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I’m kind of known for being an idiot.  Or unavailable.  Or other.

Well, I’ll put all those notions to rest now.  Okay, maybe just the ‘unavailable’ one.  I installed that twitter feed widget.  So now you’ll know when I’m going to sleep from this blog.  Problem is, if I should ever (re)tweet an ad or accidentally retweet a “sexy pic,” I’m screwed but…there you go.  You’ll be closer to knowing what I’m thinking, at any time of the day. …You’ll know…you’re not in Kansas anymore.

Home, sweet home…

Well, it’s gone private already…

“I am really, really bad at time frames.”

That was his reply.  With the black twitter profile pic.  I’ve seen only two black square profile pics.

It was less than a week’s time.  If HarsH ReaLiTy posts are not showing in your reader, that is because OM’s already switched over.  You may have to refollow.  He was pretty quick to accept my subscription, so have at it and refollow if you want.  The link is right here in this paragraph (and it’s the raw wordpress.com link in case the domain should ever be unavailable…though if he goes .org it won’t work…).

I didn’t receive notification for the comment I laid on the latest post.  But at least the reply arrow has returned for the notifications menu…

Spread the word.  Even if you’re a troll. (Oh, they must be smiling now.  Maybe.)  It’s a new day, and so much sucks. …Hey, there’s a vampire in one of Austin’s latest stories…a lot of sucking in different forms…

Update: I have received a reply in the Notifications, and [Private] disappeared.  It appears he switched back to Public.  I’m usually the last person to know what’s going on…

Update #2: if things weren’t crazy enough already, OM has created a tumblr blog. …And so have I, apparently… Tumblr, acquired by Yahoo in 2013 for $1.1 bn.

Going to Hell #666: Approaching That One-Month Anniversary Extravaganza…!

Another #FollowFriday!

And today, I tumblred onto a plethora of tweeps following that aren’t the people I twitter-handle tweeted for #FollowFriday.  It’s a strange world, I find, each day.  Every time I go back to look at the account to see if I got any direct messages, the following count grew.  (Slowly, though; and it fluctuates like crazy; unlike WordPress, people on twitter unfollow all the time.)

During my time on twitter, going on “strong” for a few weeks now, I’ve learned a few things.  And many of those things are negative.  (Of course.)

Be careful what you tweet.

It seems I step in sh*t a lot.

Because I tweeted, maybe once, the #1000Speak hashtag, I got added to the #1000Speak list.  I’m on @newworldmoms/bloggers-for-1000s.  I’m a mom, it seems.  I was added to a list among mothers, despite the fact that I live-tweet for a few shows, and tweet about the bastard mice that run around in our house, here in the snowy depths of rural, you’re-gonna-die-here Maine.  And that I don’t have a history of sexual abuse or anything like that.  Sadly…absolutely nothing happened to me… And who wants to know when I go to bed?

I was so close to adding a timeline feed on this blog.  So close.  But, upon reading the terms of service, I found that you can’t have advertisements within the timeline.  Now, even though I have nothing to advertise and don’t generally retweet ads, it sounded like something I could easily get in trouble with anyway.  So unless someone can tell me otherwise, that I have nothing to fear, I will leave my PG timeline off this PG blog.  (Yes, I self-censor my tweets, even in retweets.)  Oh, sweet sorrow… (And again, who wants to know when I go to sleep?)

I don’t mean to rub anyone the wrong way, but it gets really annoying being thanked all the time for retweeting and favoriting.  With an interface so damn simple that it’s easy and fast to find things you actually like, plus the easy recognition of needs and #Kindness, I don’t need the encouragement.  Thanks!

Be careful about who you follow.

This warning kind of goes against #FollowFriday(!), that you’re encouaged to follow first, and then maybe unfollow if things aren’t working out.  Some people “tweet too much.”  Such as me, sometimes, in short bursts.  Like my ADD, where I lose focus and even stop mid-sente

Be careful about…signing up altogether.

In the very first days, I got, what else but spam followers.  Well, one of them is nice, however, I have no clue who that guy is, but the other two were sexy pics blogs.  Other than the profile picture, both of them had very much the same sexy pics bio.  Other than wallet-size, a small spam world it is, I’m afraid.  Sorry, but I’ll manually look for my sexy pics, if I so choose to look up sexy pics.

Not to name names, but “Sexy Teen” keeps unfollowing and following in the attempt to get my attention.  Four times already.  Now, do I mind?  Much like blogging followers, not much.  Some people you’ll never have a clue about but are relatively harmless…you just get used to it.  But I can’t turn off email notification, so every time she does this I have to go back to G-mail, and manually delete those Cally Girl emails…or leave them intact, as I have to count how many blasted times she’s done this.

Be careful…about me.

As I’ve stated in my profile bio: I became an observer in life.  Not someone who always sticks by the sidelines, but I notice things.  I try not to judge, but I know what you’re doing, CG.  I know…  One point in the follow count matters very little to me, especially if the count fluctuates like crazy.  If you know what I mean.  Crack squirels, that’s what I mean.

Well, this was another useless post on twitting— er, twitter.  On WordPress.

Have a great weekend!

Going To Hell #2: Follow Friday!

If you haven’t read the previous Going To Hell, or you were confused about the last one, then I’ll update you on what it’s about: it’s about having the confidence on reaching out.  And sometimes I just have to say, “I’m going to hell,” in order to get by.  And I’m new to twitter.  Combine the two: @adamjasonp

So today I’m trying my hand on Follow Friday, where people on twitter scout out new follows, particularly bloggers.  Inspired by OM retweeting a few.

I’ve already seen a lot of smiling faces I can’t say ‘no’ to.  But the service can be slow (WordPress was very slow yesterday, enough that I gave up and went to sleep), so it may take some time.

And in how people percieve me, I am going to hell for this.  Wish me luck!

Update: oh, poo.  I made the follows but forgot to tweet the twitters.  I guess it’s still Friday in Hawaii…

Caught, and Catching Up

I would like to apologize for not being able to reply to comments for the last few days.

My internet access is entirely off of a mobile phone for the most part, and it’s ridiculous how the companies charge you for data.  I mean bandwidth and clogging up traffic, sure, but only 0.5 GB per month?  It’s far better than dial-up, what I used in the crappy (but more alive) ’90s.  But websites these days are so demanding that typically 100 MB is spent per day blogging.  So many images—a reason why I have to avoid photoblogs during the weeknights [sorry, photobloggers].  In short: it sucks.  And apparently Tethering amounts to double the data tallied [unverified].

It’s easier using the PC.  Except for the half-screen (defective monitor) issue.


Now, the ‘Caught’ part of this post.

I got video of the mouse.  Listen to it dart off to the left.

These bastards might be ‘cute’ to the third party viewer, but there are at least two of them active at once, and one has kept me awake.  I’m not joking.  Call ’em cute, but they are desperate little fuckers, loud and distracting.  They shit where they eat; the only thing nice about that is that they’ve shit in the trash (where they eat), so the turds go out instead of left in the house everywhere.  (Of course, the literally rotten place stinks.)

Well, I will be trying my hand at live tweeting for the first time tonight!  #GoldenGlobes. …And it’s over.


I put my color optimization skills to use to make this GIF animation of one of the larger videos.  Update: I accidentally uploaded the GIF with the wrong frame rate; the mouse is sniffing, not…anything else.

Going To Hell #1

Yeah, so I just signed on to twitter.

The same adamjasonp name, like Google+, but with the At sign (@).
Why?  Because I can.  Nah, man, I’m desperate for life.  Walking backwards, really—not work before social media, social media before work.  I really can’t find a way to achieve compensation for my mistakes to have a life.  #Unemployed4Ever.

It’s already been trouble compressing what I’m trying to say into 140 characters or less.  And I’m crap on it anyway.  No reason to promote myself, no extensive vocab of hashtags; I have to type and right-click to see and check.  A lot of false accounts.  And I mean a lot—Seth McFarlane with an underscore, for example.

Well, thinking on my toes.  And surprising data charges for 140-character tweets, given images (one giant spike in only a couple hours; 824MB in four days).  Humor, including hot/horrible mentions like saying #WeirdAlYankovic makes a good Hitler (he dressed up like the evil dictator, once), interspersed with retweets such as:

Mexican authorities say 10 bodies, 11 severed heads found. http://t.co/NljcoIhVqR

So this is my first official Going to Hell post.  And I’m not even trying to offend anyone.

Oh, it looks like I may get a chance to capture the bastard mouse on camera right as I speak, but I’ll have to disconnect everything to get the photo/video.  Wish me luck! 🙂