O Summer, I barely knew thee


Burgers and hot dogs,
walking under a hot sun, sweating.
Be sure to thank the birds
…’cause they eat the danged insects.

Well, it’s the end of the season.  The calendar puts the autumnal equinox at 4:21 a.m., so I’m literally kind of doing this at the last minute… I’d considered doing something “The Last Leg of Summer” weeks ago, but didn’t have it in me, or enough photos.

[sea gull running from me]
Chasing birds…
It was a mild Summer, here in Maine.  It didn’t break 90 (F), at least not in Portland.  But the sun was intense on a few days.  I won’t go into detail on the sweating part; however…

This bird’s an egret, apparently.
…And sorry for the digital zoom quality…

It wasn’t until recently that I began exercising regularly.  It was on behalf of the mental health counselor I’ve been seeing.  Yes, a therapist.  I’ve been seeing a therapist.  A counselor who also deals with adolescents…

Wild turkeys… We have them around these parts.  They’re not very smart.
Outside, twenty minutes—that’s how long it takes for exercise to have an effect.  So I began walking, every day, beginning with the phone as a stopwatch.  Then I calculated the time it took from the porch to end of the long driveway, so now I don’t need to time it.  Thirty passes both ways, and I’m good.

[cover waters]
Early September waters: moving faster than what I’m used to.
Like Austin, I’d do some running.  But unlike Austin, it’s never down the road.  And I’m horribly unfit, so… mostly walking.  So, really nothing like Austin. …I can still dash — followed by: catching my breath, and walking a bit more so I don’t enter the house with high blood pressure… Yeah, you’re never going to see any photos of me running!…

Working your way up walking, it’s never a rocky start.  Like that ad says: Easy, breezy… beautiful Cover Girl.
As a low-functioning Aspie, and practical shut-in of an introvert, it’s quite unheard of for me to go grilling, so, no burgers or hot dogs.  Not here.  Not a single one, unless you count veggie burgers… :/  Morning Star “burgers” have nothing to do with Summer, so no photos of that, thank God…

A road race to commemorate 9/11/2001… just documenting that.

But oh, do I have more flower photos.  The Wishcamper Center kept theirs past August.


At home, many a leaf have turned yellow, some red, and some even shed.

[small plant, yellow leaves]
Before. (9/04) (And if you think this photo is blue, you’ve no idea how blue the original was.  No, you can’t redo the past…)
After. (9/22)

The picture wouldn’t be complete without all the browning…


And…whatever the heck these things are:

Maybe this guy had something to do with them.

A praying mantis, and a severed stem.  Guilty!
Well, that’s it for now.  Be sure to tune in next time, when I talk about my therapy! …Or video games.  Whichever.  Whichever comes first.

(Water cooler.  Which is funny ’cause this only appears to have a heater.)

6 thoughts on “O Summer, I barely knew thee

  1. I enjoyed the pictures and the post, but isn’t that a grasshopper in the second last picture and not a preying mantis? Grasshoppers have friendlier faces and don’t look like they’d love to eat me if they had the chance.


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