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Daily walk

(Dec 13 5:55 p.m.)

Ice on the ground
hurts my knees;
wind gusts, around
shake ice from trees.
It shouldn’t have to be so hard
to walk outside these days.
But what can I say?
I can be stubborn
in my day-to-day ways.

It’s a winter wonderland
obstacle course
out there.
And it’s not officially winter!

Come nightfall

(Jul 26 10:32 p.m.)

Come nightfall
The stars shine with a luster
dimmed by distance
of an open sky
and beyond
ancient history

It reminds me
of others
in the fog of memory
who’d seen stars before
and their drive to reach
and go

I know
they are all far away
So far
the sky appears flat
until the moon catches my eyes
with its awe-inspiring sight, and light
Before the darkness returns again


The above photos is, unfortunately, the best the iPhone camera can do as far as capturing the starry night, Wednesday.  It’s also the best I can do as far as polishing the poem for now, lol.

In other things, there will be a total eclipse of the sun on August 21 across all of North America… Have a good Friday!

Beyond the Clouds

it was fairly clear:

he did not connect.
He had strayed too far.
His head, out in space,
beyond the clouds,
his furthest

His toxic aloneness
enticed him to “see”

his ideas in motion.
But nothing moved
too far, as he spun.
He burned out big
again, the tired
man of plants.

He was alone
with his pride,
his knowing,
his missteps,
his complex
turning blue,
his mission,
his finale.

(Inspired by the film Approaching the Unknown, starring Mark Strong.)

Surviving Winter

small leaning tree in snow
In the effort of
I shovel
to the back of
the house

Along the path
I find
a drooping tree
in the snow

In the effort of
relieving pressure
I shovel
off the back of
this tree

my efforts
I used my hands
but it would not
stand upright

It is amazing
how plants
the seasons
for generations

This is my attempt at the Gogyohka form, explained in the previous post.
You’re welcome to try this form yourself.

Where the truth hurts

Hadn’t I
turned out this way,
in a heartbeat I would,
as far as I could.
But no further
do the chips land in my favor.
No matter
the chips’ addictive flavor,
as I bend unwritten rules
to fulfill a moment.

The more you speak,
the more you sound
ideal; your words I allow to feel.
But I know.
I hold
to the truth, so far,
and my heart on a leash.
It is there, by itself.
Where the truth hurts.

Long, Ensue

it’s times like these, I long, and ensue
and push as deep as my well can go
until the ugly fear stifles my word
breaks my courage in two

If I’d a million, as some say
suppose it’d solve my day
suppose it’d cure my ills
suppose my insecurity would fall away

but nothing can cure what I am
sometimes the world just is
as cold as ice
even when it’s soft as snow

my heart yearns so much so
I believe
but it cannot grow

I squeeze the blood out of life alone.

Once effort falls,
So does the reward.
I hold my breath, but
My tongue moves without better judgment.
The practice shifts,
So the living drifts.
I befell to the joke again.

Prey to play,
The wistful fool puts strangers on a growing pedestal.
But for some strange reason, I attracted
Beauty like never before.
She crossed my path,
But no more
Longer than a score of moons.

As days pass, I attempt to light the path
Of wayward lines
Without smudging.
So used to fighting the way,
An admitted coward,
I squeeze the blood out of life alone.
Failing to fail gracefully,
The errant child blames humanity.

My soul is all that’s left.
I found myself
Eight months ago,
Lest a return of the grandeur.
The sweet delusion
Teases without warrant,
Routinely returns nothing in favor.

Should my work pass as art?
Holding close
To self-defined rules and standards,
Terms never heard before;
These days
My words live
In a realm of free expression
Within the boundaries of a soulless confine.