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Mid-Summer Photos

Well, yesterday was yesterday, and last month was last month (and plenty of photos to share, there).  Within the house, conditions aren’t normal… but outside—

[holey plant]…I spoke to soon.  The insects really decimated this plant!

[red insect on leaf]
Ignore the rust on the door…
Not sure if this red bug is one of the culprits.  It kept trying to hide itself from me by turning to the backside of the leaf.  But I got two good photos of it on top.  There were green bugs, and plenty of flies…

IMG_20150725_185047_870Fungus could to blame for this damage.

IMG_20150710_171922_601Now this is just weird.  It’s as if mother nature drew doodles on it.  I found this kind of pattern on three leaves.

[water droplets on leaf]A few thunderstorms rolled by recently, and some more rain this morning.  The resolution on the camera is good enough to capture the little “hairs” on the leaves.

[long-legs spider]The “daddy long-legs” spiders really know how to get their way around.  This one walked all over the plant.

[moth]The moths get really fat during the Summer.  This is actually one of the smaller ones.

rye-maybeSome…rye-like…plant.  Maybe it’s one of the ordinaries in a less observed stage.  I’m probably wrong.  The image is a still from a video, if I recall correctly, as I couldn’t get proper focus non-video-wise.

[exit sign]Well, that’s as far as the mid-Summer photos go, but we’re far from done.  I snapped a load of pics in late-June on a trip to the library, and another few with a theme.  Some brilliant flowers…

As far as color correction goes with the camera, a color rotation of +2R/-1G/+4B seems to be the winning combination, with a brightness/contrast adjustment of -8% to deal with overflow, and a gamma adjustment around 1.7/1.8.  These values or whereabouts were used for most of the high def. images in this post.  It’s just faster knowing what’s right, so I can stop OCD-tinkering in processing…

[transformer and tree]
Right outside the Wishcamper Center building…
That in no way looks artificial.

The After-Ides of March

looking-upThings are looking onwards and upwards this season in Maine, with oft-gray skies; until you look down, and find the snow is still there.tree-snow-20150326

One month after I (pathetically) tried to free a little tree from the snow, the powdered frozen water had melted around these parts enough that the snowbanks are mostly gone, and the dirt once again constituted the path. …The tree is still in the snow, though.  And so are we, apparently, that it precipitated this morning.

‘An inch,’ they said.  It’s supposed to be Spring now, but Maine gets snow in April.  I think I remember it snowing in May one time.  “April showers bring…May snow,” I said.  I think.  And while my head’s full of crap (it certainly feels like it, not sleeping when I should), Thursday was full of mist.


Sometimes the Northeast gets so much snow that roofs are damaged by the weight of it.  And if not that, then an avalanche of snow may come down and knock the railing off the porch.

missing-porch-railingThat happened last Winter.  Or the Winter before that, I don’t remember; no real schedule moves around here anymore.  The Newman’s Own, however, sure moves.


Fig Newmans, in particular, as I ate too many.  Like chips, video-gaming.  (I explored the crap out of Beach Day.)  I didn’t exactly like the stomach cramps that followed.  But who can deny that face?

People with Coeliac disease, that’s who.


They replaced the wheat with barley, but it still contains prolamin (gluten)… Actually, I’m not sure people with Coeliac disease need to avoid this, given the disease is caused by a reaction to gliadin, specifically (just one of the prolamins).

Well, unfortunately, that sums up the end of March over here.  Or just Thursday and Friday.  I’ll let you know if it snows in April.  Have a good rest of the weekend! 🙂