Weather forecasts put the latest hurricane at “more intense than Irene,” however weak Irene was, however overblown the coverage was.  And the ado showed just how f***ed we are as a nation in panic that when it came to Irene, you’d see the runs on the store shelves in preparation for anything.  And by “the runs,” I mean people were stripping naked the store body of certain goods.

It was difficult to find bottledwater.

And they, the junk news media, have named the new storm, ahead of Halloween, “Frankenstorm,” much like Frankenweenie, the Tim Burton film that didn’t fare well at the B.O., competing against Taken 2, the revenge sequel to Taken, where Liam Neeson reprises his role as a man that’s still pissed for the kidnapping of his daughter.

And the political shouters are out this season to yell at you if you don’t agree with them.

In my alienated laziness and all-nighters and constant slew of mistakes, I failed to produce most of the ideas I’d jotted this month.  And after four-to-five hours sleep to pry myself in just before a storm that will last four-to-five days, it’s a good thing that I was able to take care of everything before the wet, long and hard winds & flooding hit the East coast, right?


With the extreme social awkwardness that I have, maybe I could coin the term ‘Frankensocial.’  (And may I pre-apologize to whomever that may have coined it already.) Because I never fit in.  Not anywhere.  Not with the jocks, the “normals,” the nerds, the geeks or even the chronic masturb— I think you get the point.

While I may be free in one sense, I’m trapped in another.  As Janis Joplin sang (before she died of drugs around age 27): freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose.

Don’t mind me, I’m just an A.I. posing as a human.

With the web browser hanging for sixteen minutes in limited time, and then some, Thursday was unbelievably stupid.  I obviously peaked here in this dismal, abysmal region of webspace.  It seems every blogger out there on WordPress is married and has a job to rib on, while I’m an unhappily unmarried man-child with one-time work experience. 😦

How dare I speak for myself and my (lousy) record.

When it comes to my other “coined” terms, Mutual Disconnection attributes the people who talk only to each other and have no clue what’s going on in the world.  And they say things about me that aren’t true.  “Oh, he’s doing fine”—the worst.  When am I ever “fine” these days?  Smarter people have yet to speak directly, so I get either: “nada,” or nada.

And so, this would be another ‘alienation’ post.  I didn’t even like the show Alien Nation. It’s just so corny when you treat the title so literally like that.  At least Star Trek had multiple meanings in its drama plays, during a more pressing social time at which “people of color” were being hosed down on the streets.  They would be filmed by the media, but couldn’t tell the media how wrong this all was.


Maybe I should move to Canadia, the place where you could actually have self-esteem if you’re awkward?

Canado, the home of Ren & Stimpy’s Knight, and a place where people “care” to the point of insanity that, when famous performers—including their own Bare Naked Ladies—cancel, people riot?

Canadaland, the Politically Correct somewhat-independent territory of Great Britain where, so long as you don’t freeze to death, you don’t lose your teeth in Hockey, and swear an oath to needlessly hate Ann Coulter at all times, you can make it, eh?

Well, I guess that last part is where I ultimately fail.

I’m too much of a firm, long and hard believer in the First Amendment, here in the nation formerly known as the United States.  And, truth be told, I long ago had just one dream that included sex with a girl that resembled a young Coulter.  Strict Canadon’t law forbids you from ever tolerating Ann Coulter, the attractive-yet-offensive pundit-attorney.

Free Speech, or the sentiment of it, is their ‘charter of rights’ distant #2. 😦

Why, Canadadadia?  Why?
(fox squirrel)

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to have a panic attack.

9 thoughts on “Frankensocial

  1. Adam,
    Canadaland is a lovely place where you live naked during winter, and hunt polar bears with your bare teeth. You will also have to sing the national Anthem which goes something like this:
    “O Le Clown
    Our magnificent™ ruler…”
    Le Clown


    1. Le Clown,
      My apologies for the previous comment (“Ha ha :)”).
      I had no time to think.
      I’m not insulting Canada, your magnificence™.
      I’m sure Canadaland (an actual region of Canada) is an okay place. And cold.


  2. Taken 2 it’s personal-er… man that looks dumb as dumb can be, yet not as much as Frankenweenie (the original was actually one of my favorite movies growing up (I am not saying I had good taste in movies)).

    Not everyone is married and jobbed up on wordpress, but in regards to that “fact” at the very least you are not a carbon copy of most of the posters out there. This is the second time I read this posting (as I explained my reasoning before). You have a knack for writing and it’s just as entertaining this time as last time. I think many people feel that they don’t fit in, and fitting in isn’t always the best thing, you have the ability to stay your unique self without the stress of friendships weighing you down. If however you feel this is a problem and one you want to rectify volunteering your time will not only give you a new avenue for meeting a wide variety of people, but you will be helping others in the process.

    P.S. The fact that you worked Canadia into your post 😀 I feel that I sound ridiculously uneducated when I mention the fact that my Uncle moved to “Canadia ay”, is it Eric Cartman that says that or one of the other boys?


    1. It may be Eric— maybe Kyle— some character on SP.

      The next two posts will focus on…how I still don’t like it here, and getting over it by letting go, possibly making (more) enemies.

      Thanks for the feedback and another interesting comment read.


      1. Carefully, so I don’t *really* piss people off.

        On the other part of your comment: myopia is the biggest problem with me; I wouldn’t—and don’t know where to go to ‘volunteer my time’ (if I have time), for example.


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