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Censorship Boycotts are for Cowards

cropped from source: boycottmozilla.org
cropped from source: boycottmozilla.org

Fighting injustice is necessary.

You voice the facts, you voice your opinion; you may attempt to correct the record, you fight.  But you don’t censor others in the process.

Free Speech means addition, not subtraction. …But tell that to people who don’t listen to logic, and worse, let hatred get the best of themselves.

There is that point where “speaking up” doesn’t work.  That is, when it’s not honest, not a reflection of Free speech.
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Ignorance in Überland

The Three “wise” monkeys.

Yeah, I just thought I’d piss more people off.  No, that’s not it.

ignorance (n.): the condition of being uneducated, unaware, or uninformed.

Among the actions taken: issuing a filter, attaching a name to the information, finding ‘reason’ to insulate oneself from the information.  And that’s an important word in describing it: insulation.

factual (adj.): the quality of being actual, true.

The quality of information is crucial.  However, the stronger suite can overpower in the mind; often enough, it’s entertainment or sensationalism that wins out.  To judge in a so-called ‘popular’ manner, but have less understanding.

Ignorance and understanding are diametrically opposed to each other.  At least with facts, there is true common ground.  …And, well, the ignorant will end up disagreeing with facts.

In the so-called “smart” world, the teacher abuses the student.

A false sense of truth, and a propaganda source that the information isn’t coming from an honest surrogate.  Sometimes the insulation can be so great that already established facts can’t be used in ordinary places.  It becomes more and more difficult for the actual truth tellers to get a word in edge-wise, until the reporting as well as the discussions left over are empty or full of fluff.

White House calls the factual CBS News headline “controversial”; supporters ignore the story.


Sharyl Attkisson had to deal with her own network, delaying and cutting up stories of her reporting that they didn’t like, until she finally quit.

Free Speech = Democracy

It makes no sense to me that silence would ever change a person’s mind, especially change one’s mind instead of clarifying…  Being honest with yourself, you can’t just shut out others and believe you’re right.

When the message is a lie, when it’s not a reflection of Free speech, it’s not right.  You may already get the surface on that… but ignorance works its ways in so many ways.  Just because Attkisson spoke to Howard Kurtz on Fox News doesn’t mean that the information shouldn’t be trusted (because of the outlet, Fox News).

A fact depends on quality, not quantity or names.


(Compound Eye)

That doesn’t seem to work.
With so much buried and forgotten over time, so many things “mysteriously” fail to work, and many people “mysteriously” miss or dismiss work.  But so many people will just tell you off— go your merry way… and Wikipedia still appears to be in financial trouble.

Apocalypse: “to be seen”

As we approach apparent doom, so many things are revealed for what they truly are.  And yet, so many things are still hyped and misunderstood.  It takes so much time of hiding things to make such an apocalypse.  Needless to say (but it’ll be said), you should be reluctant to take someone who’s never experienced their claims at their word.

We see men these days off in their own little world, with their own little worldviews.  While it is true that what is closest to your person is usually what’s most relevant at a given moment, cutting yourself off from relating with your surroundings in ignorance… isn’t self-reliant, to say the least.  Every thought matters, including thinking you’re right—it changes things.  Closing yourself off changes you for the worse.

And so we have people that “protect” themselves by making shells, possibly making themselves prisoners of self.  What is true to you is still true to you; personal rules are just as important as universal rules.  There are truly different versions of the truth—and not just opinions, but different, justified realities.  But debt isn’t true; don’t dig a universal grave.

You also have the people who are hunkering down, preparing or thinking they’re prepared.  And a number of these people are related to these shelled men—not reaching out to them in the instance that they should.  Intelligence and stubbornness can go a long way at ignorance and promoting failure, but some people are trying to bottom out with no one to turn to.  (And if you change your mind, do a background check.)

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