Copyright ©2012-2014 Adam Jason Pickett
Unauthorized duplication of the content on this site, in part or whole, without the expressed permission of the author(s) is strictly prohibited.
Illegal copying of intellectual property, libel and defamation of character are punishable by law.

(You cannot just lift material, claim it as your own and/or lie about what people actually said.)

Permissions and Expiration
The user is permitted to make and use excerpts provided that original credits are given, and said content is not misused. (It may not be dishonestly taken out of context.)
Duplication of content in whole while still appropriately credited is personally allowed seven years after first publication. This expiration does not apply to the copyrights of external content, and may not necessarily fit with WordPress (check with them).

2 thoughts on “Legal

  1. Can I have permission to use your copyright material? That is, use this on my blog? ‘Cept I would change the copyright to me….


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