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Effects in Posts and Comments

Today, I’ll demonstrate effects that the WordPress visual editor supplies, and some it doesn’t but can be added manually.

But first, today, the WordPress code was changed, once again, this time so Notification items appear to the left of the menu.

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Suck It Up

Okay, so I have to answer to Notifications.  I still feel like I die a little with them, but I have to suck it up.  It just sucks that blogging is only as social as much as people put out, the way people have to tell you what they want or Do Not Disturb.  And if I’m not clear or don’t know what I actually want, I’m screwed.  I’m always screwed.

Ever since Why Bother, I’ve been thinking about how great Xanga must have been, with vibrant communities, or at least people eager to understand each other.  It predated Facebook (launched 2004) and WordPress (2003).  But…platforms die.

People will flock to the better choice. …Or find themselves forced to join a site over popularity (*cough*  1.3 billion *cough*), and because people you know have left their previous home.

“My…Space?  What is MySpace?”

Maybe if Google didn’t come up with weird names, like Circles, Google+ would’ve lived longer. …Well…it hasn’t died just yet.  As Wired put it:

Google+ as we knew it is dead, but Google is still a social network

The company is, however, giving up on Chrome.

As Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) approaches four years old, Google has announced today [March 3] it will no longer release updates for Chrome on the operating system.

*bursts out laughing*  😀 Ice Cream Sandwich!  Oh—I swear, it’s the first time I heard the code name…

Sigh. …But yeah, change is hard.  When you’ve invested yourself into something you’ve worked hard for.  When you lose a part of your youth moving forward.  When something or someone dies.  But ultimately, change is hard when you don’t know how to effectively change.  Especially when you don’t have any support.

And how to change, in a social media spread thin…

In my experience, the only thing effective action in moving forward is to work at your passion, and to trust your gut on making choices, find true friends & loves…and leave Facebook as soon as you freaking can if you want to keep your sanity. …Then again, I may be insane.

Whatever.  Whatever!  Suck it up, me; suck it up.  Get back to life.  Because, the only thing wrong I can do in blogging is try too hard.  (That, and violating actual rules.)

…And whatever you do, don’t say “blow chunks” on twitter.



Yeah, so I’ve been ignoring notifications.  I admit.  Just— letting it all go.  Why?  Because I hate the design, and I have expectations.  I might as well just believe that no one is listening, so this HSP sitting here (or standing, actually; I tend to hover over the keyboard) can have some kind of consistency.  “… but again, expectations is what ruins your life.”  Don’t I know, sociocruiser13.  Don’t I know.

Okay, so I needed a little break yesterday because I turned 31, and I absolutely hate getting older.  But I kept going.  It was liberating in a way.

Man, getting little to nothing real makes changing platforms starts to sound good that I can have some honest silence versus empty comments.  (But never tumblr.  God, no, never tumblr. …Other than food porn…and such.)

But besides my needy mofo attitude that’s yet to subside because I need friends, not yes-men/women, not people that are never there, and besides the fact that I’m not very good at responding to comments anyway, I hate the notifications menu design.  And not the so-called “improvements” the people at WordPress keep dishing out.

The unread/comments/follows/likes addition was pretty cool, though.

Seeing no evil.
—Seeing no evil.—

No, the design has always been flawed.  So often I have to (or had to, haha) go to the post origin because what I said is always horrendously truncated.  I need context.

Don’t you just love being able to roll out the entire conversation?
—Don’t you just love being able to roll out the entire conversation?—

So, here, I am saying twitter is better.  Yes, how twitter handles replies is better than WordPress’s.  And I don’t mind getting zero feedback on twitter nearly as much.  In some ways simpler is better, because lower expectations just comes naturally.  (It should be said though, that simpler is not better in the Dashboard.)

So, if the WordPress people, Happiness Engineers or whatever are listening, I suggest ripping off twitter.  Show up to 140 characters of whatever I wrote so I don’t have to click a few more times (yay, more clicking) for context.  There’s no workaround for this.

So, should they hear me, and actually take my suggestion, and screw things up as they tend to do…I don’t think I’ll mind much.  Because I’m ignoring Notifications anyway.


Thank you.  (And, yes, yes, dear readers, I hate me too.)  (And if everyone else can be crazy all week, as some have, I can be crazy too.)  (And as I type, I’m currently being annoyed by the #FollowFriday FAV mentions filling my twitter notifications tab.)

If anyone needs me (lol, never), I’ll be on twitter, Google Hangouts, email.

Good night—er, good morning.  (5 a.m. already?!)

tumblr is popularzs

Welcome to Tumblr!

Tumblr is the best place to find and share the coolest stuff in the world.

1. Upload a blog portrait.
Looking good.

The last time I talked about the microblogging site known as tumblr,  I spent a thousand words.  Today I’ll be brief…-er.  Just a small bit on popularity.

According to tumblr’s about page this, tumblr has:
223 million blogs (it about doubled in 2012, past 62 million),
103.6 billion posts (up 0.3+ billion from last week),
and 302 employees (it was 303 a few days ago; was someone fired?).

WordPress, in their about page, lists an average month (probably old nos.):
41.7 million new posts
60.5 million new comments
(And they give a photo; you’ll have to count heads.)

Unfortunately, I could’t get any global stats for WordPress.  Attempting to load the general stats page, it redirected to the user blog’s stats (or sign-in for them).

If you want more detail, here’s a 2012 comparison chart between Blogger, Tumblr and WordPress, and what their respective dashboards used to look like.  (kPulsed stopped charting in 2012.)

As far as notable popularity goes, many celebrities—

Felicia Day  Felicia Day  Felicia Day  Felicia Day

use tumblr.  Names like,

: Hi. I’m Wil, and this is my Tumblr thing. Yay.

Mark Ruffalo

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Jennifer Gray

George Takei

John Green

(It appears that John changes his avatar based on the occasion.)


James Franco

And one of his posts:

“Song of Myself”: Why Walt Whitman Was the Original Kanye West | VICE United States


And those are just the promoted tumble logs.  (Not to be confused with Sponsored blogs, the ads I was missing out on, all this time).  And, yes, some of these celebrities are the nerds you’d expect on tumblr anyway.  But efficiency makes for a good platform, right?

Here’s a blog: cassiesteele

Yes, I know that’s a blog…

The numbers alone should tell you how popular tumblr is.  However, over my experience there, I make a serious note here: there’s no encouragement!  Nada!  On WordPress, you sometimes get random Follows and Likes, I’ve gotten zip.

Now, I know my tumblr blog is more of an experiment than a real, serious thing, with mostly food reblogs, and a tiny movie review, but…what is serious over there?  Some of it gets pretty weird too.

I seriously wondered just how low my expectations could go after Following the USA Today tumblr.  Let’s just say tumblr is not for news, that I unfollowed.

Sigh.  Back to the celebrities…

Celebs.  They need hype, but they want distance, so it’s no wonder many of them have given up on WordPress.  Here’s a few that stuck by and a few that have left.

DanielleSteel.net is still up and running.  The latest: 2/9/15, Happy Hearts!!!.

Jay-Z’s Life+Times and JasonMraz.com still use WP technology (Area 17, and The Uprising Creative, respectively).

The wyclefjean site, however, (with its “Untitled Document”) blog is still up on WordPress.com despite being more or less abandoned in 2011 (they moved on to another platform).  And stephena.com is practically gone.

…Hmm, there’s some celebrity activity on WP as we speak.  Jensen Ackles has fans here. …Or just one.  I found at least two blogs that…pretty much just post links to forum sites. …Oh, well.

But there is one little feature I found recently, curious about the little curly arrow on the top-right of videos: clicking it, you can move said videos to the side, so you can watch them while you look at other posts.  It’s called “docking”…  dock

Now, if I could just…you know, actually watch videos.


Well, there you go.  Hopefully, I’ll never have to talk about tumblr ever again.

Tumblr achievement unlocked: 10 posts on colbycheeseman

Congrats on your first ten Tumblr posts!

It looks like you’re just starting out, so here’s a posting tip: If you post about this achievement, you’ll have 11 posts.


An invisibly delightful inconvenience.  Enjoy.

The hardest part of blogging: blogging

Heh, this kid looks much like me when I was ‘wee.’
Image source: dumpaday.com

If you’re an early morning person like me, someone who tends to be up during the ‘wee’ hours, you know how quiet it gets.  And then I find myself overwhelmed by the reader in the afternoon if I sleep through 10 a.m. Continue reading The hardest part of blogging: blogging


Don Charisma


It’s recently come to my attention then a friend and fellow blogger has been permanently BANNED from WordPress.com.

girl-boy-socialising-pb-516341-DonCharisma.org-1024LEJason Cushman’s blog HarsH ReaLiTy is going to be closed down shortly, which is a very sad end to an era of Jason doing so much for the WordPress community, and bringing NEW and PROGRESSIVE ideas into blogging. He is in blogging terms CHARISMA PERSONIFIED. Jason had this to say :

All blogging advice articles will be removed within 24 hours. The meet and greet threads will be removed by the end of next week. I appreciate everyone that has supported this website. –OM

Jason and I first came into contact when he invited me to join his “Project O”. I was pretty new to blogging at the time, and didn’t…

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How to be Freshly Pressed: don’t ask.

Ah, while some desperately want to get on the now-almost-endlessly-scrolling Freshly Pressed page, some couldn’t care less.

Just another button that leads you to unrelatable content, the critics say.

And so The Outlier Collective was created, Eric R.’s and Madame J. Weeble’s attempt at the time to fix the problem.  Only the so-called “beige” articles were being picked.  Or something like that.

The more I read into people’s experience on this matter, the more I got that it’s not supposed to be about the best work of the author, but a jumping-off point.

You’ll need to read Freshly Pressed: Medals For Everyone for context here.

The Automattic team picks the ‘lite’ of something that ought to be grown, not something necessarily representative of its author, but on the fly, if not the least ego-driven of work.  (And I’d think “ego-driven” would fall into trying to be Freshly Pressed, wouldn’t you?)

In a nutshell, Pressage is more about versatility than anything else.  And why not?  This is a .com site.  If you don’t encourage people to trek things they haven’t explored, your site would be a boring place, and it would go out of business for good reason.

So, something of what the team is still going for.  It’s an encouragement, not a reward.

If you can get your audience the hard way, the only post(s) they’ll Press are probably your worst in a way, and it’s is not to spite you.  Here’s the thing: who’s encouraged being presented the “best of”—a bridge too far for starters?

Your post may contain limited adult language.

Because WordPress.com is a .com site with advertisers, there are offensive language limits when it comes to picking out articles deemed worthy of the Freshly Pressed logo.

The web site, which is about to turn ten years old, used to be more restrictive.  But as with standards and practices in any media, these restrictions were and are eventually loosened when the general content (here, by users like you) becomes more balanced.

Loosened enough that they Pressed a draft that talked about the critical reviews regarding the movie Argo— a post that used the adult catch-phrase “Argo fuck yourself” for the title of the post.  (The characters gave a big toast to a successful mission.)  You may have come across the Automattically censored title: Argo F**k Yourself.

Being a 12/13+ site, you certainly don’t need to worry about ‘shit.’  Shit should be obvious when you’ve used too much offensive language— that you could’ve, should’ve used more descriptive terms instead of…easily offensive terms.  I mean, shit man.

But beyond language, there are some things that will guarantee never getting the nod.

How to deter getting on the page…

Frank sexual content for one.  And I’m not talking about things of a reproductive nature.  (“The Ongoing Saga of My Innards or Five Fun Facts about My New IUD” connected Kelly to a larger audience in a way that helped other women on contraceptives.)

I’m talking po rnography or Real Sex (HBO) stuff here.  Not only can your blog get banned from the page, it can also get your blog (or even you) suspended for violating the TOS.

Notice the “Report as xxx” button that appears, like, everywhere now?  Yeah, that is a gateway drug trip to “bannage,” for deliberate lack of better wording.

Worse, if you violate obscenity laws you could be arrested.  ’Cause even though the point behind the First Amendment in the United States came down to allowing all speech and practice short only of threats of harm, the language that survived dealt with commerce.  (You cause car crashes putting up a sexually graphic billboard, you go to jail.)

So, not going too far, say putting up strong language or nip-slips on every single one of your posts almost guarantees never being Freshly Pressed without ever being banned.


I hope that all of this was useful, that you no longer are compelled to ask a question you shouldn’t even need or come to ask in the first place.

And if you still feel like asking a question… God help you— I mean, ask away!  (But still, I probably won’t be able to help you, since I don’t work for WordPress… or anyone.)

Adam out.

Blogging… It Still Makes Me Cringe

It was from a .net site that used the WordPress.org interface for a number of years that the WP brand name stuck in my head.  With the .com site, anyone can register using their servers instead of requiring your own—it turned out to be a pretty visually appealing and informative place, given all of the efforts of getting out those “reflections on life.”

Now making even FireFox 11.0 obsolete, WordPress continues to advance its CSS, whereas certain other blog sites (not naming names) remain stuck in the past, having even cramped outer-frames despite the current 1024×768 web standard.

When I decided to come here —choosing, of course, the limited “free” version— I thought I could just dole out my thoughts and grievances, reviews and such, and attract an audience that will actually read it.  Add to that the cataloging aspect of “Tags” in modern weblogging, making searches easy, as well as automatic comment-pingback links whenever a post links to a different post (i.e., on some one else’s blog).

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