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(Apr 14 12:15 p.m.)

We’ve been getting warm, sunny days now.  The skies have been so blue since Thursday that brown tree bark has a slight violet tint to the eye.  And according to the birds— out in full swing, braving rain showers— it is fully spring in Maine this week.  Since last posting, there have been days that felt like summer— how unexpectedly warm it got.

(Apr 14 12:13 p.m.)

The snow is almost gone.

(Apr 14 12:17 p.m.)

Along the nearby trail and its entrance you can see the wet remnants of the snow bank that lay here.  You can also make out a gap— the place I shoveled, drying sooner. Continue reading Renewal


Getting There

Warning: this is a bit long and raw.  Some unpleasant things are revealed, and not everyone agrees with the content.  If you’re only here for pictures, poetry or good writing, you’d best skip this.

So I wrote to my on-off therapist, and told him that I had a few breakthroughs since the last session with him, and would write a post in preparation to the revisit.  (I say on-off because the sessions cost money, and I’ve been slow to cooperate.)  Really, the ‘breakthroughs’ were discoveries considering a breakthrough is a major achievement, overcoming something an obstacle into action…

I also said to a friend that I’d write about my Asperger’s, so I’ll start there.
Continue reading Getting There