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Everything is Energy

Just brilliant.  Something I’d never expect to read.  Maybe I’m one of the few able to understand all of it, but it’s worth the read anyway.


If Everything is Energy, then energy really IS everything.

It’s no great stretch of the imagination that energy is apparent in natural elements like electricity, fire, water, etc. As humans, we harness that energy to power our lives with light, heat, plumbing, phones… Elemental energy is obviously a life of its own, sometimes guided by human hand, sometimes chaotically destroying whole towns.

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Follow Your Heart

It appears some people can just never be happy with what they have or what they’re offered.

But everything in life is temporal—all a matter of consent in the past, and you have to move on.

Each individual has his/her point of view, past, set of struggles, strengths and weaknesses.  And though it is applied differently (sometimes very differently), love, down to its guts is all the same.

I certainly fell in love with the concept of love.  And it’s a complete mess when you actually look at it—the things people do for it, and in the name of it.  But it’s everywhere.  It’s what bonds life together, and it can appear without apparent logic.  And it’s something within you too.

Sometimes, the mind is confused about it.  We never actually fall in love with other people.  We are attracted to objects, to congruencies, to pheromones, to concepts and the concepts of people, but we don’t completely fall in love with the dynamic of a constantly changing organism.

But we intertwine on spirit.  We bond with objects, such as a child holding on to a Teddy bear.  We bond with practices, as we strive to do a better job for achieving better results.  And sometimes we yearn to find our respective soul mate—the “one” we are always with in some way or another, completing our sentences, etc.

Living life anew separates us, but life allows us to grow.  Life allows us to make mistakes so that we can learn and graduate.

You will be challenged in matters of the heart.  You will lose parts of yourself that you may wish to have back.  And regardless of where you are or whom you’re with, the struggle to live will only get tougher.

There are set limits to life (at least with our genes).  Embracing materials will only promote a living with said materials.  (And your body cannot become an iPhone.)

Yeah, we all make mistakes, and we learn.  But how we learn is important too.  We can’t always tell our heads apart from our asses.  And we can’t always tell the mind apart from the heart in our actions.

I’ve had my share of struggles.  But the worst of them stemmed from the fact that I wasn’t living (or living properly).  It’s still painful, being physically trapped to this day, but I must hold on to the heart that I have, because love will take me to where I need to go.  It takes time and courage, and respect, but I have to trust my heart.  (And I should probably be sleeping as it’s taking me too long to edit this whole thing.)

Following what you love and loving what you do is not a trick, nor a “hack” (and I’m sick of the word “hack” being thrown around these days as if it’s cool; yeah, Creativity Hairballs, from The Daily Post).  No, it’s a necessity.

Why would you give up on what you love to do?  For money?  Money is but a figment of material, and it is gone before you know it.  Bliss?  Bliss is like sugar—you’re getting disease with that sweetness.  For a lower risk of pain?  I’m sorry, but pain is going to happen one way or another; if not now, then later.

Yes, some passions can get you killed.  And I mean, literally killed if history has taught us anything.  But even then, heartless mistakes are what led up to such aftermaths in the first place.

On the spiritual side of things, on that journey, there is love and there is life, and those two things are not always in the same boat.  You could be terminally ill and have the best of spirits.  You could be in the best of health and be a complete asshole.

Life is temporal, but love is forever.  Insecurities for bad reason(s) can only hold you back.

It’s okay to reflect on fears, but it’s destructive to give in to them.  There were times when I felt the world was falling apart.  But then I embraced one of my dreams, and a whole world opened up for me.  I found a muse, and began to write a fiction novel.  And I changed with it, as it challenged my fears and my ideals.  I learned a lot in a short amount of time, and I endure to keep that process working.

But sometimes it feels like what we have is not enough.  Maybe never enough.

It wasn’t enough for me to read a passage of text where Christ made a matter on living about a choice between living well or living long.  I couldn’t embrace that for some reason.  I know now that his answer did not apply to me directly, but to the person he was answering to.  Just another case in point where I’m an idiot, especially since Christ’s lesson is still valid, generally speaking.

But that spiritual fulfillment is a spiritual necessity.  And once the spirit has moved on, it’s gone.  We have to move forward, even if we choose to endure holding on to someone whom is dying.

You have to live your life.  You have to manage to grow.  You must be able to breathe and eat in a day.

Follow the love that’s there, either within or relative to you, and try not to get petty.  And try to put the platonic first.  Loving art does not mean humping paintings.

Okay, I’m done.

Thanks for enduring my post. 🙂

No One Can Save You (but you)


If there’s ever a time that you find yourself begging, please, someone save me!

Well, no one can save you, but you.  Besides, of course, a life guard, or some other responder in the moment.  Even then, it’s up to you to let them do their job, and not make them kick you in the face so you’re not pulling them down.

Only you can save yourself in the long run.  Others can can help you on your way, but it’s your journey, not theirs.  Even if you found your “soul mate,” if you maintained that they’d always pick up the pieces for you, you’d just end up dragging him/her down with you.  Co-dependence is about as beautiful as two stoners sleeping together, followed by one of them choking to death on his/her vomit.  (Like in Breaking Bad, Jesse’s girlfriend…).

A firefighter can rescue you from the flames, but not the flames of your own hell, your own personal fights with yourself.

I keep thinking these days, “I’m going to hell.”  I’d try real hard to be constructive only to find my “ugliness” overshadow everything I’ve ever done.  I would express my selfish, disorganized brand of perfectionism, and…turn my back on myself.  Oh, I try to socialize…only to again put all of my eggs into one basket.  Hypocrite.

So I found myself wanting to be “saved” this year, turning that big 3-0, where, compared to the lives of others, I was supposed to be well out of college and have worked out a job career.  (I have failed so far to do either.)

I thought I knew better, early in life.  I knew reverse psychology when I was ten.  But…I played video games way more than I ever showed up.  And I kept playing games, alone, carrying low expectations as my baggage, until I hadn’t a place to attend.  At least I got some skill out of it where I could get paid: programming…but programming for video games.  (Ha-ha.  “Going to hell, me.”)

In all, it takes cooperation, a lot of listening and your own creativity to pull yourself out of the muck.  It had to be told to Johnny Cash, that God won’t do the work for him (according to the documentary Walk the Line, starring Joaquin Phoenix).  And I know why that is.  (In theory.)

No, I didn’t learn my lessons playing music, or traveling; I didn’t embrace a physical journey with my spiritual journey.  No, I embraced God as a concept: creation, in all of its senses—something you can’t experience when you’re alive.  (It would literally blow your mind.)

Wanting to be “saved,” or worse, waiting for it, is when you’ve given up on one end because you failed to keep sight of what’s important; somewhere, you’d decided to instead obsess on something probably far smaller than you realize.

Regardless, creation will happen around you.  Creation will swallow you up and grow vines around you if you neglect yourself.  (Or at least you’ll be covered in pimples and grime.)  If you want to be buried, you may just very well be buried.  If you set yourself up to live a horrible scenario, then congratulations, it’s your fault.

Isolation occurs when you’ve latched on to something and turned your back on so much you actually need for the long run, thinking it’s fine.  (But it’s not.)  You don’t even know you’re losing, losing important connections when it occurs, squandering potential, forgetting that things can be so much better than what you expect if you just follow through on what suits you better, even if it’s different or looks entirely the same (at first glance).  You have options; chosing “none of the above” is neglect.

There’s no such thing as a bad time or a good time, only comfort and discomfort, and allowing just about anything to rub you the wrong way will get you into another hole.

But even in the worst of places, you will still probably have another chance to get out of the hole.  If you haven’t exhausted your spiritual will to live, you can always get out of a hole.  You just have to utilize what you do best, cling on to life, and grow from there.  You really are the master of your own destiny.  It’s cliché but it’s true.  I’ve experienced confirmation of it; weird things, sometimes funny, sometimes disturbing, mostly forgettable (so don’t ask, because my memory is horrible), but all true.

Sometimes you don’t get what you want.  Or, more accurately, more often you don’t get what you want.  But in my understanding of how things work, you’re always given something of what you wanted.  Always.  Sometimes it takes time, but most of the time you’re given a path to get there, not the immediate result itself.  (If you’re challenged to it, you have to put in the work to get there, but it’s there.)  (Also, be careful what you wish for, because you could be doing a lot of hard work for a crappy/misunderstood wish.)

Ultimately, you were put here on this earth to utilize your talents and grow… (And take in the fresh air, enjoy some leisure time.)

So create.  Don’t sweat the small stuff.  Life will still likely suck (if it does already), but things will be better off when you’re better off, honestly doing your thing.  You take what you can get…and stop whining.

Discipline is, yes, painful; but it’s training.  No pain, no gain.  Enduring the pain, you gain control.  And without discipline…well, you’re stuck in a hole.  And I know it’s harder than it sounds.  So when you know the results matter, push through the pain; if anything, lovingly utilize the pain, as I’m telling you the pain is your system telling you something is changing.

And if all else fails, you could, well, do what I did, and (try my damnmest to) become a writer.  At least writing is cheaper than therapy or drugs.  (Maybe.)  (And writing is in itself a form of therapy, and sometimes a drug—“the next installment came out!!!!!! OH OH! OH!!! !!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 !!!”)

Everyone needs their catalyst, their push, their rush, their practice, something they want to get in touch with—not a who but a quality, a skill, a talent.  (And also: patience and a day job.)  There’s always a way forward from what you already have, even it’s gaining something new.  And then it’s shared.  And you care about it.  And you don’t want to let go of it.  (And you might not even see it at first, if you’re looking at it too closely, during a period of volatility.)

Okay, so I’m rambling now… But hopefully you get the message.  Claw your way out if you have to.  And just remember: results come from hard work, whether it be yours or someone else’s.  Be grateful, as the case may be, when it’s not your hard work that got you somewhere, and continue to absorb and thank people for their work in your own journey.

Love, live, and learn, and thanks for enduring my manner of writing.

Peace out.

Love v. Fear

If I were limited to giving one piece of advice, it would be this:

Act on love, not fear.

Fear may work its way into the fabric of substance and identity.
But fear is always the slower, as it is spiritually lower.
It works as an indicator, to say, “something is wrong.”
But in action, fear misleads.

Giving in, fear turns to anger, hatred and despair.
Its stress causes damage.
Its distress causes things to fail.
But love lifts you up.

Love isn’t mere emotion; love is what bonds things in life.
Love is spiritual oneness.
Love is instantaneous when allowed to breathe free.
In action, love melts all the badness away.

Loving life responds with it.
Validating one’s existence, say, “you’re worth it.”
Without so much words.  With hugs, maybe.
While organisms need it, love itself asks nothing in return.

Love is trust.
Love takes you where you need to go.
While fear distorts, love always gives something on your behalf.
While fear machinates, love is immediately caring.

Love is the difference between a life fulfilled and a slow death.
Love isn’t always comfortable, but it is always warm.
Sometimes it amounts to a little death, a la petite mort.
On that note, it eventually leads to more love.

And more love, and more…
And when you feel it, you don’t want it to end.
While fear kills and can make you want to die…
Love makes you, me want to smile and cry.

Be your true self

Ego is the false self wanting a throne

It is developed early on during infancy as the cry for attention.  It is the dishonest turn of self-preservation instinct for mere self-gratification.  It is a distortion and a revelation of the capacity for the capable mind to bend over backwards for something small-minded.  Some of this capacity is developed in the womb.  A killer of sorts, deliberately eliminating competition, one way or another for that standing one, egotists become at best careless and therefore often destructive in their efforts. Continue reading Be your true self