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A Gift that Keeps on Giving

Friday Fiction time!

100 words

Photo Copyright © C.E.Ayr

A crackling sound caught my attention.  Flashes outside revealed clouds.  But it wasn’t lightning.  And there, I noticed: parts of the ground were missing.

Windows vibrated.  Dust billowed.

Suddenly, I knew where I was… but it was too late.  Floors gave, ceilings caved.

I awoke, chest pounding.

“Remi,” a voice spoke my name.

I turned, I saw no one.  I had it.  “Who are you?  What do you want with me?!!”

Dogs barked.  Lights came on.  I must’ve roused the whole neighborhood.

Despite everything, Sam wouldn’t believe.  I felt so… alone.  I cried.  And there, I felt that… otherworldly feeling…

…Yes, I worked another prompt into my “infinitely growing” story arc.

Every week Rochelle hosts a link-up, where the objective is: a three-part story, at most 100 words, for a picture by week’s end.

Click here to see what others have written or add your own story.

Another Name, Scratched

Another late round of Fiction.  Hosted by Rochelle, the objective is: a three-part story, at most 100 words, for the picture by week’s end.

The image was surprisingly easy to work in to my on-going supernatural “mystery and suspense” of two siblings accidentally unleashing something wicked.

Well, be sure to visit the Friday Fic link-up see what others have written, or add your own.  And it goes without saying, choosing to continue from anything you’ve written before is completely optional, and may actually be bending the rules… Also…I don’t think I’ve ever seen a green moth before.

100 words

Photo Copyright © Madison Woods

“I killed her.”  Not something you’d expect to hear at a McDonald’s.

“What?” gestured Sam.  He couldn’t speak, but he could… my phone buzzed… text.  “What r u on?”

“Last year, I stood up to her.  I told her… ‘die in a fire.’  And now it happened.”


“That purple bottle, when I told you… to shut up.”  I nearly slammed my head onto my cheeseburger.

Sam shook his head in disbelief.

Mere minutes later, Ben, my ex, “got bent.”  Backward.  Holy Moses.

“I didn’t know such a thing was possible,” said Mom.

I knew I had to do something…

A Fan’s Disappointment

Full moon, through the moist windshield
Full moon, through the moist windshield

Set up, and sold;
somehow it never gets old;
with fanfare ascending,
though the plot is dead-ending.

“So this is what I’m missing?”
It seems so easy: dissing.
I tuned in late,
and discovered their fate.

Next time, tune in…
I might as well be pissing.

Just where the heck’re the Supernatural writers taking the show now?  Hansel and Gretel this time?  “Ghost in the machine” next week?  Sigh…

The ‘best yet!’ some have said.  I’d like to see that.  Really, I do. …But I didn’t.

TV Fanfare!

Hey y’all. This post thing’s all TV, starting with…

Supernatural!  Episode 200!  Tuesday (today) is a tribute to the fans.  Or another tribute.  (Excluding me.  I’d be ignored, as always.)

They, developers of the show, had already done a fandom ep., but… here comes another.  Season #10, not the best… Oh, why is it–the things I get into tend to go downhill the moment I watch them as they air?  (Am I evil?)

Last Tues (Nov. 4, election day) was the look-back, highlighting some of the best qualities of the show–initially a “monster of the week” thing, the show was, they say; before gaining depth, gaining emphasis on family, some angles of comedy, and some angels/annals of non-comedy.

Mark A. Sheppard (“Crowley”) said he was jealous–he didn’t show up till after “The French Mistake” (season #6, #15), the ep. that broke the fourth wall (where the show’s exposed in the storyline, and creator Eric Kripke got loaded up with squibs for the wildest appearance ever for a…show creator appearance).

The show hasn’t hit a wall as of yet, they say, they say…yet I’d say the ‘Wizard of Oz’ and ‘Ruh-Roh’ episodes particularly stunk.  And to be fair–or at least nice–just those two.

Anyway, Entertainment Weekly gave the show a whole page in the latest “reunions” issue–#1337/8(Nov.14/21), p.102. And they even devoted–at least for the time being–a webpage for a top 20 ranking, out of the past 199 episodes.

And Parade gave a mention too, mixing up the actors’ characters. Jenson plays “Dean,” not “Sam,” Parade.

And Jodie Llewellyn has a Dean GIFs in her Tumblr.  (Dean was actually one of the most popular on tumblr for the year.)

And Now That I’ve Hit a Wall, Here…

Here are some other good shows. Judging both by word of mouth…and of my own brain.

Gotham (FOX): one of the best things you’ll find on the boob tube. Oswald Cobblepot (Robin Lord Tailor) is such a messed up character, messed up in part by his mother (played by Carol Kane). He’s the Penguin, if you didn’t know, and he’s devised a brilliant plan so far, and many, including viewers, did not see it coming–the reveal, last Monday, you might have missed. And one–nay two major figures in the plot, put in mortal danger ’cause det. Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie) had refused to commit murder, are now safe, it appears. It took the mortal neutralization of quite the number to make it work–lots of violence in the show, though much of it’s been obscured.

Jane the Virgin (CW): a breakthrough hit–well written, as if written for writers. Great acting–say, sometimes too great; e.g., “but I’ve never had sex!” was replayed in a flashback. Its humor is sharp–the Catholic theme and telenovela jokes. She’s finally gotten over her distance with her mother (the mother lied about the father–el presidente, telenovela star, and not a soldier as told when Jane was young. One of the little jokes in the series: way-back flashbacks actually display the text “WAY BACK” (ha-ha). Much of what happens in the show is unlikely, but just watching the execution–superb, trees bien, excellente.

On The Middle (ABC), everyone’s in a state of graduation (or approaching). Sue got her braces of just to get another pair on–clear kind. Axl got his college major down, so he’s back in…there…trapped in the library after hours, but just once. Brick apparently has a GF…a stoic GF. The show’s still set in Indiana (don’t know if it’s shot there; probably not), and it hasn’t lost me as a viewer, though I’ve misses a few days much because of the show’s scheduled time–8 p.m., Wednesdays. This show is also well acted. And it follows the satirical Goldbergs–an oversatirical take on creator Adam Goldberg’s childhood. “Bull-shida” jokes.

I thought Selfie was a turd, and…it kind of is. I avoided it, the initial eps. But fortunately, it’s got its sweet side–what makes it work. Unfortunately, what makes if twerk, too. Or to put it on polite terms, kind of a train wreck without consequence–it pushes the actors to do cracked-up things–sort’a unpredictable that way. But in a good way. Hopefully. Just maybe. A “red-headed Koreans” joke? Stressing out the lead actress with oft-rambling and lingo-heavy dialogue that could make viewers cringe or turn off I’d played by another actress? Awful…but awful sweet at the same time. If only the writers had made it bittersweet instead of awful-sweet, the show would have been considered “respectable.” Then again, the show wouldn’t have worked that way… Whatevs. SnapChat.  Update: the show was canceled (Nov.13); but the fans are trying to get it back.

This post was (initially) created using a smartphone–for all of those wondering why it got published mid-post. An over sensitive touchscreen. You should of heard the curse words coming out of my mouth–“I did not press that!”

Well, peace out, freaks. –I mean, guys.


While the October 8th premiere didn’t disappoint, Tuesday’s episode of Supernatural kind of did.  At least for me.  The creators a while back said they want to keep the show at least somewhat believable…and then they venture into Oz territory.  No, not the prison drama, the Wizard of Oz, its main characters, the flying monkeys et al.  Oh, it’s ‘real,’ however, “more bloody” in the real-life version, according to the woman from the past that survived.

“More bloody.”  Of course.  And… try again.  The real story of Oz was actually a political allegory: the Scarecrow as the figure for the farmers, the Wizard for central government (big booming voice, little actual effect or good), and so on, so on.

Introduced to the Men of Letters via one of the Men literally tumbling out of 1958, we’re now introduced to a black & white 1934, plus green-glowing eyes, against the total desaturation of color, as a more “real” Wicked Witch wreaks havoc, only to now, in 2013, wreak havoc again, this time sans tongue, getting out of the…liquid containment jar.

This shows a draining of creativity that parallels Ezekiel’s draining to save Charlie (Felicia Day) while not having recovered even half his strength, how the show will struggle to recover.  And— great— more glowing eyes.

It’s a treat for someone, but a little confused.  The show takes from lore to make supernatural events that shape and reshape the lives of the central characters, emotional trauma and all.  Not fantasy for the sake of fantasy… unless Charlie wanted it that way.  But still, with detached magic, adding more yet rationalizing less and running out of relatable challenges?  Let Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s loss of coherence in late 2001 serve as a warning.  (A hardly watchable warning.)

The writers bungled it… they deserved their mention in Entertainment Weekly, a magazine that seems to mention only shows that have oft-misleading ratings, a certain cult popularity and/or are full of crap.  (Let’s just say I’m not a fan of Game of Thrones.)

But it’s worse: the mysterious key Sam and Dean got from the Letters man, that as it turns out, can open any door to another world, reduced to Oz, was written into the plot a whole frickin’ season back.  Like How I Met Your Mother, you can tell it’s scheduled to die sooner rather than later when the writers abuse the craft.  But maybe I’m judging too hard.

The mystery of the mysterious key is finally solved, and…“WHY?!”  The somewhat plausible fiction show shot in Canada has turned to colored goo in a jar!  Or, as Bobby (Jim Beaver) used to say in restrained frustration: “Balls.

Novice No Voice

I can’t help it.

After zero hits here and there, I miss another whole week, miss all of the windows of opportunity to advance anywhere online.  And then I fail to carry my passwords with me.  I’d be entering the name and e-mail for a comment but for my WordPress account’s protection… no, no, I needed that password that you can hardly memorize.

But, of course, alas, an ass, and sweating in my sleep these days (it’s Summer), I did get to catch up on some TV shows.  I got into Supernatural, naturally.  So much so that the daily TNT 9-12 rerun block serves as a major replacement for the Glenn Beck radio progra— whoops, I shouldn’t have mentioned that I tune in… occasionally… and like everything else neglect my listening…ship.

It doesn’t help me revealing ‘political’ things— Pags was on this morning— about myself, after wearing away my perceived credibility.  Neither the time nor the health to back up everything said me has… though everything of serious subject matter brought up is based in fact.

So… there’s only that element of trust, it seems.  I’ve never gotten any of that hate/trolling.  But that wall of silence— certainly.  I always have silence going for me.  And that kills me.  It literally kills me.  How many months do I have left, doc?  Oh, that’s right, I have no insurance.

It’s 2013 and still, nary a voice.

Alternatively, you could follow Ian Punnett’s twitter, @deaconpunnett.  Ending his gig on Coast To Coast AM this morning due to tinnitus, he still has more a voice than this so-called person, sitting here.  On 1-5 a.m. EDT, having to sleep (go figure), I managed to catch the last ten minutes, his comments, his swearing that some of the read radio commercials over his more than a decade on the program were parodies…

Or you could start a comment war conversation over Supernatural, where Jensen Ackles, 35, is still doing his gravelly voice, with a season premiere this October 15 (CW network).  He shaved his beard, and will act as if he isn’t married.

Whatever.  Willing but incapable, I guess I’ll just go back to my hole fixing software bugs.  Not even internet access beyond here or there; it’s too easy to miss a whole week, and… well, that’s what happened.  Again.  And then I hit publish, more crap information that no one hears.  Write Like You Give a Shit.  Uhm, sorry, that’s too exhausting.  Again.

I can’t help jack… unless jack asks.  Jack asks, jackass; tomato, tommato.

What’s this guy’s problem?