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Tardy: Shutting Up

(Or ‘retardy,’ since it’s me writing this.  Things are slower when I turn my obsessiveness off.
(Yes, I can turn it off.  (Deep.)))

Movember raised over $3,650.  That’s something.  One month, one area of the blogosphere, and health areas of intent for the Becca movement, nagging men to get checked out, so they don’t die of a common cancer.  Imagine that.  And that was reported on the 2nd, and this is the 8th.  Late, self, late.

The error of my ways…  Another day, read awesome posts, click Like and forget…
The passive-aggressiveness…  No responses, good or bad?  “Whatever.… @#$% you.
Finally getting that the participant is supposed to shave his ’stache…  (I could’ve.)
Seeking a Friend For the End of the World.  Make friends or die trying…  I’m dead.

That’s it.  I’m holding off talking about myself after this.  As long as frickin’ possible.  But I can’t help talking about someone’s ego… might as well be… Guy Fawkes w. Red Nose on the Clownada flag.

The light dawns, as manually, I’ve manually viewed ClownOnFire… manually— and I see that missing transition from November to December.  Curse there not being an 11.31!  I’ve forgotten to check on those other blogs I’m not following.  Sigh.

What bastard, the contents of this being, all ‘type’ and no ‘read’?

Anyway, L’Éric also followed through on mailing his shavings because $1,000 was made for Movember in a single 24-hour period.  And 136+ comments were made on another Tardiness post thing: for El Guapo’s birthday, as Le Clown wanted to see at least 111 birthday wishes, 111 Likes on the guy’s part, 111 mentions of the word fuck.  … yesterday.  Damnit.

After reading several posts, I got tired of hearing the same jokes made at Canadiens.
First snow, outside of our igloo, before I got naked to go hunt polar bears.
It’s raining here.  Maybe that’s due to the end of Haiku Sundays.

Some last words before I shut up about myself: I’m not afraid of the finger.  In fact, I’ve had two (exams) already.  And Seeking a Friend For the End of the World isn’t bad.  And “that girl” in the prev. post is probably older than me.


yur so like refreshing lol omg wtf idk ggp!”  Okay, now I want you to shut up.

Second Punch

(fist punch)
©2012 adamjasonp

High pressures, low pressures—some winter weather follows Sandy, retracing some of the hurricane’s path.  After the deaths of over four score, the destruction of homes, and how cars were swept away like toy cars, reminding me of the Japanese tsunami, snow/sleet and rain would again cause the lights to flicker for the people who had power, while half a million across New York and New Jersey are still in the dark.

But there is some good news here.  Writer/editor/wanderer Brigitte, home of “Brigitte’s Banter” and the one responsible for A Gracious Guide to Benevolent Blogging (743 Likes and over 1 MB in generated HTML due to the 830+ comments since Apr. 6) lived to tell about her experience yesterday two days ago.

(I had to cross out ‘yesterday’ ’cause I was ditched again; but out of that, the opportunity to improve some other text and illustrate the graphic above.  ’Took me seven hours, and it may be the last, since I’m going blind.)

I never heard of doggysstyle before today, but this guy is donatin’ fitty cents (50¢) to Movember for every comment made on his 11.08 post.  Comment away!

Uppers and Downers

Another second punch (and take it as you see fit, good or bad): Obama was reelected.  Mitt Romney lost the win for the White House in 2012 in part because people didn’t know what a Romney administration would look like.  (And some approached the thought that he cares nothing of human beings, eats babies—or whatever nonsense from the “left.”)  Evangelicals didn’t turn out in part because he’s a Mormon.  Either way, the conservative turnout was low, and Obama won with fewer votes than McCain in 2008.  The biggest discouragement for turn out: people acknowledge the impending economic collapse.

Desperate w. standards

And on a personal note, I was punched in the heart again.  Fool me too many times, shame on me—plans, scrapped.  I already knew the ins & outs but don’t know where to go.  I’m sick of politely being called stupid, with all of the unnecessary sympathy.  Asking around sounds stupid; humiliating or deadly, take my pick.

Yes, yes. Already, I think I’ve already called myself pathetic a million times already. Already.

A complete outsider, disorganized, sometimes cryptic, telling you what I might do and see, I discover MySoulsOnIce: becoming an adult-David Lynch (what we really experience is a narrowing of the imagination), and Memories-Haruki Murakami with Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (a movie I recommend).  And then, the cold-blooded killer Ernesto “Che” Guevara and Al Jezeera news pop up.

Seeing Rick’s about page just reminded me of my giving up in coming here.  Unnecessary sympathy… To hell, co-dependency.  To hell.

At least Ido Lanuel seems to care.  I’d have a BS.c in Computer Science too (or better) if I had the money or discipline to work a horrible job to pay for the college B.S. (in both senses of ‘B.S.’).

I give up.