The hardest part of blogging: blogging

Heh, this kid looks much like me when I was ‘wee.’
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If you’re an early morning person like me, someone who tends to be up during the ‘wee’ hours, you know how quiet it gets.  And then I find myself overwhelmed by the reader in the afternoon if I sleep through 10 a.m.  Sometimes, during my overnights, the Brits wake up just before I go to sleep.

Yeah, blogging is fun.  But only sometimes.  Most of the time I find myself pushed back into real life.  And there’s no right way to get the emptiness across.  And sometimes twitter is fun.  Ha-ha, just kidding; it’s so automatized that it begs the question, who is and isn’t a bot?

Two years, three-hundred Followers, a thousand Likes later on WordPress, and you’d think, now there’d be enough interaction and purpose, but no.  It’s only those few people on those few days of the week.

You’d think reading more and showing your presence would do the trick on getting more feedback, particularly constructive criticism, but no.  I’m struck with more internal arguments—the new vs. old being the latest.  New popularity vs. old popularity.  New blogs and old.  There’s no getting around age.  Sure younger bloggers can be more inspiring, but…really?  It requires more effort to get so little in return, and part of that is because this blog is two years old?

You’d think the Daily Post’s Community pool would help grow the community here, at least a little, but no.  I gave some advice on a few posts, and…zero back.  Well, someone Liked my comment.  And that’s it.  So I was only helped in that I figured a few things out to lend the advice to others.  That’s the way it goes, learning in giving.  And even that goes south as the well dries up.

Etc., etc., I’m so horrible when it comes to writing posts myself that I shouted, Guest Posters Wanted!  It was an idea out of the blue—a “why not?”  But no, it became frozen-over blue.  I have to email people, not the other way around.  The Contact page has drawn absolute zero.  Brr.

The hardest part of blogging for me is blogging itself because no one cares enough in 2015.  Need I clarify that this isn’t an ego thing; it’s a productivity thing; it’s a purpose thing; it’s a failure of the so-called Community Pool to help the blog thing.  Busy being busy is no excuse for zero.

Ignorance may be bliss to the individual, but is certainly not fun for everyone else.  I stumble and forget sometimes, but I learn.  It’s crap like this that makes a part of me beg for something else.  As if leaving would be a good thing.  And in a way it would be.  The highs only last for a few moments, and then…crickets.  Ha-ha, just kidding; it’s Winter, there are no live crickets… Everything is dead.

(Update: it was selfish of me to turn off comments; I didn’t think about that…)


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