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(Nov 11 7:32 p.m.)
(Nov 11 7:32 p.m.)

The shock of the national election results hasn’t completely worn off.  And for once, I’m sure I’m not alone… a lot of people shocked.  And with some similarity to Brexit: failing to represent a significant amount of the country was pivotal as to why it went down the way it did.  In order to know what’s going on, you can’t plug your ears and rely solely on previous election data.  You have to, you know, actually listen to ordinary people.

All year, I was so disgusted with Trump that I avoided cable news to avoid him.  But as November closed in, I found MSNBC— and the articles they sourced— a relief.  (And if you know me at all, you know I don’t like partisan news.)  The network consistently “took down” a person I couldn’t stand, and through all my reading I got to know the real Donald… too well.

Fast forward to Nov 8, I voted.  Not being much informed on local issues or candidates, I didn’t recognize most of the names on the ballot… But it should be obvious to anyone who regularly reads this blog as to who I voted for, for President.  I was also a bit of a dummy, interested in signing a petition… while unintentionally standing in the way of people wanting to pass by me to leave.

After that, I went directly home, and soon thereafter slept off the day.  Come nightfall, distracted and missing the ‘reality’ I had in 2015, I went over old stuff I kept of my friends and social media, refreshing my memory of what was and who’s who, compared to now… how these days feel less real.  By 3 a.m., in the motions of turning off, I went to the TV, and checked the news.  I read the headline on the bottom of the screen… Continue reading Change