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In over my head

So it’s now February.  My brain, which won’t stop playing Beatles tunes, has turned to mush.  It’s been a while since I’ve written, despite raising expectations of doing so.  And it’s all because of denial.

That word, denial.  There has never been a time without it in the world.  There are always patches of darkness.  The dark circles under our eyes show how tired we are in this modern age.  The world population continues to grow, raising our need to raise each other.  And the cost of growing too fast is taking its toll.  The U.S. national debt is hovering around a hair below $20 trillion.  (And I didn’t even notice that the debt-to-GDP had surpassed 100% in 2012.)  And after a Presidential administration known for growing bureaucratic red tape, we find ourselves with one that has a habit of growing executive red tape, barring even those with dual citizenship from entering the country.

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Yeah, so I’ve been ignoring notifications.  I admit.  Just— letting it all go.  Why?  Because I hate the design, and I have expectations.  I might as well just believe that no one is listening, so this HSP sitting here (or standing, actually; I tend to hover over the keyboard) can have some kind of consistency.  “… but again, expectations is what ruins your life.”  Don’t I know, sociocruiser13.  Don’t I know.

Okay, so I needed a little break yesterday because I turned 31, and I absolutely hate getting older.  But I kept going.  It was liberating in a way.

Man, getting little to nothing real makes changing platforms starts to sound good that I can have some honest silence versus empty comments.  (But never tumblr.  God, no, never tumblr. …Other than food porn…and such.)

But besides my needy mofo attitude that’s yet to subside because I need friends, not yes-men/women, not people that are never there, and besides the fact that I’m not very good at responding to comments anyway, I hate the notifications menu design.  And not the so-called “improvements” the people at WordPress keep dishing out.

The unread/comments/follows/likes addition was pretty cool, though.

Seeing no evil.
—Seeing no evil.—

No, the design has always been flawed.  So often I have to (or had to, haha) go to the post origin because what I said is always horrendously truncated.  I need context.

Don’t you just love being able to roll out the entire conversation?
—Don’t you just love being able to roll out the entire conversation?—

So, here, I am saying twitter is better.  Yes, how twitter handles replies is better than WordPress’s.  And I don’t mind getting zero feedback on twitter nearly as much.  In some ways simpler is better, because lower expectations just comes naturally.  (It should be said though, that simpler is not better in the Dashboard.)

So, if the WordPress people, Happiness Engineers or whatever are listening, I suggest ripping off twitter.  Show up to 140 characters of whatever I wrote so I don’t have to click a few more times (yay, more clicking) for context.  There’s no workaround for this.

So, should they hear me, and actually take my suggestion, and screw things up as they tend to do…I don’t think I’ll mind much.  Because I’m ignoring Notifications anyway.


Thank you.  (And, yes, yes, dear readers, I hate me too.)  (And if everyone else can be crazy all week, as some have, I can be crazy too.)  (And as I type, I’m currently being annoyed by the #FollowFriday FAV mentions filling my twitter notifications tab.)

If anyone needs me (lol, never), I’ll be on twitter, Google Hangouts, email.

Good night—er, good morning.  (5 a.m. already?!)

What is Health?

Wow, that last reblog comment served poorly the way I left it.
Cut up, it was originally much, much longer.
Alas, I am a hypocrite, talking about health whilst being a “walking infection.”

Okay… the question posed…

What is health?

On the surface, it can be seen in how well the subject lives.  Wellness is like a synonym.
But on the level of specifics, you would get different answers from different people, based on what is taught more than from experience.  Because those different people have different lives, and their different wellness is…well, different.

Believe it or not, some get better (moderately) taking back eating red meat, drinking, smoking, etc.  Not always so automatic, the body needs reason and purpose to thrive, and tolerating the junk can be a reason.
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