A Gift that Keeps on Giving

Friday Fiction time!

100 words

Photo Copyright © C.E.Ayr

A crackling sound caught my attention.  Flashes outside revealed clouds.  But it wasn’t lightning.  And there, I noticed: parts of the ground were missing.

Windows vibrated.  Dust billowed.

Suddenly, I knew where I was… but it was too late.  Floors gave, ceilings caved.

I awoke, chest pounding.

“Remi,” a voice spoke my name.

I turned, I saw no one.  I had it.  “Who are you?  What do you want with me?!!”

Dogs barked.  Lights came on.  I must’ve roused the whole neighborhood.

Despite everything, Sam wouldn’t believe.  I felt so… alone.  I cried.  And there, I felt that… otherworldly feeling…

…Yes, I worked another prompt into my “infinitely growing” story arc.

Every week Rochelle hosts a link-up, where the objective is: a three-part story, at most 100 words, for a picture by week’s end.

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Another Name, Scratched

Another late round of Fiction.  Hosted by Rochelle, the objective is: a three-part story, at most 100 words, for the picture by week’s end.

The image was surprisingly easy to work in to my on-going supernatural “mystery and suspense” of two siblings accidentally unleashing something wicked.

Well, be sure to visit the Friday Fic link-up see what others have written, or add your own.  And it goes without saying, choosing to continue from anything you’ve written before is completely optional, and may actually be bending the rules… Also…I don’t think I’ve ever seen a green moth before.

100 words

Photo Copyright © Madison Woods

“I killed her.”  Not something you’d expect to hear at a McDonald’s.

“What?” gestured Sam.  He couldn’t speak, but he could… my phone buzzed… text.  “What r u on?”

“Last year, I stood up to her.  I told her… ‘die in a fire.’  And now it happened.”


“That purple bottle, when I told you… to shut up.”  I nearly slammed my head onto my cheeseburger.

Sam shook his head in disbelief.

Mere minutes later, Ben, my ex, “got bent.”  Backward.  Holy Moses.

“I didn’t know such a thing was possible,” said Mom.

I knew I had to do something…

Yesterday marked three years— ooh, pretty flowers

This blog is three years old.  And what can I say?… It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, and… whatever else you had to answer to on the final essay in High School English class.  Aah, I remember year one of this blog like it was… three years ago.
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Fog Rising

Another round of Friday Fic… late.  Hosted by Rochelle of Addicted to Purple, who is recuperating (get well, Rochelle!), the goal is to write a three-part short story — no more than a hundred words — for a picture prompt by week’s end.

…And, as typical, I wasn’t satisfied with my work.  Putting this up Sunday…fewer eyes on it.  Enjoy.

100 words

Photo Copyright © Madison Woods

I dreamt of fog… a full moon lighting the darkness… an impossible darkness… I felt vindictive… I felt guilty.

The next thing I know, my brother was on the floor.  I must have blacked out.

“Sam?” I said.  “Sam.”  He just looked at me.

No one could figure it out.  Sam hadn’t a scratch on him, but he’d gone mute.  He shrugged when I asked why he was on the floor.

What happened next, Mom and Dad couldn’t possibly shield us.  Allison Parson— “mean-girl Allison”— had died in a fire.

Fire?  Then it hit me.  A chill spread throughout my body…

This is a continuation from last week’s story.

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When My Blog Died


It’s not just your blog that may have been dipping in stats, it’s across the board. I know I’ve had less interest in blogging in general, trying to make more productive use of my time— er, different use of my time. But seasonal changes aside (Summer sun), remember to stay engaged…maybe not every minute or hour, but…showing up is important.

Vitals over necessities, YES… gotta have & find purpose, awareness— a.k.a., live; otherwise, you’re just existing. …On that note, it should perfectly okay to be away from the blog sometimes, since actual living and breathing come first. Not everything written goes up, am I right? :)

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Originally posted on A Holistic Journey:

EKGgreenI want to file an official complaint as a subscriber to the Holistic Wayfarer for going MIA on us. (Completely forgetting she’s been out week after week with his son while keeping the lessons going.) You need to blog again, be reminded there are good people all over the world. They want to hear from you. When you don’t blog for a while, you crawl into yourself and scowl about the people who are !@#!. You become deeper, happier, and look out when you engage your readers. You should take a few days off school, give T a break, and just BLOG.

~ Mr. Wayfarer last night

Tenny_studio2015C(Gasp. A break?? The boy has his Sabbath.)

Where I’ve been is a good question. The kitchen, trying to keep up with You-Know-Who’s sumo appetite. Foodie is growing before my eyes. We’ve been at the annual appointments I saved for the summer (photo…

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Bottled Up

Welcome to Friday Fictioneers. Hosted by Rochelle of Addicted to Purple, people from all over the globe try at writing a three-part short story for a picture by week’s end. Short, that it’s also a goal to make it no more than one hundred words. This week’s image is from G.L. MacMillan.

Here’s my entry.

100 words

Photo Copyright © G.L. MacMillan.

We never knew Mr. Timberland had a collection of antique bottles.  I mean, antiques— yes, but bottles from another world?

“I wonder how some of these’d act on the range,” Sam said.

I scoffed.  “We are not shooting any of these!”

Mr. Timerland looked at us.

“I know,” Sam responded.  “…But still.”

Amid my astonishment of Sam’s eagerness to destroy things, one particular bottle caught my eye— purple, with unreadable markings.

“Maybe if you rubbed it, a genie would appear.”

“Shut up.”  But I was easily curious.  I rubbed it.  It popped open.

What happened next scarred me for life…

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Mid-Summer Photos

Well, yesterday was yesterday, and last month was last month (and plenty of photos to share, there).  Within the house, conditions aren’t normal… but outside—

[holey plant]…I spoke to soon.  The insects really decimated this plant!

[red insect on leaf]
Ignore the rust on the door…
Not sure if this red bug is one of the culprits.  It kept trying to hide itself from me by turning to the backside of the leaf.  But I got two good photos of it on top.  There were green bugs, and plenty of flies…

IMG_20150725_185047_870Fungus could to blame for this damage.

IMG_20150710_171922_601Now this is just weird.  It’s as if mother nature drew doodles on it.  I found this kind of pattern on three leaves.

[water droplets on leaf]A few thunderstorms rolled by recently, and some more rain this morning.  The resolution on the camera is good enough to capture the little “hairs” on the leaves.

[long-legs spider]The “daddy long-legs” spiders really know how to get their way around.  This one walked all over the plant.

[moth]The moths get really fat during the Summer.  This is actually one of the smaller ones.

rye-maybeSome…rye-like…plant.  Maybe it’s one of the ordinaries in a less observed stage.  I’m probably wrong.  The image is a still from a video, if I recall correctly, as I couldn’t get proper focus non-video-wise.

[exit sign]Well, that’s as far as the mid-Summer photos go, but we’re far from done.  I snapped a load of pics in late-June on a trip to the library, and another few with a theme.  Some brilliant flowers…

As far as color correction goes with the camera, a color rotation of +2R/-1G/+4B seems to be the winning combination, with a brightness/contrast adjustment of -8% to deal with overflow, and a gamma adjustment around 1.7/1.8.  These values or whereabouts were used for most of the high def. images in this post.  It’s just faster knowing what’s right, so I can stop OCD-tinkering in processing…

[transformer and tree]
Right outside the Wishcamper Center building…
That in no way looks artificial.

For the Love of… coffee

Welcome to yet more Friday Fiction!  Hosted by Rochelle of Addicted to Purple, people from all over the world try at writing a three-part short story for a picture prompt by week’s end.  And also make it no more than a hundred words total.  This week’s image is from Dee, over at 40again’s Blog.

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Okay.  Let me formally apologize for not being here much at this point, save the Fictioneers writes.  But I’ve still got stuff in store, processing photos for more exposure of Summer… rather large images given my decreasing intolerance for JPEG loss.  But until I get all that up, here’s Bill and Ed’s ordinary adventure… Enjoy.

100 words

Photo Copyright © Dee Lovering

“Why do we exist?” Bill asked boldly, as he stood in the cold, hands in his pockets.

Edward, sitting, chuckled.

But Bill wasn’t joking.  “Seriously.  I mean, I get the history of survival, and all, but… with all the things we do?  All these millennia, tempting fate, with war and famine?”

Ed wondered where Bill was going.

“We can be the most unproductive species, and yet…”  Bill stared off into space.

“Bill, what does asking you if you wanted coffee have to do with the existence of humanity?”

Bill pointed back.  “Exactly.  Coffee.”

Five years later, they lived on coffee.

According to a recent study conducted by Nutrition and Dietetics at Harokopio University in Athens, the anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory effects of habitual coffee drinking may lower your risk of type-2 diabetes by 54%.

This has nothing to do with what I wrote given I heard of the study hours after I finished… but there you go.