(Half of) Chapter 1: A Convoluted Cyberpunk / Transhumanism Novel In Which I am Elbow Deep

For a long-read of awesome, professional storytelling, there’s this whole chapter (in two parts).

James Wolanyk

She wasn’t supposed to use their bodies for sightseeing. Officially, it was filed under non-essential usage of equipment, but unofficially, it was voyeurism. Voyeurism with the feel of flannel on your skin, and the sting of ethanol in your nostrils, and the synth-induced tinnitus outside the bars on Vanden Street. None of the hosts were ever told if their feed was in use, but even if it was, there was no complaint to be made. They had accepted the risks, which included the murky divide between legitimate and illegitimate use of equipment. And considering the amount of senior detectives sharing water-cooler stories about slinking into male models just before they disrobed their evening pick, there was little risk from the other side of the desk.

In her precinct’s history, according to the archives, they had only pulled an officer’s logs to the LiveLock feeds once, and the case had been…

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