Sometimes you feel like a…


OCD.  It’s that thing.  That thing where you can’t stop.  And in some cases, till you drop.  Like me.  Bad enough that ‘OCD’ was included as a ‘hobby’ in my twitter profile.

Oh, yes, I’ve been well away from here and there, spending all day programming lately, finally acting on ideas that rolled around in my head over the years.  Add a few more accidental naps.  And if the title of this post serves any indicator I have to set time limits on writing titles too…


The days slide into each other, and the shock value of how much time I’ve lost doesn’t quite go away… Like those moments where I look at something I made— particularly my photos; I feel as if I took them yesterday, when really it was half a month ago.  (The image above is from the 17th.)

Sometimes… I should stop sitting at this point… There.

…Now where was I?  Oh, right, away from here and there.

And, oh, jeez, I have some explainin’ to do with some of the things I said recently.  Again.  But I never have the time. 😉  As if I have any excuses left over in my excuse box to slip ’n’ slide away from you again.  (An excuse box: like vacation days.  But excuses.)

Yeah, I know I’m not gaining any sympathy here… especially after publicly comparing myself to a narcissistic husband.

But sympathy is not the point here.  I’m just keeping y’alls up-to-date.  (Or maybe just my future self since I compared myself to a narcissist.)

…And now I’ve let the PC fall sleep three days in a row.  Some things will have to go un-Liked… three-day-old posts, or older… it would take a long time to scroll the reader, having to re-log-in.  Yeah, I can keep thinking, “I’ll get to that.” …Just like my own stuff I’ve yet to repair and publish.

Okay, okay, some people have successfully gone through days, upon days of missed posts.  So there’s that.

Now, to get my Friday Fic entry up.  And read some more.  And finally, properly sleep.  (Or as close as I can get to proper sleep.)

Ah, but you know, things will work out the way they should… every so once in a blue moon.

Oh, and I have an appointment with someone to see where I want to go in life.  Kind of like being held accountable for my (in)actions, drowning in life’s pool… not really looking forward to that.

…At least I have my winning numbers for color-correcting my photos— no mid-processing PNGs so far.  There’s that. …And then the first image I saved for the photo here appeared too red to me…

Oh, well.

Well, have a nice day, and be sure to check out the blue moon tonight! 🙂

With tired love,

4 thoughts on “Sometimes you feel like a…

    1. I didn’t think to try to get a shot…didn’t think, or act…not used to going out late at night…and the camera produces complete blackness at really low light.


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