This blog is dedicated to the lighting of the darkness that exists in our souls.  Or at least it attempts to help somewhere, something, illuminating dark days, coming long ways.

We are never truly free; we’ve always something to do, something to risk that we can move on with our lives, so we can love and share the world constructively.

We are all independent in our own ways, and yet we all are dependent on something.  The air, the food and water, the company we share, the currency to get by, etc.

So act, will you, to live free and joyous, that the learning experience and potential are everything, and that the encouragement and sincere warmth and kindness you bring give back further than you can imagine!

Though everyone needs and bleeds, and have limits, you need not much reason to smile.  So uplift in perspective, and smile! 🙂


9 thoughts on “About

  1. Adam, your blog will soon be added to our Actually Autistic Blogs List (anautismobserver.wordpress.com). Please click on the “How do you want your blog listed?” link at the top of that site to customize your blog’s description.
    Thank you.
    Judy (An Autism Observer)


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