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Week In Review

What a week.  A lot of stuff to go over and no time to finish let alone start new projects.   Man, the time has gone.  Some remarkable things happened.

Okay, so the week wasn’t all that remarkable.  But I did catch up on some shows and Beatles tracks. Continue reading Week In Review

A Fan’s Disappointment

Full moon, through the moist windshield
Full moon, through the moist windshield

Set up, and sold;
somehow it never gets old;
with fanfare ascending,
though the plot is dead-ending.

“So this is what I’m missing?”
It seems so easy: dissing.
I tuned in late,
and discovered their fate.

Next time, tune in…
I might as well be pissing.

Just where the heck’re the Supernatural writers taking the show now?  Hansel and Gretel this time?  “Ghost in the machine” next week?  Sigh…

The ‘best yet!’ some have said.  I’d like to see that.  Really, I do. …But I didn’t.

TV Fanfare!

Hey y’all. This post thing’s all TV, starting with…

Supernatural!  Episode 200!  Tuesday (today) is a tribute to the fans.  Or another tribute.  (Excluding me.  I’d be ignored, as always.)

They, developers of the show, had already done a fandom ep., but… here comes another.  Season #10, not the best… Oh, why is it–the things I get into tend to go downhill the moment I watch them as they air?  (Am I evil?)

Last Tues (Nov. 4, election day) was the look-back, highlighting some of the best qualities of the show–initially a “monster of the week” thing, the show was, they say; before gaining depth, gaining emphasis on family, some angles of comedy, and some angels/annals of non-comedy.

Mark A. Sheppard (“Crowley”) said he was jealous–he didn’t show up till after “The French Mistake” (season #6, #15), the ep. that broke the fourth wall (where the show’s exposed in the storyline, and creator Eric Kripke got loaded up with squibs for the wildest appearance ever for a…show creator appearance).

The show hasn’t hit a wall as of yet, they say, they say…yet I’d say the ‘Wizard of Oz’ and ‘Ruh-Roh’ episodes particularly stunk.  And to be fair–or at least nice–just those two.

Anyway, Entertainment Weekly gave the show a whole page in the latest “reunions” issue–#1337/8(Nov.14/21), p.102. And they even devoted–at least for the time being–a webpage for a top 20 ranking, out of the past 199 episodes.

And Parade gave a mention too, mixing up the actors’ characters. Jenson plays “Dean,” not “Sam,” Parade.

And Jodie Llewellyn has a Dean GIFs in her Tumblr.  (Dean was actually one of the most popular on tumblr for the year.)

And Now That I’ve Hit a Wall, Here…

Here are some other good shows. Judging both by word of mouth…and of my own brain.

Gotham (FOX): one of the best things you’ll find on the boob tube. Oswald Cobblepot (Robin Lord Tailor) is such a messed up character, messed up in part by his mother (played by Carol Kane). He’s the Penguin, if you didn’t know, and he’s devised a brilliant plan so far, and many, including viewers, did not see it coming–the reveal, last Monday, you might have missed. And one–nay two major figures in the plot, put in mortal danger ’cause det. Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie) had refused to commit murder, are now safe, it appears. It took the mortal neutralization of quite the number to make it work–lots of violence in the show, though much of it’s been obscured.

Jane the Virgin (CW): a breakthrough hit–well written, as if written for writers. Great acting–say, sometimes too great; e.g., “but I’ve never had sex!” was replayed in a flashback. Its humor is sharp–the Catholic theme and telenovela jokes. She’s finally gotten over her distance with her mother (the mother lied about the father–el presidente, telenovela star, and not a soldier as told when Jane was young. One of the little jokes in the series: way-back flashbacks actually display the text “WAY BACK” (ha-ha). Much of what happens in the show is unlikely, but just watching the execution–superb, trees bien, excellente.

On The Middle (ABC), everyone’s in a state of graduation (or approaching). Sue got her braces of just to get another pair on–clear kind. Axl got his college major down, so he’s back in…there…trapped in the library after hours, but just once. Brick apparently has a GF…a stoic GF. The show’s still set in Indiana (don’t know if it’s shot there; probably not), and it hasn’t lost me as a viewer, though I’ve misses a few days much because of the show’s scheduled time–8 p.m., Wednesdays. This show is also well acted. And it follows the satirical Goldbergs–an oversatirical take on creator Adam Goldberg’s childhood. “Bull-shida” jokes.

I thought Selfie was a turd, and…it kind of is. I avoided it, the initial eps. But fortunately, it’s got its sweet side–what makes it work. Unfortunately, what makes if twerk, too. Or to put it on polite terms, kind of a train wreck without consequence–it pushes the actors to do cracked-up things–sort’a unpredictable that way. But in a good way. Hopefully. Just maybe. A “red-headed Koreans” joke? Stressing out the lead actress with oft-rambling and lingo-heavy dialogue that could make viewers cringe or turn off I’d played by another actress? Awful…but awful sweet at the same time. If only the writers had made it bittersweet instead of awful-sweet, the show would have been considered “respectable.” Then again, the show wouldn’t have worked that way… Whatevs. SnapChat.  Update: the show was canceled (Nov.13); but the fans are trying to get it back.

This post was (initially) created using a smartphone–for all of those wondering why it got published mid-post. An over sensitive touchscreen. You should of heard the curse words coming out of my mouth–“I did not press that!”

Well, peace out, freaks. –I mean, guys.

A Burned-Out Lightbulb Gets Replaced

There’s some good news regarding Marissa Alexander: a state appeals court ruled that she deserved a new trial— not because the mandatory minimum sentencing laws are horrible, but— because the judge failed to properly instruct the jury regarding her claim of self-defense.  As if a judge is supposed to tell a jury what to thi—… never mind.

Now, on to the not-so-great post!


All was uncreative in the night, where the Daily Show takes a page from the past unapologetic, smug leftwinger I was years ago, in complete ignorance of how bad the Affordable Care Act is— I mean, “I could’ve been the writer of that” Health Care/Sugar segment; it’s that bad*…  In other words, it was Tuesday.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013 11:09 p.m.…

Anything worse than the Emmy Awards on Sunday was Jon Stewart overcongratulating the Colbert Report for its eventual win, after several years of the same, old tired shtick.  In other words, another award went to another program most people don’t watch**.

Breaking Bad image
Breaking Bad is always better…
…though its portrayal of addiction is stereotypical***.

Sure, there’s some creative… flak, but it’s mostly taking the media spin, the sound bites, distortions, and running with false narratives in reckless, often confused overgeneralization.  It’s like everything that’s wrong with Daily Show for the whole half hour.  And the writers need to remind us all that they know the circular ratio known as π…

Yes, Stephen is famous for his Snoopy.

But the Report got more attention last night, not only getting Metallica to “rock out with their cocks out”— I mean a band with a lead singer that would (and kind of did) condone the use of their music to break Gitmo detainees.  But also, Andy Levy (RedEye) thought of the Report when it came to clarifying that a statement he made was a joke.

Yeah, I’m one of the few that watched John Oliver, filling in for Stewart, thinking he does a more watchable job than either Stewart or Colbert.

Rest in Peace, John.  Rest in Peace†.

* I am pretty sure I would never be, allowed to or otherwise, a writer for the Daily Show.
** Colbert Report is a satire program that manages to get reasonable ratings… for cable.
*** Experiments using pharmaceutical Methamphetamines show that even hard core addicts choose a twenty dollar bill paid weeks in advance over another “hit.”  Poison, whether in substance or false perception is at the heart of addiction.  It is not known how pure “blue meth” would affect a community.
John Oliver is not dead.  Not that I know of.

Television Static

A poor-man’s poor man… It would be great if I didn’t have to kill myself to get nowhere. Like someone in a hospital bed, watching TV… forever.

And worse: no bed.  I’d be standing most of the time.

And worse: no qualified nurses, doctors… anyone, only someone who plays doctor, refusing to accept… well, much of anything.

And worse: no remote control; I must be exposed to the boob tube’s X-rays (yes, that’s cautioned, seen on some vacuum tubes via sticker) to down/up the sixty channels.

And worse: a third of those channels are unwatchable due to interference (heavy static…with cable).

So… stuck.

But able to watch I Love Lucy (TV-G).  Or as my former self would say, “double-stuck.”  Instead of going to sleep, I’d be watching that show at 6 a.m.  Far more risque than Brady Bunch, in one episode Lucy and Ethel conducted a fake poll over one of those “date” cards sent out by Ricky’s publicist.  The woman asked then responded, your name wouldn’t happen to be Kinsey (mid-twentieth-century sex pollster).

And like before, “I’ll sleep when I’m dead,” to be imprecise.  Coincidentally, the title of a 2003 film that… hasn’t much conveyed plot: upon Will’s (Clive Owen) departure, Davey Graham (Jon Rhys-Meyers) becomes a drug dealer, and is… “buggered” by Malcolm McDowell.  Davey dies, and former hitman Will seeks vengeance.  Standing upon a hill before the shore, Will thinks, how memories deceive.

At least I get to watch Red Eye (3 a.m., TV-PG-DL but not really rated) again… as if I was still 24 —now too mature and too tired of political pestering— that other trash I mentioned before, of what I choose to avoid now.

Or catch Frasier (TV-PG), the smart stage show of a situational comedy that ran 1993-2004, and I’ve… watched it all already.

Hmm… well, how about something new?  Or, new-ish?  Ish…er…

Oh, I never seem to have the right words to say.  A resonating coincidental reflection of inarticulateness— Charlie Sheen in that not-so-great Anger Management (FX, TV-14), talkin’ ’bout crappin’ out in vocab class way back.

Or Brand X?  Rated TV-MA-L, but FX would bleep out Oasis frontman Noel Gallagher.  They wouldn’t even allow Russell Brand to say “C-word” when it came to bringing up the Onion tweet bomb story (the Onion had to apologize for someone calling nine-year-old actress Quvenzhané Wallis that word).  “Sea World” is the closest Brand could manage.

Too much interference for Vikings (10 p.m.), on History— not just about Hitler anymore.  But not too much interference for three documentary-like films on TCM that… revolve around WWII, followed by a Hitler Lives (1945) short documentary.

“This whole time we thought the Germans were the Germans.  Turns out, we’re the Germans.”  Oh, that Community (NBC, TV-14).  Smart in its dumbness, quick to criticize its own stereotypes.  But like Arrested Development, it can get tiring— often over the top instead of walking the line (a.k.a., edgy).  I guess the main difference is how the imbalance is justified with the college environment.

(Nick) Kroll ShowThe Ben (Hoffman) Show?  Both on Comedy Central (CC.com).  I remember Hoffman (RT Anna Kendrick’s “Nobody gets me.”) from his (probably longer) stay at Current TV, before the upper-channel was sold to Al Jazeera.  (And do ping-backs go to twitter?  That Nobody gets me link goes directly to the tweet.)

…Okay, then, uh… what have I missed?

‘I wouldn’t say I’ve been missing (work), Bob.’ —Ron “BergerLivingston as Peter Gibbons in Office Space, where TPS report means Toilet Papers report.

I certainly didn’t miss The Walking Dead.  The episode I caught only confirmed my dislike for the show.  The series may be well-acted, but it’s construction can be difficult, if not cheesy— back-to-back in a pit.  About as real as West Side Story.  (But TV-MA-V.)

At least I’d only missed one year of the Academy Awards (ABC, 8 p.m.-11:30 p.m. 12).  Aah, before the power went out due to snow.  Daniel Day-Lewis, the only actor with three male-lead Oscars®, was surprisingly funny.  But did Seth MacFarlane have to do the whole “we saw your boobs” number?  As an editor, I would say he should’ve interrupted the prerecorded performance.  That would’ve been appreciated by… everyone?

And lastly, finally, How I Met Your Mother is wrapping up.  We will finally gets to see who holds the yella’ umbrella.  But before then, we have to endure the destruction of Ted’s apartment, Barney’s ‘pick-up’ book and an episode that clearly stole from Friends.  (As if the show wasn’t already based on Friends.)

Friends.  Heh.

Do you have any shows you like, love, or love to hate in mind?

Hey— Bob’s Burgers (FOX) is back on!  Wait… it was never canceled.  Topsy.

Back to Silence

As you may not know, and only because (and why bother again since it doesn’t change): it is my birthday today.  I am now one year from 30.  But I also know a la the Merlin project that major game changing activity during this time is not a good idea.

I have been rather silent for a long time (and not just for the past week), and why that is starts with that old saying.

If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.  But I’m more one to appreciate honesty— one to say let loose, and just be frank to the point of constructive criticism.

Unfortunately, I was wrong on so many things.  My honesty would prove problematic, and so much so, perceived deadly (to me).

So, as of recent, I came to express the correction—what lead to my kind of silence (and inappropriate behavior) here and there—in English: if you can’t say anything right, don’t say anything at all.  It is, in essence, a form of discipline.

It is, however, not a very good form of discipline.  It is in a way, complacency.  Good discipline is silence while working.  I’ve instead been watching TV ever since cable was restored on Academy Awards Sunday.

I’ve done all my so-called writing work on paper.  No typing whatsoever.  This post was done live and from scratch.

Avoiding work on the PC deemed dishonest and all of the trash on TV this time, it can only barely be considered work taking only what’s right in the content of the day.  Getting to watch Gandhi (1982) and other great movies on TCM isn’t enough, however.

But at least I’m naturally keeping myself from venturing off into the wrong.

It took eleven years to really go no where, but at least I realize so.  Just as everything I’ve done online carries a multitude of mistakes, at least I realize them and welcome repairs.

But I have to continue to do what’s right at some level, and work on raising the level.  And that’s difficult, especially for me.

I have an inconsiderate impatience where I forget, and a helplessness as result of my lack of work and clarity.

For another time, I will explain not spin.

Libra Time!


John Lennon up-ticked in his seventies this week (that’s if he was still alive), and the anniversaries of the James Bond franchise and the Cheers TV sitcom, both on September 30 turned fifty and thirty, respectively.  Going into detail of these items misses the point here, so I’ll abbreviate: Lennon had a non-relationship with his father, the gold-painted woman in one of the Bond flicks is still alive despite urban legend, and that I found Cheers to be particularly tedious—I mean, the same set for most of the show?  I only watched so much of it, on Hallmark, because the rest of the programming on television sucks, and I had to catch up on TV history.

What’s the common trait for all of these things that apply to this period?  They’re all Libras.  They were birthed during that thirty-day period that starts at around the twenty-third of the Gregorian calendar’s ninth month.  In other words, Sept. 23-Oct. 23, and adjusted a bit due to the changes in the Earth’s rotation, updates in the calendar, etc.  As far as the birthdays mentioned here go, one of those b’days, b’my mother, who turned the “Big 6-0.”

insulation cake?

(And being busy developing this ray-traced image is the reason why I wasn’t available on Saturday, also having to sleep the entire Sunday off…just to be screwed by Columbus Day, named after a guy that probably promoted the deaths of plenty of Libras…)

Now, I know what you’re thinking (probably not): that age makes me sound oldI’m probably lying about something.  Nope.  My stunted mentality makes sense if you’ve heard in recent news that the lateness in a father’s conception increases the chances of certain birth defects, such as autism.  Hi.  I’m Adam, and I’m a part-time workaholic that’s terrified of people, reduced to a part-time unpaid, unlicensed programmer that can’t sleep during normal hours, and worse.

Anyway, the Libras are said to…tend to be the ones that bring artistry, emotion and harmony into the world, or try to.  And confirmed by my own (insignificant) experience: the needy side of the Libra.  They’re always breaking things, or things are breaking around them, where, via the arts…or attorney, they piece it all back together.  “We rule, what can we say?” said one despotic ruler heartfelt Bumble who publicized turning forty-five on the fourth.  My aunt is also one.  So being a “Pissies” makes me the Black Sheep in the family.  Even so, it rubs off on me…still being a dependent to a Libra.

Recently, a horoscope that would apply to me—if I had a life—said that someone will need my help, while indicating a time of need for…the Libra.  In this case, that person in need would be my mother, who intentionally sleeps late (calls 11 p.m. “early”), has a broken wrist, a broken back, faces the illegal activities of others, and is co-dependent paranoi…..—I think I should wrap it up here.  She recently crossed paths with Ken Jennings (Jeopardy!) at USM, only two yards away, but he was busy.  She also gave me a “heartfelt” thank-you for fixing the awful Verizon wireless phone box.