Flying by…

It’s June.

…And now that I’m back online after being nickled-and-dimed on…data. —I shouldn’t even be talking about data…but the only service with coverage in this remote area…is expensive.  Beyond being pulled away, it’s the reading and the mood swings—er, stress as an introvert, that makes being pulled away from the reading (and making the reading worth it) feel like a vacation.

[motion blur image]
The world flies by me… WHeeeeee…
A blog-cation…as if I’ve been here the last 60 days.  Really been here. …Or…at all.  I mean, trying to fool myself into thinking I could be a well-rounded person online?  In real life, however…I’ve been kickin’ it, watching Orphan Black and a bit of Game of Thrones.  And programming.  Lot’s of staring at screens.

[another motion blur image]
Not without electricity.  Nope, never. …I won’t survive, will I?
Wasting time is not something I care to do.  At least not by myself.  Though I am taking the time—a few hours—to put these photos up.  Several hours.

[…and another motion blur image]
Tried to capture the controlled fire…see the little orange glow on the right?  No?
My point is, in the effort of catching up, futile as it is, I might as well take a page from OM: What are you posting?  So…what have I missed?

Yes, yes, I could go through the email subscriptions… erghh, who likes doing that?  (At low-speed?)  No one.  And the reader, which reloads like crazy, is more demanding than I thought.

So, for you, dear reader, care to drop a link or two, your post(s), here?  So I don’t take forever to get through what I’m supposed to be following? (That is…if I can.)

[recycle bin]
Parting is such sweet sorrow…
Whatever.  It’s just an idea.  One I stole from OM, wherever he is.  Stolen, of course, because…sigh…I’m neither connected nor educated well enough to act on my own…

[Dunkin Donuts image]
Mmm…diabetic coma…
Okay, I’m not being very responsible.  Moving on, then.

The word of the day is: ignominious.  To use it in a sentence, I am ignominious.  Desthhpicable.


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