London Magazine: “a sensitive, self-conscious creature …
in sad revolt against uncongenially banausic employment.”

(Of course, the mag wasn’t describing me.)

Adam  Jason P is an indecisive man in arrested development.  Ironically, he calls himself a Libertarian.
Riddled with social anxiety, he is unemployed with no college experience, yet he works long hours on his own projects anyway.
He doesn’t really believe in money, considers debt “insanity,” and is willing but stonewalled in his environment and perceptions
— rather “brick-walled,” as he knows a thing or two about the Tower of Babel.  (Don’t be a brick!)

A realist, a vocalist, a programmer, and a free-hand illustrator.
Most of his shoddy, spotty work exists on other sites, including his past shoddy, spotty writing work.

He understands that no one ever “does it alone.”
Everyone has someone in their heart.
Keep the love.  Screw the peace.  (Kidding!)

Please feel free to give constructive criticism.
You’d think writing would be therapeutic, but… what if you still didn’t know what to do, year after year?
I’m open to ideas.

34 thoughts on “About—Me

  1. Interesting! If writing weren’t therapeutic why would we return to it? Would that mean it’s like a drug…and a bad one? Can’t be!! Maybe one should just keep writing, to know the questions to the answers…Have fun writing…

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      1. “Adam Jason P is an indecisive man in arrested development.”
        Made me smile, too. =)

        I imagine you’ve figured things out a bit a year-and-a-half later. At least for the blogging, if you’re still game for some guidance, I have more posts on succeeding. Tap open any post to open up the sidebar and you’ll see BLOGGING under My Topics.

        I think you’ll do just fine. Love your wry humor.



      2. I guess I’m screwed beyond recognition that that line isn’t a joke. It’s not funny. And it’s no longer true only because I’m no longer indecisive. (Still stuck. Still sucks.)


  2. Hey, what a surprise… I looked for this page yesterday and was too dim to find it. 😉 Pleasant surprise to read it now… many thanks for the reblog, my friend. Hope all is well.

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  3. I love your About page, Jason. It is amusing – despite the underlying anxieties and hang-ups you profess to have. You sound like a really nice guy to me. And writing is definitely therapeutic. When you’re happy with what you write, you feel really good about yourself. It’s good to say ‘Hello’ to you.


      1. I’m trying to figure how to discontinue that. I only contributed to that blog. I don’t have a blog of my own…nor am I sure I want one. I love reading the work of others.


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