So I Trashed Another Post



It’s something to only have happened once or twice in the lifespan of this blog: I trashed a post.

There are only two reasons as to why I would ever do it: accuracy and/or originality issues.

No, this latest trashing wasn’t because it was ugly (and it was ugly).  But because I still failed to see some crucial things before I posted.  I was impatient (and being in a bad place can do that), and used some language I remembered from someone else’s work.  I fell into despair that day, and slipped, but there are no excuses.

Never say never, though.  Maybe I could repair it, and get it back up.  But probably not.  Blogging is supposed to be fun or at least fulfilling, and prompt, not sad and selfish (despite what “the masses” say).

You can always set your expectations too high (and lose that important sense of respect along the way), but you should never lose hope of a better tomorrow.  ’Cause that’s when you really fall.  Nothing in this world is a magic machine; if anything’s magic, it’s you.

It was important that the mistake happened.  I learned a lesson (even if I have to drill it in).  Everything in the past that has happened is necessary, even if you can’t see why.

And I’ve more to learn if I’d read The Ten Commandments of Blogging right.  You should check that out, even if you’re long in to this whole thing.  Holistic Wayfarer presides as the new queen of WordPress.  (It seems.  She knows better, blindingly so. …Please forgive me for unwittingly trashing your Like along with my ugly post.)


10 thoughts on “So I Trashed Another Post

  1. LOL All right, so I normally don’t tap LIKE on reblog intros. Feels like I’m tooting my own horn. But presides….as the new qUEEn?? LOL Oh dear, thank you for the generous commendation (and reblog). I really appreciate the support. And don’t beat yourself up. It’s a new day. As I wrote recently, that blank draft page is a fresh canvas of possibility.



      1. It was reading others’ work that, in part, got me to del the thing in the first place! 🙂

        See: plagiarism. I didn’t cross the line, looking at it objectively, but it was too close for comfort.


  2. Why can you not use quotation marks?

    I feel like I do that with songs, sometimes they match up the words in such a perfect way, and I write and then I realize the genius behind the words was not in fact me. That’s rather annoying.

    I would have read your post though, and probably not even known it was like someone else’s work.


    1. I did use quotation marks. But I didn’t feel that was enough.

      Anyway, it was a post on depression and sadness and everything else I go through that no one wants to read. I doubt you’d enjoy it. Moving on.


  3. Well, you can always credit another blogger certainly. People usually love that! I think you’re being too hard on yourself. I’ve never heard of Wayfarer. I will check her out. Thanks.


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