IQ and Intelligence

Another post similar to one I would’ve written, had I not lost so many IQ points missing sleep. 😉

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See, there's this thing called biology...

I’m laughing here, but Knowledge Guild is just begging for a bit of attention. Here is the synopsis from that blog,  A higher intelligence has a definite correlation with a liberal political ideology and atheism, or so new statistical research informs us. According to psychologist Satoshi Kanazawa…” Click to read more.

I don’t really wish to delve into the obvious issues with this “brilliant” piece of research, I wish to mock the entire concept of intelligence, simply because it amuses me to do so.

As is typical on the internet, we soon arrive at this comment, “My IQ is very close to that of Albert Einstein.” Awesome! How fabulous to be you. My goodness, you are so smart. I should put a gold sticker on your little chart and pat you on the head.

Unfortunately with the advent of technology, the little microchip in Barney the talking dinosaur now…

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