Bottled Up

Welcome to Friday Fictioneers. Hosted by Rochelle of Addicted to Purple, people from all over the globe try at writing a three-part short story for a picture by week’s end. Short, that it’s also a goal to make it no more than one hundred words. This week’s image is from G.L. MacMillan.

Here’s my entry.

100 words

Photo Copyright © G.L. MacMillan.

We never knew Mr. Timberland had a collection of antique bottles.  I mean, antiques— yes, but bottles from another world?

“I wonder how some of these’d act on the range,” Sam said.

I scoffed.  “We are not shooting any of these!”

Mr. Timerland looked at us.

“I know,” Sam responded.  “…But still.”

Amid my astonishment of Sam’s eagerness to destroy things, one particular bottle caught my eye— purple, with unreadable markings.

“Maybe if you rubbed it, a genie would appear.”

“Shut up.”  But I was easily curious.  I rubbed it.  It popped open.

What happened next scarred me for life…

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12 thoughts on “Bottled Up

  1. Bottles from another world – I’m thinking something from “Alien” is going to happen. Or maybe it’ll just be an alien novelty Jack-in-the-box-type toy 🙂 That would scar me for life.

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