Going To Hell #1

Yeah, so I just signed on to twitter.

The same adamjasonp name, like Google+, but with the At sign (@).
Why?  Because I can.  Nah, man, I’m desperate for life.  Walking backwards, really—not work before social media, social media before work.  I really can’t find a way to achieve compensation for my mistakes to have a life.  #Unemployed4Ever.

It’s already been trouble compressing what I’m trying to say into 140 characters or less.  And I’m crap on it anyway.  No reason to promote myself, no extensive vocab of hashtags; I have to type and right-click to see and check.  A lot of false accounts.  And I mean a lot—Seth McFarlane with an underscore, for example.

Well, thinking on my toes.  And surprising data charges for 140-character tweets, given images (one giant spike in only a couple hours; 824MB in four days).  Humor, including hot/horrible mentions like saying #WeirdAlYankovic makes a good Hitler (he dressed up like the evil dictator, once), interspersed with retweets such as:

Mexican authorities say 10 bodies, 11 severed heads found. http://t.co/NljcoIhVqR

So this is my first official Going to Hell post.  And I’m not even trying to offend anyone.

Oh, it looks like I may get a chance to capture the bastard mouse on camera right as I speak, but I’ll have to disconnect everything to get the photo/video.  Wish me luck! 🙂

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