hair below $20 trillion.  (And I didn’t even notice that the debt-to-GDP had surpassed 100% in 2012.)  And after a Presidential administration known for growing bureaucratic red tape, we find ourselves with one that has a habit of growing executive red tape, barring even those with dual citizenship from entering the country.

It’s crazy. Continue reading In over my head


Recently, I have begun to get out of my comfort zone to learn.  Too much time’s been wasted thinking I can’t.  I must improve myself for myself, helped or not.  I must hold it together, despite feeling disappointed in myself sometimes.

The alternative, well…  Here’s a reflection of losing oneself.

(Jan 12 8:56 p.m.)
(Jan 12 8:56 p.m.)

The morrow calls for a sleep
But the night stretches on
For my mind is up
To no good.

Like the search for an answer
To a question that had left me;
I am not tired
But this relationship is.

I chose the night for its ease
But now I’m caught with its disease;
I fell for a flow
That could ebb for an eternity.

I had entered, at will,
Out of my way,
Passing time,
Glossing over signs with a touch of noir.

Until its darkness swallowed me,
And finally,
I had


A Year In Photos, 2016: Inanimates

Many photos I took last year didn’t make it to the blog for various reasons; so, to complete the picture (pun intended), here are a good many to fill the gap a little.

Unfortunately, none of these were taken with the newer camera (higher resolution, better color accuracy), and many of them are the opposite of extraordinary. …Maybe, you’ll want to get something to eat or drink…

[Kashi Oatmeal Dark Chocolate, high back-exposure]
Oatmeal cookies that taste like brownies?  Yes, please.  (Kashi since updated the box design.) (Jan 11, 2016 4:14 p.m.)
Either way, have a seat.

Bench "Donated by USM Recycles, Earth Day 1991" (May 7 3:10 p.m.)
Bench, with inscription “Donated by USM Recycles, Earth Day 1991”. (May 7 3:10 p.m.)

The answer is yes, if you’ve wondered if I’d captured more of the USM Portland building… a.k.a., the Albert Brenner Glickman Family Library.

There used to be images of library family/staff faces in this spot, wanting people to read. (Lobby.) (Sep 13 2:08 p.m.)
Art design from the inside. (Sep 13 2:09 p.m.)
Art design from the inside. (Lobby.) (Sep 13 2:09 p.m.)

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Getting back to writing… if I can help it

(Jan 9, 2017 4:29 p.m.)

“One day I will find the right words, and they will be simple.” —Jack Kerouac

A man of few words — God, almighty, if I keep reducing myself like this, I’ll have nothing left to say!

…So, yeah, it’s 2017.  I know I’m late by the fact that it’s been so long that I need to cut my nails…

Holy crap, it’s been three days since I took these two photos? (Jan 9 4:38 p.m.)

If you could could say a year sucked, 2016 would be one of those years; so the the slide into 2017 has brought me some hope to start afresh— new work, if I can help it (but not too much stress); just a newness like a breath of fresh air.  The thing is, what makes things different than before is our own personal effort. Continue reading Getting back to writing… if I can help it

That time of year.

(Dec 25 5:57 a.m.)
Ignore the stove pipe. (Dec 25 5:57 a.m.)

Christmas here was okay.  Some good food, some remarkable gifts, including jewelry (not for me, haha), but otherwise understated.  It’s been hard getting my mind working lately… And then the Breaking Bad marathon started, so it’s not hard to guess what’s been on the TV lately.  (Until this morning, when the finale aired.)

The was finally tree set up Saturday.

Tree closeup
(Dec 24 8:28 p.m.)

The lights on the small, plastic tree this year are LED, white and battery operated.  And we’re talking a battery box with screws… Continue reading That time of year.