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Of Fear and Trust

Note: This is going to be a controversial post… not that my writing ever draws any attention.

‘We have a problem,’ I read one day, on social media.  ‘The dehumanizing.’ …But the detail of the text was misinformed, as too often generalized posts on twitter are.

It was the first Thursday of the month, the day the Reynolds video went viral.  A video that, as slow and horrific as it was, saddened me.  Philando Castile, 32, was fatally wounded in a traffic stop, and “Diamond” Reynolds, Castile’s girlfriend, live-streamed the aftermath the previous day.  It was emotional.  News outlets warned viewers before showing the video as it included Reynolds briefly conversing with a child in the back, and Castile’s shirt soaking in blood, the man fading away.  (He was pronounced dead at Hennepin County Medical Center, but to the viewer it may appear that he died in the car.)

The recording of the Facebook video was at first taken down, but restored early Thursday.  “GRAPHIC CONTENT” trended on twitter.  (Warning: there are unrelated tweets on the GRAPHIC CONTENT timeline that are seriously graphic.)

I was surprised that the officers allowed Reynolds to cover what she did, considering there have been other, less violent scenes where officers demanded bystanders stop recording, and laws enacted in some states that prohibit recording police at the scene at all.  That seemed unusual to me about the video.

It was obvious that the driver showed no indication of harming the officer.  In Minnesota, a state that allows open-carry (with a license), Reynolds informed the police officer that Castile was carrying a permitted firearm… So the early picture that developed was: a law-abiding man reaching for his wallet, shot multiple times.

“He worked an honest job five days a week,” his mother, Valerie, told CNN Thursday.  He worked as a cafeteria supervisor.

It’s sad news like this that promotes the more valid point of #BlackLivesMatter, that black Americans have the rights to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness like any other citizen, with more than enough proof that show many police are implicitly trained with a bias that black men are seen and treated as a threat first… Tim Scott, a GOP Senator, had to prove his identity despite wearing a pin that immediately identified himself as a Senator.

Still, there are other parts of the equation that reveal a certain ignorance in this country.  Between the sweat and the news that morning (it was relatively hot in Maine the day prior), I was reminded of California Gov. Brown signing gun bills with retroactive effects, and the comments in social media that show how disconnected we all are, in some way or another.

I was reminded the fact that many of the fears people have are exaggerated.  The officer who shot Castile, who is of Chinese descent (according to Reynolds), was likely terrified.  The probability of anything happening if he hadn’t fired was low; it was after Castile’s death that he was put on paid administrative leave, as standard procedure.

If it wasn’t for the fear, Castile would probably still be alive.  And, supposedly, if his gun rights were respected, he would still be alive.  The same with Alton Sterling, another victim that week.  There is a real problem here.

…But the picture is never as simple as we’re told to believe.

First, Thursday made me see, in terms of race, how skewered gun control is.  The demographics are split, according to a CNN poll.  (The poll also indicates that three out of ten don’t understand law.)  But public perceptions have contributed to saddening articles like “White & Black, A History of Gun Control for Black People.”  (The article also adds more reason to not to trust the NRA, an organization once known for training freed black men in post-Civil War America to defend themselves against pro-slavery remnants like the Klan.)  So, not only did the Clinton administration promote conservative policies that contributed to the twenty-five-fold increase of prison admissions for black Americans for drug offenses between 1983 and 2000, but there’s a whole history of policies promoted with, in mind, the very fear of black men baring arms.  (Apologies if the last link doesn’t work— I’ve been getting an “encoding compression” error trying to load the page I was able to read a while back.)

It was in my further reading that I caught one way of reducing gun violence, one that has actually shown to work.

In the 1990s, there was a program called “Ceasefire,” which targets to help young people, in breaking up feudal violence.  Shown to have an effect on reducing gun violence in inner-cities, in two years Ceasefire apparently reduced the average youth homicide rates by 63%.  That isn’t to say this program is a one-size-fits-all solution, but there’s something remarkable when there’s a community that works, the crime rates are effectively low and the police better know the actual problem areas.

The Rev. Jeff Brown, one of the ministers who worked on the project, remembers people were outside more, barbecuing in the park. At Halloween, kids were able to trick-or-treat on the streets again.

So why don’t we hear about this program today?  Because the conversation is drowned out by the noise and demands of lobbyists and national politics in the media circle, particularly massacres in suburban areas, which represent less than 1% of the gun homicide stats overall.  “The national groups that spend the most money and do the most advocacy related to gun violence have concentrated almost exclusively on passing stricter gun control laws.”  Liberals and conservatives alike tend to oversimplify what Ceasefire addresses as “urban,” effectively reducing what the program targets as “a minority problem.”  Inner-city violence is higher in the stats, so… deliberately do nothing?  The media are no better, with the breakdown of the black family narrative in the Wall Street Journal and Huffington Post sticking its own coverage into the category “Black Voices”… Black Voices written by white progressives.  And so these programs, which tend to actually help, have trouble in getting the necessary funding from Congress to get off the ground.

“Such initiatives … fit into no political camp and thus have few powerful champions.”  Focused deterrence— what academics call Ceasefire and similar approaches— “challenges the orthodoxy on both sides. It makes everybody uncomfortable.”  Boston’s own effort fell apart in 2000 (according to research), and feudal crime crept up again.

…Skip to recent years, where news coverage has become noticeably lacking.

It wasn’t until the following Saturday this July, hours after a cold army reservist retaliated to “the news” in Dallas, that I looked at alternative news sources in the Castile case.  I was missing a big part of the picture.

There were details in the Reynolds video that didn’t add up.  It wasn’t some ordinary traffic stop, as alleged.  (A ‘busted taillight’ added to the emotional outrage.)  A store was robbed approximately four blocks from the traffic stop, and Castile, to a degree, resembled the suspect.  Store camera footage and the police audio for the stop made that clear, and in such cases, an approaching officer may not state the actual reason for pulling a someone over to avoid escalating potential violence should the person be the suspect.  The officer clearly saw himself in danger.  But once a story snowballs, it’s hard to roll back.

The press appeared to take Reynolds at her every word.  And, surprise, the two adults in the car are very flawed people.  Reynolds lied about details on her Facebook page (which isn’t all that uncommon), and photos of a few years back revealed a different Castile giving the finger multiple times and flashing Crip gang signs, among other behaviors.  (Member or not, there’s no way you can flash gang signs without getting into trouble.) …I know you don’t want to tarnish the victim, but… there’s “a man turning his life around,” and then there’s scrubbing a person’s character clean.

Yes, we all have our flaws; believing otherwise is delusional. …And the illusions of the press are exposed every so often with hoaxes.

So we do have a problem: a narrative problem.  A dishonesty problem that has promoted fears on all sides, and has exhausted police departments with protests, not to mention Molotov cocktails.
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Ignorance in Überland

The Three “wise” monkeys.

Yeah, I just thought I’d piss more people off.  No, that’s not it.

ignorance (n.): the condition of being uneducated, unaware, or uninformed.

Among the actions taken: issuing a filter, attaching a name to the information, finding ‘reason’ to insulate oneself from the information.  And that’s an important word in describing it: insulation.

factual (adj.): the quality of being actual, true.

The quality of information is crucial.  However, the stronger suite can overpower in the mind; often enough, it’s entertainment or sensationalism that wins out.  To judge in a so-called ‘popular’ manner, but have less understanding.

Ignorance and understanding are diametrically opposed to each other.  At least with facts, there is true common ground.  …And, well, the ignorant will end up disagreeing with facts.

In the so-called “smart” world, the teacher abuses the student.

A false sense of truth, and a propaganda source that the information isn’t coming from an honest surrogate.  Sometimes the insulation can be so great that already established facts can’t be used in ordinary places.  It becomes more and more difficult for the actual truth tellers to get a word in edge-wise, until the reporting as well as the discussions left over are empty or full of fluff.

White House calls the factual CBS News headline “controversial”; supporters ignore the story.


Sharyl Attkisson had to deal with her own network, delaying and cutting up stories of her reporting that they didn’t like, until she finally quit.

Free Speech = Democracy

It makes no sense to me that silence would ever change a person’s mind, especially change one’s mind instead of clarifying…  Being honest with yourself, you can’t just shut out others and believe you’re right.

When the message is a lie, when it’s not a reflection of Free speech, it’s not right.  You may already get the surface on that… but ignorance works its ways in so many ways.  Just because Attkisson spoke to Howard Kurtz on Fox News doesn’t mean that the information shouldn’t be trusted (because of the outlet, Fox News).

A fact depends on quality, not quantity or names.

Actors All

I apologize for my poor editing, and so, so many words, one of the… many reasons why you see only a few people being nice and…little to no encouragement.

I ran out of time yesterday, up against the clock… the access, finishing on the spot— it was supposed to be a short amount of time, ninety minutes or less.

Hours later, “making good use of time,” including the Christian Science Monitor U.S. Citizen quiz, forgetting who Susan B. Anthony is —out of time!

For something serious, I was forced to attribute the ‘ramblings’ tag for the “work.”  It was another bad day.  The glutton I am, I ate another two apple bagels.

Okay, on to what I prepared… done in relatively short amount of time and cut up again… half of it postponed.

I may not be completely right, with my lack of education, skillz, but I’m not wrong.

It is time to put aside the childish differences, childish politics and stand for principle.

On what’s ahead, there are few things I know for certain.  I’ve heard that it will take five years for things to really turn around, but there are few things I know for certain during such a rapid motion.

But there is now, and my constant is strong.  I do know that individual liberty is the key to true freedom.  No one can shut me up on that base, that one fact that liberates all people, demonstrated in the rise of the United States.

With individual liberty at its core, against the ills of tyrants, slowly but surely the long fight lives on against slavery in all of its forms.

And now…

Headline: NSA head says spy programs thwarted terror attacks, gives zero specific examples.

Desperation comes of the powers for power with the speed at which is used to cover up the tracks, while at the same time making increasing use of the experimentation conducted over many years.

Be very aware of who you stand with.

Actors emulating “the bad guys.”
I spoke of “crooks of politicians” that are meant to look like good guys.
But I haven’t gone into the actors that have infiltrated groups for the purpose of misrepresentation.  To tarnish Constitutional groups, especially.  And sometimes they post the results on YouTube— ‘look at these people,’ making sure the distorted message comes across.

“A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is still putting its shoes on.”
—Mark Twain

That can make the global media pretty dangerous when misused.  There is so much scrutiny in the effort of knowing what’s true.

The victors for power put asterisks on the truth, and humanity is lost.  Or so it goes when language is actually lost.

“There are a terrible lot of lies going about the world, and the worst of it is that half of them are true.”
—Winston Churchill

Everything on television is a stage show now.  But I shouldn’t have to tell you to never blindly trust anyone, even me.

But behind closed doors, we have discussions amongst absolute crooks saviors in Washington, where the public must not know a thing until it’s too late, “for your protection.”  ‘That’s how things work.’

Oh, no you don’t.

Those against this trend include those rallying in Washington in a matter of hours.  Have you heard about that?  Probably not.

There is such silence from the media because you are supposed to believe that these people are “nothing but haters.”  Rubio, Boehner, Ayotte sell their souls, but the ones that have less and less control over them are “the bad guys.”

Come back next time, where I try to scratch the surface on the cartels in business with Washington, the nature of the corruption overall, and show you how the borders are being run by drug lordsI may just get murdered this time.  (Whoops.)  (Whoops #2: what I said was true, but I’m not naming names.)

You Wish!: Confidence in Motion


Some dream, some pray, and some wish.

Dreams, they say you should follow.  Prayers—they are formal, and are typically associated with religion in practice.  But wishes are raw, sometimes very emotional and demanding.  The commonality of the three: they are all in a matter power of belief and suggestion.  And with that they are doomed to fail without the right connections.

In the last post I went into some technical nature on the power of thought, without, of course making it a text book lesson.  This is an informal blog, and you really need to find more reliable sources if you want to know how the universe really works— say, sources like Stephen Hawking.  He makes connections all the time, living with ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease) well beyond his life expectancy in prognosis.

I’ve heard of “wishes that have come true.”  I have heard of a story where, a man in his vehicle asks for a miracle.  Down the road, out of nowhere he sees a giant flower —something that would have taken years to plant and grow.  There’s no way to verify the claim, and there’s the possibility that the flower was there all along, so given how weak my memory of stories are, I may have to skip the stories and go for the “how-to” again…


True practice and perspective are what makes anything powerful.  With that power, one’s spiritual energy can be attached to certain figures.  (Some pray to religious figures.)

One’s confidence in the motion alters or strengthens the subconscious tie.  Movements are then made in agreement with the subconscious (as I attempted to explain in “Thoughts effect the reality more than you know.”).

Wishing Well at the Vale Grove, Barrmill, Scotland/North Ayrshire; WikiCommons Rosser1954

Requirements and Consequences

Besides the fact that whatever the “wish” is must be technically possible, one thing must happen for “wishes” to come true: you have to let them go.  They can do nothing remaining within.  Formal prayer tends to feature that necessary requirement; you speak and gesture in relation to the practice, and you move along.

But, you still have to know what you’re doing.  More people praying on the same thing will not necessarily help.  Practice and perceptions make connections unique; an individual’s power makes all the difference, whereas calculated motions in mass may require, as the ancient civilizations have practiced… let’s just say “dire efforts.”  In the extreme case, people are sacrificed, and said civilizations eventually collapse.

Be careful what you wish for anyway.  When your sight of things is all-intellectual, you can do a lot of unintended damage.  For one, it’s not difficult to see how two parties may not necessarily see eye to eye.  And you could attract something/one you don’t like at all.

Truth Always Wins Out

How subjective one’s truth is separates an individual or individual in a group adopting a certain perspective.  What is considered “right,” what is agreed with in mind is not truth.  The mind cannot contain the reality.  Only the heart can allow you to see for real.

You could damage your connections with lies, you could wish in secret or you could state your wants out loud, but the truth eventually comes out no matter what you do.  (And “spelling it out” can also be the way at which your suggestion becomes a reality!)  So you might as well just follow your heart and be honest in your ways.

When you have your heart in the right place, the false ends, the lies are evaporated.  The “path of least resistance” chaos (e.g., nuclear war) is stopped or severely reduced.  And because of that, there really isn’t any need to worry, period.  (Also, you shouldn’t worry or get angry because fear and anger are fuels for the negative energies out there…)


Well, that is my take.  Please feel free to disagree or give constructive criticism.

And I wish the artist in me could be unleashed so I could do a better job…


(Compound Eye)

That doesn’t seem to work.
With so much buried and forgotten over time, so many things “mysteriously” fail to work, and many people “mysteriously” miss or dismiss work.  But so many people will just tell you off— go your merry way… and Wikipedia still appears to be in financial trouble.

Apocalypse: “to be seen”

As we approach apparent doom, so many things are revealed for what they truly are.  And yet, so many things are still hyped and misunderstood.  It takes so much time of hiding things to make such an apocalypse.  Needless to say (but it’ll be said), you should be reluctant to take someone who’s never experienced their claims at their word.

We see men these days off in their own little world, with their own little worldviews.  While it is true that what is closest to your person is usually what’s most relevant at a given moment, cutting yourself off from relating with your surroundings in ignorance… isn’t self-reliant, to say the least.  Every thought matters, including thinking you’re right—it changes things.  Closing yourself off changes you for the worse.

And so we have people that “protect” themselves by making shells, possibly making themselves prisoners of self.  What is true to you is still true to you; personal rules are just as important as universal rules.  There are truly different versions of the truth—and not just opinions, but different, justified realities.  But debt isn’t true; don’t dig a universal grave.

You also have the people who are hunkering down, preparing or thinking they’re prepared.  And a number of these people are related to these shelled men—not reaching out to them in the instance that they should.  Intelligence and stubbornness can go a long way at ignorance and promoting failure, but some people are trying to bottom out with no one to turn to.  (And if you change your mind, do a background check.)

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Be your true self

Ego is the false self wanting a throne

It is developed early on during infancy as the cry for attention.  It is the dishonest turn of self-preservation instinct for mere self-gratification.  It is a distortion and a revelation of the capacity for the capable mind to bend over backwards for something small-minded.  Some of this capacity is developed in the womb.  A killer of sorts, deliberately eliminating competition, one way or another for that standing one, egotists become at best careless and therefore often destructive in their efforts. Continue reading Be your true self