A regular Memorial Day at Back Cove, Portland

If you’ve ever wanted to visit Portland, Maine, you don’t want to miss Back Cove Trail.  It’s a sight in itself, and a place that can easily be taken for granted of, if you live here…like me.

It was the 25th, a.k.a Memorial Day, and I didn’t notice anything to signify the day in particular, besides the fact that it was a national holiday and stores were closed.

[street view]
I think there were snow banks here…
Since I don’t have a high-quality camera, let alone ideal software built-in to the phone to process the images, manual processing is done on the PC… but I did my best—despite overexposure, channel overlap, etc.—most of the images uploaded for this post are high-definition, so click away!

For the view at Back Cove, I’d need a better lens aperture—or whatever the term—to actually present what I see with my own two eyes in one piece.  No matter how I step backward, I can’t get a wide-range view.  At least there’s a panorama feature…

short panorama of Back Cove (original, uncorrected)

Okay, so there’s a delay in the panorama-taking process, that I should’ve started further to the left.  But no photog begins and ends with just one image! 🙂

one of two benches I know of…this one appears newly installed
the dirt for Back Cove Trail really is this grayish… and if not, blame the camera

The dandelion in the long driveway may have passed its peak.

But the ones at Back Cove are standing out.

…it was the 25th, though; who knows what they look like now.

The chlorophyll was so vibrant, so much green…

Someone actually walked behind me during the shot of this…“don’t wanna get in the way of the photos,” she said, if I recall correctly… thanks!
aah, the view…you have to be there to experience it

Unfortunately, HDR isn’t good for normal light.  Notice the “halo” around the lamp post…

[lamp post image]
over-sharpened via HDR
A number of the photos were ruined ’cause of this.  I performed quite a bit of partial blurring to remove the black shadows in the dandelion photo.  Oh, well.

And no collection of photos would be complete without some trash.  Can you find the cigarette butt?

IMG_20150525_193308_614 IMG_20150525_193256_212
Start Here?  No, I’m afraid I’m leaving.

start here sign
The camera software apparently won’t retain all 8 megapixels when compressing, but the resulting resolution is enough to read the Back Cove Trail welcome sign (yes, I took a photo of it)… I’m not putting the image up, though.  These images may attract tourists… $$$ …but I still don’t want to get sued.  At least the legible license plates are no longer legible…

Having left, the drive home…

speed limit, no parking any time
And if the guy who snapped that intersection pic I put up a while back (the one where I blurred the license plates), I could always use this…

hey, the green lights aren’t that bright!  And yes, the time in the name is correct—8:01

No photos of the detour that occurred after this point…

…HDR is great, however, for motion-blur photography given the high exposure time.

bet you can’t tell this is a cemetery
I went to school here when I was a wee lad.
I went to school here when I was a wee lad.

Well, that veered off course. …Have a good afternoon.  Or night.  From Maine.  Good night.

8 thoughts on “A regular Memorial Day at Back Cove, Portland

  1. This was really fun. I feel like I was along on your adventure (!) BTW, one of my Bros (Doug, the youngest, for whom I was a ‘B-Team Mom’), lives in Auburn. Wonder if he knows about this trail?


  2. My stepdad has a condo at Old Orchard Beach, so we’ve been to Portland several times (mostly when it’s been too rainy for the beach). But I’ve never visited Back Cove Trail. Looks like I’ve missed out. Thanks for the heads-up. I’ll keep it in mind for next time.

    And thanks for the share on Twitter. Much appreciated!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The recycle bin photo for a moment I did flip vertically and turn the grass red… but instead I adjusted the color rotation the other way and found the colors looked better…accidental improvement after deliberate error.


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