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Another Storm to Help Rethink Things

Some warmer temperatures Sunday… 20-32°F.

Oh, that Winter storm weather I warned about started.  There’s nothing like two-plus feet of snow all at once, with wind gusts of up to 80 MPH, blowing snow all over some of the windows, filling the bottom of their frames.  Half a million homes are still without power across New England.

My apologies for not being able to provide any photos.  I have neither a camera nor the time to find image(s) that would work.  The only thing I’d be able to do is, again illustrate something… but the snow cleared from the windows.  Freezing rain tonight!

One Facebook page out there tells a little story of how someone inside his/her house opened the door to the outside to find the exit mostly blocked with snow.  The photo depicts only one foot of clearance above35.5″ is just… wonderful.

But Winter will soon be over… in only some forty days.

At least it’s not as bad as the storms in Doctor Zhivago.  My mother likes that book, and I… find it rather bleak.  (Yes, too bleak for even lil’ ol’ bleak me.  Or big ol’ bleak me, since I’m overweight.)  Love, conscription and death, under increasingly hard Communism.

Grande Changer

It’s been quality-over-quantity ever since Pot. Energy, and I plan to keep it that way. …Did I just say marijuana energy?

“Cosmically” forced to rethink things (again), I’ve had some massive realizations.  So now, with the tag-line change, I am starting to own this blasted blog (not financially, of course).  And it took only 77 posts!  Yay!    … Yeah, I really should restart.

(There are such clarity issues with what I’ve put up in the past.  It doesn’t exactly help on reader misunderstanding that ‘humor’-tagged posts tend to contain information that is exaggerated, hyperbolic, erroneous, distorted, incorrect, wrong, “off,” if not inaccurate whenever I put myself in the picture.  The ‘alienation’ post “Frankensocial” was less about being rejected and more about just not being.)

So… three days off, after “the most depressing post ever written” —which got its first popularity-estimation-based Like in a matter of seconds…


This weather has gotten me to consider using the time-release feature.  In case something happens.  Such as this storm activity.  I’ll still try to be there.

Next: “the most advanced science-subject entry ever.”  You’re going to need those extra IQ points you lost blogging for it!

A Storm to Remember, now November

It’s Movember— I mean, November, the next month.
’Better get crackin’ on manually reading those other blogs I can’t follow ’cause my reader’s swamped.  ’Good thing I stuffed a bunch of URLs into a single text file, right?  And if Homeland Security misunderstands my use of ‘dirty bomb,’ …I guess I’m screwed ’cause I can’t afford a good attorney.

What was this post supposed to be about, again?
…Oh, yeah, detailing as much as I can, the past couple of days.  Le sh*tstorm.

Oh, and Spank Material for the Clinically Insane has reached Chapter 6. Continue reading A Storm to Remember, now November



Weather forecasts put the latest hurricane at “more intense than Irene,” however weak Irene was, however overblown the coverage was.  And the ado showed just how f***ed we are as a nation in panic that when it came to Irene, you’d see the runs on the store shelves in preparation for anything.  And by “the runs,” I mean people were stripping naked Continue reading Frankensocial