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New Year of Time Forcibly Wasted

Insert “I Lack Tact” Badge Here

And so, Le Clown indicts inducts The Middlest Sister into his Blog roll, as part of the end-of-2012 attention give-away (The Great XMAS Blogroll Induction Extravaganza), alongside David Dixon, Bill M., Denise, John, Tania, Brent W., Nicole, Adam S., Lyssa, Sonja B., Wendy Reid & Miss Four Eyes, and The Byronic Man.  (A ping-back isn’t generated w/o a specific page, right?  I’d hate to piss these guys off.  Or does it matter, given that they’ve all long-already chosen to ignore me?)

The Middlest Finger

And, unfortunately, Ms Bumble became Ms Middle Finger, nicely treating me as if I’m retar— I had already put the FF link up!  First line, with underline.

And why join or keep up with photos that don’t pique a person’s imagination?  Walking on sunshine egg shells with the Non-Self-Disclosure policy, myopia, by itself, means not only physical nearsightedness, but also an inability to see what’s out there, to see through on real solutions.  No offense, but help’s needed on things that are…real.

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Bipolar mess: just sayin’

Copyright 2012 Stephan Pastis

I had two potentially “funny” posts mostly prepared, but screw it.  I hate myself, my presence again.

After making another ill-timed comment (and wanted it deleted—not something you can do here), beating myself up over it…

…Being put off for a day in seeing the Golden Shower post at A Clown on Fire (and missing the “meme/spoof” point of Monica Balucci doing that before in an ad), laughing my ass off in nonsense, editing like hell…

…Seeing that Starz movie with Nick Stahl and Olivia Wilde—I forget the name…

…Googling my name, seeing how awful, illegitimate my presence is…
(Do I need the thesaurus for ‘awful’?)

At least I’m saying something that hasn’t been prepared (live).  And that probably makes this whole thing a mistake too.  Etc.  Whatever.  I’ve not understood the attention so far—I don’t want more.  If you’re not sure if you should be following, go away.  A rare sight for that expression at WP….Maybe.

Addendum: the name of the Starz movie is On the Inside.

Thursday: Need to write … ?

It takes forever to get anything done. The previous post needs fixing — the parser automatically converts double-line-spaces into paragraph breaks.  “Heart” was written into the 16th, but it was published late on the 19th.
I get what I deserve for…reading others’ blogs?  Well, doing it all morning, ruining the schedule.  Runed, I tell ya’, runed.  These posts include E.A.’s “Yucky stuff,” and B.F.’s “Pass the salt,” where Shelly eats olives, beef bouillon, old taco meat with spaghetti sauce and extra salt, and sardines, only to ask for the pickles.
This time I’m going to be frank.  That is until I edit out the offensive language, and then it’s no longer frank, but screw the horoscope, the “hold back on your words.”  When you’re invisible, it doesn’t matter much anyway.  And ordering screw.
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Love: spiritual bonding, affection and care.
The opposite of love is not hate but indifference.

Indifference is when one falls prey to the dishonesty of irrelevance regarding another person.  Beside it: bigotry, the manner of which people and things are generalized and distorted in those generalizations — the evasion of education that subverts the process of understanding to instead welcome stereotyping.
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Liberal Arts: Barely Coming of Age

Liberal Arts, the unrated IFC film starring its writer and director, Josh Radnor, at first seems to take page from Answer This!, given the romance between his character, “Jesse,” and “Zibby” (Elizabeth Olsen), a sophomore and sixteen years his junior.  But Radnor, 38, co-star of How I Met Your Mother, plays an admissions counselor that is easily uninspired by his job and has just broken up with his girlfriend.  After being invited to the retirement party of his favorite professor, Peter Hoberg (Richard Jenkins), Jesse happily returns to his mid-Western college alma mater to honor the English professor.  Hoberg is not his father, but rather the guy that introduces Jesse Fisher to family friend Zibby, the walking light bulb (avid intellect) that, at her age, loves Twilight, something Jesse considers the worst book ever written in English.

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