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Potential Energy

The law of Energy Conservation says there’s always a constant amount of energy in the universe.  It never grows, and it never declines.  Visibly active energy is kinetic, but potential energy isn’t seen.

Sleeping better hours, I have better windows of opportunity.
I had more energy Friday (after six hours sleep), but there were zero entries in my ‘Following’ e-mail queue.  Okay…  Sure, I found some great stuff after FF 2013-01-25, but only because of… another zero.

Sure, I found Kelly got Freshly Pressed.  But how do I give a shout-out/congrats?  Or should I?  Was it the first FP?  And ‘Innards’… just rolls off the tongue, right?

More zeroes.  Available all day, wondering about the silence on my end, hours on end.  And I wait, or do other things.  Nothing.  It’s harder watching your zeroes in real time.  So…no response at a much faster pace.  Anywhere.  Social cues that say: Go away.  At least for the moment…  Or now.  Or always.

bad blog!
Bad Blog!
… illustration Copyright ©2013 adamjasonp

On a lighter/darker note, more ability to read led me to find… I’ve missed out on a lot.  I had not seen one Guapola poll until Friday.  I did not see the Story of Cord experiencing mysterious black outs.  I’d missed Eric’s magnificent™ 42nd birthday—and on the same day I started this, on the 27th.  I know he doesn’t like emoticons, but… 😦

I’d also not seen Frankenweenie until Thursday.  So…no, I could not relate with Sonya’s comment at the time.  (Frankenweenie: looks a little like Paranorman, but in black & white, with less plot and a family literally named the Frankensteins.  Spoiler alert: a kid ressurects his dog.)  Sone said the original version’s better.  And I wouldn’t have even known that she exists if it wasn’t for… Movie of the Weak.  (Weak.)

Occasionally, it crosses my mind the possibility that the lack of wholeness in the text could result in a tragic outcome— er, unintended consequences.  I understand the people I’ve talked too just enough that some of the things that I think could happen won’t, but…

How much is enough information?  I see posts that span more than a thousand words.  Write something that you would read.  And I might say repeat…Honesty doesn’t pay much when the person being honest is ugly.

Sigh.  I’ve lost it again.
It’s the same sad story, one month later.  One Month Later.
It’s more of a repeat than a beginning!

The Yoda/Yoga teacher/master would say, “Have patience.”
But then, I might say… Patience loses meaning when you live in a virtual prison.
And I want to add time served.
Just go to sleeeeeeep……

Four hours rest, I am forced to think about my future.  What’s left of it.
Time to get serious on life.  Time to grow up.  Again.  Try again.
…With a zero in the support department and a world I’ve yet to explore at all (see: Phobic), I might as well go back to finishing Super Mario World for the first time since the SNES broke long ago… Will this seemingly endless chain ever be broken?!

To Be Continued…

[Update: the perfectionist I am, I improved my hand in the image: extended the end of the index finger; corrected some shading.]

An Unnecessary Look at Dating Websites


St. Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and… I have something I wrote inexplicably typed several days ago.  And I have a few images I made last February.  So here goes.
Online dating sites are now, and for a long time (have been), the place for pandering and outright lying(And I know pandering quite well… [the political definition, not the pimping def.])
Some of the sites even give you cheat sheets— tips on how to lie.  I sheet you not.

What’s the purpose or reason for these activities in the first place?
Do we just build a profile/persona, display our name, and expect “the right person” to appear?  My advice: don’t chop your nose off— er, don’t get rhinoplasty for these things.
Just sayin’.
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Second Punch

(fist punch)
©2012 adamjasonp

High pressures, low pressures—some winter weather follows Sandy, retracing some of the hurricane’s path.  After the deaths of over four score, the destruction of homes, and how cars were swept away like toy cars, reminding me of the Japanese tsunami, snow/sleet and rain would again cause the lights to flicker for the people who had power, while half a million across New York and New Jersey are still in the dark.

But there is some good news here.  Writer/editor/wanderer Brigitte, home of “Brigitte’s Banter” and the one responsible for A Gracious Guide to Benevolent Blogging (743 Likes and over 1 MB in generated HTML due to the 830+ comments since Apr. 6) lived to tell about her experience yesterday two days ago.

(I had to cross out ‘yesterday’ ’cause I was ditched again; but out of that, the opportunity to improve some other text and illustrate the graphic above.  ’Took me seven hours, and it may be the last, since I’m going blind.)

I never heard of doggysstyle before today, but this guy is donatin’ fitty cents (50¢) to Movember for every comment made on his 11.08 post.  Comment away!

Uppers and Downers

Another second punch (and take it as you see fit, good or bad): Obama was reelected.  Mitt Romney lost the win for the White House in 2012 in part because people didn’t know what a Romney administration would look like.  (And some approached the thought that he cares nothing of human beings, eats babies—or whatever nonsense from the “left.”)  Evangelicals didn’t turn out in part because he’s a Mormon.  Either way, the conservative turnout was low, and Obama won with fewer votes than McCain in 2008.  The biggest discouragement for turn out: people acknowledge the impending economic collapse.

Desperate w. standards

And on a personal note, I was punched in the heart again.  Fool me too many times, shame on me—plans, scrapped.  I already knew the ins & outs but don’t know where to go.  I’m sick of politely being called stupid, with all of the unnecessary sympathy.  Asking around sounds stupid; humiliating or deadly, take my pick.

Yes, yes. Already, I think I’ve already called myself pathetic a million times already. Already.

A complete outsider, disorganized, sometimes cryptic, telling you what I might do and see, I discover MySoulsOnIce: becoming an adult-David Lynch (what we really experience is a narrowing of the imagination), and Memories-Haruki Murakami with Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (a movie I recommend).  And then, the cold-blooded killer Ernesto “Che” Guevara and Al Jezeera news pop up.

Seeing Rick’s about page just reminded me of my giving up in coming here.  Unnecessary sympathy… To hell, co-dependency.  To hell.

At least Ido Lanuel seems to care.  I’d have a BS.c in Computer Science too (or better) if I had the money or discipline to work a horrible job to pay for the college B.S. (in both senses of ‘B.S.’).

I give up.