Entering the Castle…

On Monday, I finally visited the Tiqa Café & Bakery… you know, the little castle in Deering Oaks that became a little restaurant?

(Oct 17 4:42 p.m.)

The previous time my mother and I visited the park, the place was closed for some reason.  This time, we were only late for the hot sandwiches.

Here is some proof of the experience.

(Oct 17 4:41 p.m.)
Bakery items… and adult beverage list. (Oct 17 4:41 p.m.)

(Oct 17 4:41 p.m.)
Left-side interior. Plaque reads: “And Deering’s Woods are fresh and fair. And with joy that is almost pain / My heart goes back to wander there. And among the dreams of the days that were, I find my lost youth again.” (Oct 17 4:41 p.m.)

I got something to eat from there, of course.  Just one item on the small menu.  (I was too respectful/timid to shoot over shoulders to capture the chalkboard menu.)  There were, present, maybe five patrons total (not counting us), two leaving.  All women, including the lone Tiqa worker I could see operating in the castle— taking orders, heating things in the oven, etc.

(Oct 17 4:42 p.m.)
“Per Maine State Law, No Alcohol Permitted Beyond This Point.” (Oct 17 4:42 p.m.)

I got the Italian Muffaletta cold sandwich.  And let me tell you…

(Oct 17 4:48 p.m.)
Proof of food. (Oct 17 4:48 p.m.)

For a half-sandwich, it was thick.  (I should’ve taken a shot of the side!)  Provolone, ham, salami and more— lots of meat, with olives… plenty of oil to get on my hands.  Instead of adding a cucumber salad (which sounded strange— “cucumber salad,” and would’ve been redundant since I get a regular salad with cuke slices most days anyway), I went for a side of chips.  The chips brought out the flavor of the potatoes.

Just had to snap a photo of this before venturing into the building… (Oct 17 4:34 p.m.)

I was practically full after all that. …And I unwittingly bit into one of the sandwich picks (my first time with a sandwich like this).  It would have been more enjoyable if it wasn’t for a cavity I need to see the dentist about…

Sunset. (Oct 17 5:53 p.m.)

Comfort food plus already tired (saw the doctor about something new on the list of things keeping me up at night) equals falling asleep soon after getting home.  And with that, I missed most of Gotham.  Oh, well.  At least I was awake to catch the season premiere of Jane the Virgin. …And I got a taste of what that little castle offered. 🙂

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