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Spring update

Squirrel! (Mar 22 3:16 p.m.)

I keep forgetting it’s spring.  It’s supposed to be the season that follows winter, the way the animals are out— the squirrels running about, hopping onto… snow banks.  Last Wednesday was incredibly windy.  I remember the car being pushed around.  I couldn’t be out walking in the park for long since the wind chill was freezing my face; I more jogged than walked that day.  It was also the day London was attacked… I’ll let the news reports speak for that.  Suffice it to say, Wednesday kind of sucked for many.

(Mar 27 11:46 a.m.)

As for today, it is raining.  And for that, it’s a good thing my mother bought me new shoes, recently, despite the fact that she did so against my wishes (I was there, saying ‘no’ repeatedly) and the fact that they don’t fit.  It’s days like this that test how waterproof said shoes are.  (Sigh, and boy, over $40 bucks of labor to be walked through mud repeatedly with my daily walk…)

(Mar 27 2:53 p.m.)

It shows that the rain has let up that there were mini-lakes when I went out just before noon for the first sixteen passes of my walk… and to find “junk” mail.  The above image had a large stream; now you can only see the effects of the water. (…And in trying to find a good word for said affects in the sand, I stumbled upon this article.  (Yeah, make our streams and waterways “great” again by allowing the dying coal industry to pollute them.  The ignorance is strong with this one.))

But instead of getting into politics… even though government tends to make or allow things to get worse no matter the stripes or colors… I will now reveal some of the fruits of my photography labor by documenting the progression of spring so far Continue reading Spring update

90 days: Ademo Released

Journalist Adam “Ademo” Mueller was released on the 11th.

Adam Mueller is the founder of CopBlock.org, and co-host of Free Talk Live, a New Hampshire-based liberty-oriented program that is streamed online and nationally syndicated on radio in the U.S.  Mueller appeared on the Saturday live edition, to say he’s now “free as a bird,” but the battle isn’t over.

Over a year ago, Frank W. Harrington, 17, was “messing around” with his sister when he took her purse.  Although Harrington said his sister was largely unconcerned, the school sent out school resource officer Darren Murphy, an officer that would come to aggressively arrest the student.  Harrington got twelve days suspension, along with disorderly conduct and “resisting arrest” charges.

Michael Proulx, also 17, recorded the scene.  When the school ordered Proulx to delete everything, he lied, telling them that he only took pictures, and proceeded to act as if deleting photos.  The video would come in handy: a must for CopBlock.org, a site that seeks accountability for rights violations and brutality of the police.  (And who likes bad apples?)  The video of Harrington being lifted from his seat in the school cafeteria by Murphy and slammed face-first into a table went up last October.

Dedicated to voluntarism, Adam Mueller was on the case to defend Harrington and Proulx, and asked for comment the Manchester police captain, Manchester High School West principal and a school secretary.  Contending “oh, and it’s not illegal at all” to tape “misguided” Murphy, an “exact example why filming police is important,” Mueller didn’t explicitly tell any of these people that the conversations he had with them were being recorded.

You’d think that the recording of the direct phone call made by the civilian party—not some bug in a lamp—would be allowed or implied in asking for and using quotes as any journalist would.  Mueller, after all, told them he was asking them for their comment on the matter.  But New Hampshire is one of twelve states in the union of fifty that make any form of recording illegal without expressed permission.

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