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Why Do Poets Write of Love

Poets write of love as writers would anything
The attempt to capture the profound in words

The difference though
love is universally profound
as is truth
a necessity
it drives us when we let it
as we make ourselves vulnerable to it

The pain
withstanding without breaking
The pull, desire
the essence or quality of being
In part because
we long
we miss
we are incomplete
until content.

(That is my attempt to answer the question…)

And as Audrey states: “Michael is fighting an illness that may take his life.”  Pray for him.

The Vision of Poets

Spring Beauty 2


The words upon the page before you are to be read at your own risk…
What is implied within them is left to the perceptions of the reader…
If you become engulfed enough within them to endure to its finality, I thank you.
Your comments will enlighten us all…

Why Do Poets Write of Love
Why do poets write of love?
Do poets possess an extraordinary
Amount of love within,
Requiring them to relinquish
The overflow onto a blank page,
In order to remain within the
Bounds of sanity?
Would withholding that anomalistic
Amount of love within oneself
Thrust the poet
Far beyond the borders
Of those who profess to be
Of normalcy?
Does writing of the touch
Of love upon someone’s heart,
Create love within itself?
It is most common of one
Who writes of love to also
Write of sadness…
Of sorrow…
Of lost hope…

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Where the truth hurts

Hadn’t I
turned out this way,
in a heartbeat I would,
as far as I could.
But no further
do the chips land in my favor.
No matter
the chips’ addictive flavor,
as I bend unwritten rules
to fulfill a moment.

The more you speak,
the more you sound
ideal; your words I allow to feel.
But I know.
I hold
to the truth, so far,
and my heart on a leash.
It is there, by itself.
Where the truth hurts.

Long, Ensue

it’s times like these, I long, and ensue
and push as deep as my well can go
until the ugly fear stifles my word
breaks my courage in two

If I’d a million, as some say
suppose it’d solve my day
suppose it’d cure my ills
suppose my insecurity would fall away

but nothing can cure what I am
sometimes the world just is
as cold as ice
even when it’s soft as snow

my heart yearns so much so
I believe
but it cannot grow

Dilemma on Dilemma

I have that problem of not being able to do anything on the spot—or maybe I don’t since I’m doing this on the spot, not preparing writing 99% of it at home like all of the posts before this. Speaking from the heart, or pulling things from…you know where?

I’ve considered writing about the dilemma of dilemmas, something worse than writer’s block: taking too long, losing your notes and not being able to remember anything! Once, it’s a mistake. Twice, WTF? Thrice, I have to remember by heart. But then again, I hate myself for losing things, and…

Well, some bloggers use WordPress much like twitter, only writing little things.

…losing my attention span. Continue reading Dilemma on Dilemma