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Wash  Your  Hands!

From fungi to fecal, none “good”’s ever clean,
you’ve no idea, the— bacteria count, unseen.
On dispensers and servers, you’re left in the dark,
the oblivious, they come, and leave behind marks.
Such stains, then dried, walked on, and shaken,
Think you’ve never come in contact? You’re sadly mistaken.
Said, but ignored— oh, how people miss this:
spare others the sickness, wash hands after business!

(But I’d advise against anti-bacterial soap. No need to mope.)

Be your true self

Ego is the false self wanting a throne

It is developed early on during infancy as the cry for attention.  It is the dishonest turn of self-preservation instinct for mere self-gratification.  It is a distortion and a revelation of the capacity for the capable mind to bend over backwards for something small-minded.  Some of this capacity is developed in the womb.  A killer of sorts, deliberately eliminating competition, one way or another for that standing one, egotists become at best careless and therefore often destructive in their efforts. Continue reading Be your true self