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Spring update

Squirrel! (Mar 22 3:16 p.m.)

I keep forgetting it’s spring.  It’s supposed to be the season that follows winter, the way the animals are out— the squirrels running about, hopping onto… snow banks.  Last Wednesday was incredibly windy.  I remember the car being pushed around.  I couldn’t be out walking in the park for long since the wind chill was freezing my face; I more jogged than walked that day.  It was also the day London was attacked… I’ll let the news reports speak for that.  Suffice it to say, Wednesday kind of sucked for many.

(Mar 27 11:46 a.m.)

As for today, it is raining.  And for that, it’s a good thing my mother bought me new shoes, recently, despite the fact that she did so against my wishes (I was there, saying ‘no’ repeatedly) and the fact that they don’t fit.  It’s days like this that test how waterproof said shoes are.  (Sigh, and boy, over $40 bucks of labor to be walked through mud repeatedly with my daily walk…)

(Mar 27 2:53 p.m.)

It shows that the rain has let up that there were mini-lakes when I went out just before noon for the first sixteen passes of my walk… and to find “junk” mail.  The above image had a large stream; now you can only see the effects of the water. (…And in trying to find a good word for said affects in the sand, I stumbled upon this article.  (Yeah, make our streams and waterways “great” again by allowing the dying coal industry to pollute them.  The ignorance is strong with this one.))

But instead of getting into politics… even though government tends to make or allow things to get worse no matter the stripes or colors… I will now reveal some of the fruits of my photography labor by documenting the progression of spring so far Continue reading Spring update

Turn of Spring

mere minutes into spring, and surprisingly color-accurate
Once again, I am surprised by the color accuracy of the iPhone camera… (Mar 20 7:00 a.m.)

It’s now six hours past vernal equinox in the northern hemisphere, otherwise known as the beginning of spring.  (At least on the calendar.)  Different kinds of flies have been hatching over the last few days (and, in seeing my share of nature programs, those that hatch too early die).  …And, according to my nose, there was a skunk was outside, last night.

Your dirt is showing. (Mar 20 11:32 a.m.)

Yes, there’s still a lot of snow left over from the season.  Lucky for Maine, blizzard Stella veered off into the Atlantic Ocean.  Other states had more “fun.”

Taxis and buses attempt to navigate around snow banks. (Timothy A. Clary / AFP/Getty Images)

But the white stuff is melting fast under direct sunlight.  Here’s the path hours after the storm ended (only three days prior):

(Mar 15 1:02 p.m.)

Not to mention (however, mentioning now) the final stretch of how much we had to shovel just to get the trash and recycling bin out of the snow, let alone the car out of the driveway…

Snow thankfully covering the license plate. (Mar 15 1:24 p.m.)

Stella contributed a height of 15¾”, measuring along the path, so it shows the drifts affected my measurements in the overnight post.  A peak of some 30,000 without power and a few traffic accidents over low visibility… the effects of the storm were more of a short-term pain in Maine.  Massachusetts got major flooding.

Crow. (Mar 16 2:16 p.m.)

Even on Thursday, the snow was visibly melting.  (It should be noted that the March 16 photos were taken with the other camera, so the quality is a bit lacking.)  At Back Cove, you can see the trees affected the snow drifts:

(Mar 16 2:27 p.m.)

And where there were no trees, it was an obstacle course getting my walk on at Back Cove given all the thick snow.

(Mar 16 2:30 p.m.)

And mud.

Those aren’t rocks near the water.  The rocks are partly buried in snow. (Mar 16 2:37 p.m.)
(Mar 16 2:46 p.m.)

The snowbanks at the Hannaford parking lot should give you an impression of what was plowed in southern Maine.

Objects in the photo are larger than they appear. (Mar 16 3:49 p.m.)

And in other lots…

(Mar 16 4:33 p.m.)


(Mar 20 11:33 a.m.)

Well, it’s a brand new day, and the beginning of a new, tiring work week.  And at the end of the week, March 26, British Summer Time will begin in Great Britain, putting us back into sync of five hours in separation, with our Daylight Savings Time, eastern U.S.

Considering I got only four hours sleep, I’m heading back to bed.  Until next time…

(12:46 p.m.)

Impressions of Summer

(Shot through the screened kitchen window.) (May 31 11:10 a.m.)

One month is all it took for the plant life around the house to become thick with leaves, turning the light entering the house green… not to mention the warmer temperatures.

The flippin’ caterpillars are out.  (A few rainy days, too.) (June 3 3:47 p.m.)

…And the insects were all over the scene.

Tiny flies, attaching themselves to the leaves… (June 6 7:09 p.m.)

The flowers need pollinating, of course.  Which brings to mind the fact that the bees are out.  Didn’t get any non-blurry images of those.
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Quick update

(May 19 1:49 p.m.)

The greens are out in full-swing— leaves, in particular.

(May 21 3:47 p.m.)

The plant that comes up from underneath a porch railing has almost-full leaves now.  It’s interesting how soft immature leaves are.  I was able to capture them in focus a few days ago, but only after the use of a focal trick (passing my finger about the lens, forcing the smartphone camera’s auto-focus closer to the plant).

(May 22 5:25 p.m.)

Such soft, hair-like edges… fibrous?  (Click the image for the full detail.)  The insects are on the case, looking for the carbs… but not in huge numbers.

It would be senseless, at this point, for the white stuff to fall, weather-wise.  (Snow, I mean.)

…Now… You may have noticed that I have been at a loss for words lately, not to mention my lack of presence. …I assure you, I have been writing… in amounts big and small, here and there.  But it’s been very slow.  I have two drafts that are lacking the right touch.  It’s been difficult— the writing coming out all muddled and… There’s so much material that just can’t be taken seriously.

Long story short, I’ve been kind of losing myself.  Emotional exhaustion is a term that comes to mind trying to begin what I have to say of late.  I’m not doing very well, not sleeping well… and well…

I’ll get back to posting, eventually.  Maybe next year, at the rate things are going, lol.  It’s already May 25, 2016.  On that note, I guess I should say, have a good Memorial Day. 😀 I’ll get the beach photos up soon, I promise. …But first, I must sleep. Again. 😔 G’nite.

Spring Update

Mostly blue skies, Friday afternoon. (May 6 3:10 p.m.)

It’s not out of the ordinary for Mainers to get snow during spring… but there’s been no snow here in the month of May. …Well, there was that one year…no snow in May, 2016.

(Apr 27 11:53 a.m.)

I know, I kind of left it there with the last post, when it did snow.  But it cleared up the next day.  I don’t have a photo for April 28…

(May 5 5:55 p.m.)

…but I do have some nice pictures to share, photos taken on other days.

Moss on wood. (May 5 6:17 p.m.)

…Yeah, it’s been raining lately.  But today was a rather warm day.  A no-jacket day. 🙂  Clouds mostly parted to yield a blue sky, and clouds gathered again.

Oh, I’d like to share the images of the last few weeks, but I’ve been dealing with some bugs lately…
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Tick season—first-hand encounter

They drop from high up and they crawl upon walls.  They’re attracted to dark fur/clothing.  They’re known for transmitting Rocky Mountain spotted fever and Lyme disease.  And like a thorn in my backside…one tick literally became a thorn in my backside.  Luckily, it didn’t get far; I was able to pull it out with my bare fingers without it breaking apart.

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Some more photos…

Aah, Spring pollination…


…in the mailbox.  I mean, that’s where pollen goes, right?  As allergy seasons go, any allergic mail men/women may be affected by the yellow stuff…

Well, besides the pollen, the chlorophyl is out in full swing.  More vibrant photos, yay.  Some, you can click to enlarge.  However, the flower I showed you last time has turned into this…
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Bloomin’ Sprouting Spring

If you hadn’t noticed, I have been absent for the last couple of weeks.  This was due to running out of data.  I used to be able to tether, but no… Mysterious transfers killed the ability to freely do that.  A consequence of anything is better than nothing: things move sloooowwwly…and you may be hacked.

Getting back here—somewhat, in the attempt to write a post, I found my writing: lame.  So I’ll just leave you with some Spring photos taken over the last two weeks.
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*Officially* Spring in Maine

You know it’s Spring when…


You can leave a photo untouched, already full of color, with the blue sky, greens, and browns of bark.

When you can walk outside without a jacket or coat, as I did in the afternoon.  Temperatures were in the upper 60s until sunset; only later did I put the jacket on.

When you can count the few remaining patches of snow.

Driveway—snow/slush small enough to be removed by hand
Beside the house
Front yard (littered a bit; notice the wood)
And who can forget, the little tree, now completely free of the white stuff.

Barely any color-correction needed for this photo—full sunlight.  (April 15)
These Spring photos sure beat the heck out of the bleak January ones…

Shot through a screen…
Let there be green!


Okay, not so much green yet as the leaves are all brown leftovers on the ground.  But they’ll grow back soon enough…

In the meantime, there’s plenty of oxygen to go around!  Aah, to just walk around and breathe…my brain thanks me for the O2, lol. 😀