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Okay, so it IS worse than I thought…

After taking a break from the often-lifesuck that is twitter, I thought I could spend the rest of the week getting back into the creative flow— back into writing, fiction, therapy, whatever.  But no, recent news had to suck the life out of the room.

Now, what am I talking about?  Censorship.  It’s getting worse in social media.  It’s gotten to the point that police in Western countries are arresting people for comments on Facebook.  Yes, in so-called First World countries.

In the United Kingdom, you can and will be arrested for speech out of step with the Communications Act.  Today, it may be over ugly speech, in regards to Syria and the migrant crisis, tomorrow, who knows.  That’s the disorder of censorship: it’s evil, and people who believe in free speech must not tolerate it.

I disapprove of what you say,
but I will defend to the death your right to say it.
Evelyn Beatrice HallThe Friends of Voltaire

Twitter, however, is willing to find ways to censor anyway.  It is, in fact, blacklisting accounts, with political bias, and at the same time apparently ‘whitelisting’ accounts it approves of.  It’s done in the form of “shadow-banning”: silent, that people don’t even know that their tweets are not showing up in others’ feeds.
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Taking a break from a possibly broken twitter…

(Image source: businessesgrow.com)

If things couldn’t get any worse in regards to the micro-blogging site, with the regular myopic social media outrage (recently, over one inside-joke, Stephen Fry deactivated his account…again), unpopular feature changes, and… overreaction to said feature changes… “Twitter is turning into Facebook!”

The user base is dropping… slightly.  And some news websites are calling it: dead; flatline.  But these kind of news sites have been saying ‘twitter is dying’ for years.

In the attempt to get the company moving ‘up’ again, in other words more attractive to advertisers in competition to other social media platforms (advertisers are still attracted to twitter anyway), they brought back Jack Dorsey, thinking if they acted like Apple Computer, Inc. (when they reinstated Steve Jobs), things would improve.  Think Differently.

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Another Brief in Media Headaches

El grito (the scream) by Mauricio García Vega

Yeah, before, at the core, I’ve said and explained, the why and the how, life isn’t cruel.  That you have, in reality, to get involved with something at some point in existence, for “bad” experiences to happen.  It makes up what we see as cause and effect.

And, dare I say, Buddha didn’t believe in Karma.  He believed in cause and effect.

Well, politics is one of those things you get sucked into.  You become partly responsible for how things “move”… and fail… on that larger scale.  There are many a crowd-pleaser.

“So long as you say the ‘right’ things, you can do whatever you want.”

That’s what they say.  And here’s an example of this fraud I’m talking about.  I am bound to offend someone here.  Like, many of the readers here.
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To Care or Not To Care

Fly…away with me; I can’t quite make it alone; try to make this life my own —Foo Fighters

What do you do when you you come across people that need help?  Some of the venting says ‘need help,’ but blogging isn’t really the place for help… or much ’anything serious.  Many have been laying out dirty laundry for a long time.  But what can you do?
Do you laugh, and/or possibly encourage what you think is nonsense in the process?
Do you rest on the probability of their independence?

25ToDie: It’s not anyone’s place to “care” for strangers from afar.

And what about those pricks that inappropriately promote themselves when they’re supposed to be helping people in need?  And when you step in to help, you step in sh…
(In broeken French: pas dans l’merde.)

…I can’t elaborate on that story here due to the “Can’t talk about myself” policy that exists right now.  And so the story becomes unfettered B.S., and this post is ‘runed.’  (To Care or Not To Care: R.I.P. Dec. 13, 2012 2:56 AM – Dec. 13, 2012 4:18 AM)

And what’s the value of a bad joke of a comment, anyway?

And then the comments start to become just as detached and promotional as the Likes.
With concern now… and more space in between due to about-zero self-promotion.
Someone (that may or may not be me) needs to ‘get’ the non-obligatory part of blogging.
At least there are no complaints over the links.  So far.

A matter true carries, in part, things that are false

And there’s that End Times “prophecy.”  There are quite a number of posts/suicides on it.
I can guaran-frickin’-tee you that the world will not end eight days from now.  People, groups worry and celebrate, and there are so many underlying inaccuracies—with all of the Gregorian calender readjustments, that scheduled “End” has already passed!

Those Mayans’d be callin’ y’all clowns.  (With different words than y’all and clowns.)
And besides, it’s only the end of the United States as we know it, not the world.
(A “politically correct end of a nation.”)
(And some people say they want to see the day that political correctness is no more to mean, “once the world is already—and possibly, forcibly—politically correct, why bother.”)
(And, as a part of nature, some never stop trying to control any and everyone.)

And on the 2,227,964th day, ‘God’ became a term of frustration.
It took only one quick twitter signup (and deactivation) to receive a load of SPAM.
And holding bowels to post this— godda—!



Weather forecasts put the latest hurricane at “more intense than Irene,” however weak Irene was, however overblown the coverage was.  And the ado showed just how f***ed we are as a nation in panic that when it came to Irene, you’d see the runs on the store shelves in preparation for anything.  And by “the runs,” I mean people were stripping naked Continue reading Frankensocial