Vent Here

There comes a time we need to vent, or have thoughts that have just no where to go…or times when comments were closed for the previous post.  Well, now is the time to speak up.

It may be rather broad to not have a starting subject, I know, but on that thought you could consider it, “what are you thinking?”  This includes what you dislike.  Criticism, passion, gripes, general abuse, how shitty your day was.  This. Is. That. Post.  This kind of thing doesn’t happen often.  Or at all.

Hell, I’ll start a subject if you need one: twitter locking me out doesn’t help jack.  Oh, the service claims ‘this tweet appears to be automated.’  Sorry, irtfblog, but I tried to spread the humor, and twitter killed it.  (Or maybe my account was hacked.  It only has 100 followers—why’d anyone hack that?)  But it doesn’t have to be about twitter.

Now, if you’ve been shy before, be shy no more.  I won’t bite.  (Unless you want me to. 😉 )

So what are you waiting for?  Make yourself heard!  Raise hell!  Pee in the Community Pool!  (But nothing graphic; I will censor if necessary…even though, moderation has been left off for a long, long time… 😉 )

Is it a good idea that I’m doing this on Supernatural night (and a ghost in the internet episode at that!)?  Is it a good idea to do this when the Brits have gone to sleep?  Is it a good idea to do it at all?  Thing is, I don’t care.  When life hands you lemons…you make pee in the community pool.

For the time being, my name is Chaos and Banter.  You are welcome.



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