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O Summer, I barely knew thee


Burgers and hot dogs,
walking under a hot sun, sweating.
Be sure to thank the birds
…’cause they eat the danged insects.

Well, it’s the end of the season.  The calendar puts the autumnal equinox at 4:21 a.m., so I’m literally kind of doing this at the last minute… I’d considered doing something “The Last Leg of Summer” weeks ago, but didn’t have it in me, or enough photos.

[sea gull running from me]
Chasing birds…
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What is Health?

Wow, that last reblog comment served poorly the way I left it.
Cut up, it was originally much, much longer.
Alas, I am a hypocrite, talking about health whilst being a “walking infection.”

Okay… the question posed…

What is health?

On the surface, it can be seen in how well the subject lives.  Wellness is like a synonym.
But on the level of specifics, you would get different answers from different people, based on what is taught more than from experience.  Because those different people have different lives, and their different wellness is…well, different.

Believe it or not, some get better (moderately) taking back eating red meat, drinking, smoking, etc.  Not always so automatic, the body needs reason and purpose to thrive, and tolerating the junk can be a reason.
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