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Okay, so it IS worse than I thought…

After taking a break from the often-lifesuck that is twitter, I thought I could spend the rest of the week getting back into the creative flow— back into writing, fiction, therapy, whatever.  But no, recent news had to suck the life out of the room.

Now, what am I talking about?  Censorship.  It’s getting worse in social media.  It’s gotten to the point that police in Western countries are arresting people for comments on Facebook.  Yes, in so-called First World countries.

In the United Kingdom, you can and will be arrested for speech out of step with the Communications Act.  Today, it may be over ugly speech, in regards to Syria and the migrant crisis, tomorrow, who knows.  That’s the disorder of censorship: it’s evil, and people who believe in free speech must not tolerate it.

I disapprove of what you say,
but I will defend to the death your right to say it.
Evelyn Beatrice HallThe Friends of Voltaire

Twitter, however, is willing to find ways to censor anyway.  It is, in fact, blacklisting accounts, with political bias, and at the same time apparently ‘whitelisting’ accounts it approves of.  It’s done in the form of “shadow-banning”: silent, that people don’t even know that their tweets are not showing up in others’ feeds.
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Taking a break from a possibly broken twitter…

(Image source: businessesgrow.com)

If things couldn’t get any worse in regards to the micro-blogging site, with the regular myopic social media outrage (recently, over one inside-joke, Stephen Fry deactivated his account…again), unpopular feature changes, and… overreaction to said feature changes… “Twitter is turning into Facebook!”

The user base is dropping… slightly.  And some news websites are calling it: dead; flatline.  But these kind of news sites have been saying ‘twitter is dying’ for years.

In the attempt to get the company moving ‘up’ again, in other words more attractive to advertisers in competition to other social media platforms (advertisers are still attracted to twitter anyway), they brought back Jack Dorsey, thinking if they acted like Apple Computer, Inc. (when they reinstated Steve Jobs), things would improve.  Think Differently.

Even I got on the #RIPTwitter bandwagon over the new changes.  That is, until I actually read about the changes twitter planned to make Continue reading Taking a break from a possibly broken twitter…

The Nature of Terrorism


And thank you both for inspiring this post.  (See?  Twitter isn’t useless. 🙂 )

Well… as an innocent civilian who hasn’t personally bombed anyone, it’s fairly obvious that I did not respond, directly.  But I do feel the need to make the record clear on where I stand in all of this, at least once.  Let there be no misunderstanding.

First of all, the definition of terrorism is rather simple.  The dictionaries may expand upon it, but we can see, these days, revelation of its bare bones.
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Barking up the wrong tree

“Jesus Christ, am I your friend or your enemy?!”

[tree bark]
Uhhh… I’m a tree.
Relationships are messy.  They’re a part of life, and you will be tested… naturally.  The internet, however, being as it is a global network of computers, isn’t natural.

Long ago, I thought communicating online could be the solution to my difficulty of communicating in real life, being brought up in isolation.  A window of opportunity, a way to soul-search, witnessing personal accounts of friendships that began online, an outlet of productive activity, etc., where I would otherwise have the, well, void.

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Suck It Up

Okay, so I have to answer to Notifications.  I still feel like I die a little with them, but I have to suck it up.  It just sucks that blogging is only as social as much as people put out, the way people have to tell you what they want or Do Not Disturb.  And if I’m not clear or don’t know what I actually want, I’m screwed.  I’m always screwed.

Ever since Why Bother, I’ve been thinking about how great Xanga must have been, with vibrant communities, or at least people eager to understand each other.  It predated Facebook (launched 2004) and WordPress (2003).  But…platforms die.

People will flock to the better choice. …Or find themselves forced to join a site over popularity (*cough*  1.3 billion *cough*), and because people you know have left their previous home.

“My…Space?  What is MySpace?”

Maybe if Google didn’t come up with weird names, like Circles, Google+ would’ve lived longer. …Well…it hasn’t died just yet.  As Wired put it:

Google+ as we knew it is dead, but Google is still a social network

The company is, however, giving up on Chrome.

As Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) approaches four years old, Google has announced today [March 3] it will no longer release updates for Chrome on the operating system.

*bursts out laughing*  😀 Ice Cream Sandwich!  Oh—I swear, it’s the first time I heard the code name…

Sigh. …But yeah, change is hard.  When you’ve invested yourself into something you’ve worked hard for.  When you lose a part of your youth moving forward.  When something or someone dies.  But ultimately, change is hard when you don’t know how to effectively change.  Especially when you don’t have any support.

And how to change, in a social media spread thin…

In my experience, the only thing effective action in moving forward is to work at your passion, and to trust your gut on making choices, find true friends & loves…and leave Facebook as soon as you freaking can if you want to keep your sanity. …Then again, I may be insane.

Whatever.  Whatever!  Suck it up, me; suck it up.  Get back to life.  Because, the only thing wrong I can do in blogging is try too hard.  (That, and violating actual rules.)

…And whatever you do, don’t say “blow chunks” on twitter.



Yeah, so I’ve been ignoring notifications.  I admit.  Just— letting it all go.  Why?  Because I hate the design, and I have expectations.  I might as well just believe that no one is listening, so this HSP sitting here (or standing, actually; I tend to hover over the keyboard) can have some kind of consistency.  “… but again, expectations is what ruins your life.”  Don’t I know, sociocruiser13.  Don’t I know.

Okay, so I needed a little break yesterday because I turned 31, and I absolutely hate getting older.  But I kept going.  It was liberating in a way.

Man, getting little to nothing real makes changing platforms starts to sound good that I can have some honest silence versus empty comments.  (But never tumblr.  God, no, never tumblr. …Other than food porn…and such.)

But besides my needy mofo attitude that’s yet to subside because I need friends, not yes-men/women, not people that are never there, and besides the fact that I’m not very good at responding to comments anyway, I hate the notifications menu design.  And not the so-called “improvements” the people at WordPress keep dishing out.

The unread/comments/follows/likes addition was pretty cool, though.

Seeing no evil.
—Seeing no evil.—

No, the design has always been flawed.  So often I have to (or had to, haha) go to the post origin because what I said is always horrendously truncated.  I need context.

Don’t you just love being able to roll out the entire conversation?
—Don’t you just love being able to roll out the entire conversation?—

So, here, I am saying twitter is better.  Yes, how twitter handles replies is better than WordPress’s.  And I don’t mind getting zero feedback on twitter nearly as much.  In some ways simpler is better, because lower expectations just comes naturally.  (It should be said though, that simpler is not better in the Dashboard.)

So, if the WordPress people, Happiness Engineers or whatever are listening, I suggest ripping off twitter.  Show up to 140 characters of whatever I wrote so I don’t have to click a few more times (yay, more clicking) for context.  There’s no workaround for this.

So, should they hear me, and actually take my suggestion, and screw things up as they tend to do…I don’t think I’ll mind much.  Because I’m ignoring Notifications anyway.


Thank you.  (And, yes, yes, dear readers, I hate me too.)  (And if everyone else can be crazy all week, as some have, I can be crazy too.)  (And as I type, I’m currently being annoyed by the #FollowFriday FAV mentions filling my twitter notifications tab.)

If anyone needs me (lol, never), I’ll be on twitter, Google Hangouts, email.

Good night—er, good morning.  (5 a.m. already?!)

Zombie Tweep

Being up at four in the morning sucks.  When you’ve nothing to do, and nothing to read, and no one’s up, and you cannot sleep.  It sucks.

And over time, you just know all those wasted minutes will add up in the course of your life.  It sucks.  And now you’re checking back on twitter.
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