…Yup, still winter

(Mar 7 4:05 p.m.)

The temperature may have gotten into the 60s Wednesday—60s into the night (walked outside without a jacket well after sunset), but it snowed again twice prior.  The latest dusting took a few days to clear up.  (To see the most recent photo, click here.)  But the big picture of winter, 2015-16, wouldn’t be complete without the effects of the rain, the melting snow, and the dirt…

(Feb 22 5:41 p.m.)

Mud season.  Toward the end of February was a whole day of rain, some Wednesday snow, and then some more blanking rain into Thursday morning… with lightning.  (Yay, a thunderstorm! 🙂 )  Even lost power for a moment.

It was worse in other areas on the East coast, with tornadoes and blizzard conditions. …While India had a full-blown water shortage… which isn’t new for the country.  Sometimes it can appear as if we’re getting water that California and India need…

(Feb 25 2:00 p.m.)

The water in the above image in no way compares to the driveway lakes we sometimes get.  The rain may have cleared the snow, but… mud.  (Squish, squish.)

(Feb 25 1:59 p.m.)

‘Muddy’ could also be a way to describe my mental state lately… dragging along to the point of becoming dull.

At least I had some inner-calm during the storm. …I again deprived myself of sleep in the effort to get something to work.  Still… must write, I said. ‘Write it out.’  Like a zombie, muuuust wriiiite… Without pacing, without a real break, I failed.  Worse, I missed an appointment with the therapist because of one of these overnighters.  I have to get it through my thick skull muddy mind that forcing an overnighter doesn’t help; the paragraphs just become even more disjointed.

(Feb 26 4:44 p.m.)

…Okay, enough mud.  How ’bout some plants?

(Feb 28 4:24 p.m.)

Okay, so this is the aftermath.  The Wishcamper Center left some of the seasonal plants alone.  Summer was rich with color as you can see—the same location, what this assortment looked like:

(June 30, 2015 6:19 p.m.)

So there really aren’t any good plant photos to look at for winter, besides maybe the trees…

Deering Oaks parking lot. (Mar 3 5:00 p.m.)

…decorations put up in the trees…

Deering Oaks park electric decorations. (Mar 3 5:10 p.m.)

…the animals…

Deering Oaks squirrel. (Mar 3 5:21 p.m.)

…which can sometimes be too fast for us humans to capture…

Motion blur. Guess: which end is its tail? (Mar 3 5:21 p.m.)

At Deering Oaks park in Portland, Maine, you can still see ice on the water…

(Mar 3, 2016 5:10 p.m.)

However, part of the same large pond is still well-frozen…

Ice taking the leaves with it… (Mar 3 5:12 p.m.)

…Well, that does it for now. …And remember, if you’re not exercising, and you have no health restrictions in the matter, get out there, and move!  20 minutes a day walking (some 1,700 steps) is easy enough. …You may even notice some squirrels.

—Squirrel !! (Mar 3 5:21 p.m.)

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