“Don’t be a stranger.” ☺

That’s what she said

The traffic, that Saturday morning…
Dead, tired, or cold, slow—sporadic, much like the snow that fell in the afternoon.
It flew, that day, and I am worn.
I walked in the snow that day.

It was fluffy.
It fell to the ground and onto my head.
I walked to the mailbox just find it empty.
Again, twas morn; night fell, and I was screwed.

WordPress and Twitter cannot be handled one at a time.
Miss Either, and no matter; disappointed, “I am done.”
“Your comment is awaiting moderation.”
Thanks for reminding me: no community here.  A stranger.  Alone.

And Twitter can be the worse, the Favs and RTs, TYs, wink chains, trains…
Shit.  I hit the Like button, attempting to refrain.  Frickin’ touchscreen.
And now a mistake, for all to see, though no one ever looks.
How sad.  But more tired.

Exhausted, and late, and I have fifteen more to read…sigh-groan
And then it gets weird, but then I understood.
Empty there.  Just one here?  No way.
I should reblog this.  Lend exposure.  No post was published for the day.

Received, and replied, P.D. said Thanks.
But an idea popped into my feeble mind; I replied, You’re Welcome, and then some.
Obliterated.  Input; hell, come.

I think, in all matter of sorts, and then of what others think.
Moving, my path slowly adjusts; but I am tired beyond reason.
Sleep—2 a.m. I need sleep…
…But I am far, too far behind.  Another passing season.

And then I became really sick.  Sunday morning.
My body says, Purge.
My mind, pulled into this year, continues, Purge.
Mysterious WordPress unfollows…Purge.

Mistakes…I am ashamed.
I can’t retreat fast enough.  Escape, escape.
But I am fat, and obtuse and horrifically out of shape.
But I pour over, and pore over in the effort to catch up.

Whatever it is I enter, I never quite handle or show.  I am a stranger, nonetheless, almost buried in the snow.

14 thoughts on ““Don’t be a stranger.” ☺

  1. Adam, what a surprise. I didn’t think I’d hear from you again. I’m quite honored to be linked to your post, Sir. I like how open you are about your less than stellar weekend. Is this your attempt at showing me how loveable we can appear even when we don’t look our best? I think you nailed it, however, I may be way off in understanding your post. You did leave me feeling a bit blue. 😦 Yet, linking our first conversation is quite sweet.


    1. Hopefully, things will improve.  Hopefully.  Writing is a practice anyway, even if this is ‘depressing.’  I’ve done too many depressing posts, though… 😦
      The poetic convo was something I’ve never done before.  But worth it.


  2. Even within the sadness of this post, I still can find some beauty. Especially in the way you are raw and open in what your thoughts are. Not sure if that makes sense, but that’s what I am taking away from this. I also can relate to your lines…I think, in all matter of sorts, and then of what others think…. I am a stranger, nonetheless, almost buried in the snow. 🙂

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  3. Poignant and beautiful despite the sadness. Thank you for sharing.
    New to the blog world, I’m sparing in my “likes” and “follows” and not offended by “unfollow” or those who won’t to “follow” back. I know my world isn’t for everybody, it is mine after all, but I greatly appreciate finding others’ worlds that contribute something to mine.

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    1. No need to spare the Likes with that lovely gravatar! 🙂
      No need to worry about WordPress when it comes to presence; people are very respectful here. Sometimes too respectful; be sure to voice what you want on your blog. Say, if you want constructive criticism.

      As far as trying new things, and new follows, I’d think of that motto, “don’t knock it until you try it.” So many things about this world to learn from people…

      I only unfollow when it gets to be too much.
      Following back!

      Thanks for your input, and happy blogging! 🙂

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      1. Thanks very much. I completely understand about when too much is just too much. No offense intended, but I really don’t care what you had for breakfast and snack and lunch today… Unless we are supportive dieting buddies… but seriously that won’t be happening so I really don’t care.
        I’m always thinking, of course, but not always writing what I think down. I like to chew on stuff for a while. Besides, I prefer to be busy with projects and do my deep thinking while my hands are working on something else. So, I doubt too many posts coming from me is likely, though I suppose it could happen. Don’t worry, I won’t be offended if you unfollow.
        I’m always open to constructive criticism. I’m aware that the way I tend to speak is sometimes hard for some people to follow. I do proof my own work but don’t always catch some of the ridiculous auto-corrects either – so comment away if you wish to do so.


      2. Reading on, I found what you’ve written fairly easy to read.  You’re very articulate, and you construct your sentences well.  However, some people don’t like coming across large paragraphs of text.  (I don’t care much about that if the substance is good.)

        No reason to unfollow so far. 🙂

        As blogging is about what you do, keep doing what you do, and have fun.

        (Supportive dieting buddies. lol.)

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    1. As “Sheena” (Zoe Graham) in Boyhood would say, social media/technology is more about delivering information.  At its best, social media is still a reflection of life, not life itself.


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