Tea for One

It’s been a while since I did one of these…successfully; two drafts, didn’t meet quality standards, and… didn’t quite have the internet access to put the second up anyway.  But I’m back to try again!  Hopefully this entry isn’t too bad.  Enjoy.

100 words

Photo Copyright © Emmy L. Gant

“Glad you came,” Jason said, with a hug.  “It’s been a while since we last talked.”

“Too long,” responded B.B.  “So… you’re out.”

He evaded her comment.  “What’s going on in your world?”

“Still seeing it; two continents left.”

Jason’s smile faded.  He’d much forgotten the world she sees.  He put a tea bag in his glass… just a frame, she noticed— neither glass nor water.

An alarm rang.  He turned, revealing blood on his shirt.  “Let’s go.”

“Is that— ?”

“I had to take care of a few… things.”

B.B. soon realized what he meant by “invading aliens.”

For context, I saw the buildings in the background, plus the odd object in the foreground, and thought: asylum… escapee… (I get it, the object in the foreground is actually a trash can, no table.  But… use your imagination 😉 )

Every week, Rochelle hosts a group called Friday Fictioneers; the goal: write, for an image, a three-part short story at no more than one hundred words.  Click here to see what others have written for this week’s prompt or add your own.

Be sure to check out Rochelle’s televised interview! 🙂

9 thoughts on “Tea for One

  1. Cool take on the prompt. I love that you saw a tea bag hanging in a frame and pulled this story from it. And I love how few words it took you to give us a whole new direction to the story with this “He turned, revealing blood on his shirt.”

    Nicely done!

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