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The last time I talked about the microblogging site known as tumblr,  I spent a thousand words.  Today I’ll be brief…-er.  Just a small bit on popularity.

According to tumblr’s about page this, tumblr has:
223 million blogs (it about doubled in 2012, past 62 million),
103.6 billion posts (up 0.3+ billion from last week),
and 302 employees (it was 303 a few days ago; was someone fired?).

WordPress, in their about page, lists an average month (probably old nos.):
41.7 million new posts
60.5 million new comments
(And they give a photo; you’ll have to count heads.)

Unfortunately, I could’t get any global stats for WordPress.  Attempting to load the general stats page, it redirected to the user blog’s stats (or sign-in for them).

If you want more detail, here’s a 2012 comparison chart between Blogger, Tumblr and WordPress, and what their respective dashboards used to look like.  (kPulsed stopped charting in 2012.)

As far as notable popularity goes, many celebrities—

Felicia Day  Felicia Day  Felicia Day  Felicia Day

use tumblr.  Names like,

: Hi. I’m Wil, and this is my Tumblr thing. Yay.

Mark Ruffalo

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Jennifer Gray

George Takei

John Green

(It appears that John changes his avatar based on the occasion.)


James Franco

And one of his posts:

“Song of Myself”: Why Walt Whitman Was the Original Kanye West | VICE United States


And those are just the promoted tumble logs.  (Not to be confused with Sponsored blogs, the ads I was missing out on, all this time).  And, yes, some of these celebrities are the nerds you’d expect on tumblr anyway.  But efficiency makes for a good platform, right?

Here’s a blog: cassiesteele

Yes, I know that’s a blog…

The numbers alone should tell you how popular tumblr is.  However, over my experience there, I make a serious note here: there’s no encouragement!  Nada!  On WordPress, you sometimes get random Follows and Likes, I’ve gotten zip.

Now, I know my tumblr blog is more of an experiment than a real, serious thing, with mostly food reblogs, and a tiny movie review, but…what is serious over there?  Some of it gets pretty weird too.

I seriously wondered just how low my expectations could go after Following the USA Today tumblr.  Let’s just say tumblr is not for news, that I unfollowed.

Sigh.  Back to the celebrities…

Celebs.  They need hype, but they want distance, so it’s no wonder many of them have given up on WordPress.  Here’s a few that stuck by and a few that have left.

DanielleSteel.net is still up and running.  The latest: 2/9/15, Happy Hearts!!!.

Jay-Z’s Life+Times and JasonMraz.com still use WP technology (Area 17, and The Uprising Creative, respectively).

The wyclefjean site, however, (with its “Untitled Document”) blog is still up on WordPress.com despite being more or less abandoned in 2011 (they moved on to another platform).  And stephena.com is practically gone.

…Hmm, there’s some celebrity activity on WP as we speak.  Jensen Ackles has fans here. …Or just one.  I found at least two blogs that…pretty much just post links to forum sites. …Oh, well.

But there is one little feature I found recently, curious about the little curly arrow on the top-right of videos: clicking it, you can move said videos to the side, so you can watch them while you look at other posts.  It’s called “docking”…  dock

Now, if I could just…you know, actually watch videos.


Well, there you go.  Hopefully, I’ll never have to talk about tumblr ever again.

Tumblr achievement unlocked: 10 posts on colbycheeseman

Congrats on your first ten Tumblr posts!

It looks like you’re just starting out, so here’s a posting tip: If you post about this achievement, you’ll have 11 posts.


An invisibly delightful inconvenience.  Enjoy.


12 thoughts on “tumblr is popularzs

      1. Not quite. There are a million cat blogs. You have to know your audience. If I write a hatred of work here, on Tumble i will change it to a hatred of school, as an example. Another important element that people don’t talk about much is timing. If my audience on tumblr is mostly students then I look to post after 3:00 PM. On a Friday it will be after midnight.
        While I’m on the subject; WP people, know the sharing limitations on Tumblr. One photo and 2 sentences will share perfectly. Anything more will just show a link. No one on Tumblr will click a link. Take the time to go in and fix it. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

    1. I’d say it’s harder to work with tumblr, as people there kind of expect you to cut things down considerably. WordPress is for writers. Well, and Blogger, but the posts I’ve read there are pretty weird. I guess I’m biased too.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I started with Tumblr, couldn’t get the hang of it. Plus, like adamjasonp, I’m more of a writer than a random poster. And I am so not famous. Oh, and the thought of futzing with another format/delivery system now that I’ve (sort of) mastered WordPress makes me very very tired. Even more tired than V. Day

        Liked by 1 person

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