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Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock

“Not functioning is not charming. Not being able to keep a job or friends isn’t cute. … Struggling all day, every day to even grasp some of the world around them isn’t amazing. …in real life, people have to live with the consequences.”

Yep, this August post still holds up today.

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1asp16I think it’s tragic that people have so many prejudices, especially about things they don’t understand. They don’t know what they’re missing.

Have you even known someone with: ALS,MS, Parkinson’s Disease, CP, Alzheimer’s, Tetanus, Pinched nerve, meningitis, Huntington’s Disease, Migraines, Epilepsy, Polio, stroke, or any of the other neurological disorder?

Would you tell someone who’d suffered a stroke to just talk properly? Unlikely.

Would you tell someone with ALS to stop being so lazy? No way.

Tell someone with Alzheimer’s they could remember if they just tried harder? Doubtful.

Someone with Parkinson’s to stop shaking, that they were just trying to get attention? Improbable.

Yet people with Autism are constantly told to grow up, smarten up, man up, stop being so lazy. People scoff, blame, bully, abuse, mock, make jokes, call names, etc.
Autism is a neurological condition just like any other. They have as much control over how…

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You think you know someone.
But in fact, you know nobody.
Everybody’s a thick shell.
Everybody’s ‘busy.’
And so you’re excused
away into nothingness.

And so I say,
I am sick of being casual with it.
I am human, after all;
doesn’t that mean something?
Not here, not anymore,
drowned, one way or…

But it’s not as if I tried,
never paid
for my mistakes or beginning.
It was free, all of it,
subject to fade,
fragile as ever.

And life goes on.
No one tried or cared
enough to understand,
including me.
I was never quite there,
though eager one time.

It reminds me of someone
who continues to this day
to be so cold,
reminding me, I am alone,
worth only what she desires,
that if I disagree

I am worthless.
Most everyone arrives,
but not me. Never.
On a critical level,
who has options, till hell
unbearable or unaffordable?

The chosen so-called progress
would go on forever.
For what?
As if the life is defined
by political maneuvering,
and lies, lies, lies.

Who always has more
reasons to be depressed,
more than hopeful.
Who else could walk away
with shrugs in his wake
besides the worthless?

Oh, yes, I’m unique,
jumping at the trivial chance,
much the same as before,
still a prisoner within myself,
wanting out, yet
denied the basic courtesy.

I can’t live,
not for real,
if there’s one thing
that never happens before I die.
And never—why?
I’ve never had a real conversation.

“Blogging is a competitive sport.”

“Blogging is a competitive sport.”

Anyone who thinks that is a doofus.  Or a dolt.  Or a nincompoop.  They just don’t get it.  (And yes, ‘they’; us versus them. 😉 )

Many still misunderstand the purpose.  As did I, I admit.  The term ‘blogging’ used to make me cringe, but now… I acknowledge how faulty image is.

WordPress is kind of pure in that way that good, loving content is critical.  Blogging here reflects the better part of life, as the users here have served the individual reflection of lives and views, and of what they do to a T.  Readers want to read more when the constructed results are good and sincere.  And sometimes even when something is missing.  Brevity can gain interest.

Does that mean it’s a competition?  No.  A blog is a web-based portal, and a post is an honest snapshot of life, whether it be writing, reviewing, recipes, photography, or whatever you do.

And I say ‘generally’ when it comes to competition because some people actually compete here.  It depends on the open back-in-forth, with respect.  It can get wild sometimes, as consent and purpose are everything.

Blogging is: putting your ego aside to share what you do, and what you are open to.  And that applies to everyone else.  You are a reader as well as a writer, like everyone else.  You have something to contribute.  You are not just putting something in, you are sharing.

If you want to get something across, then go out and manually find people to get it across.  Find the time.  Blogging is supposed to be fun, so don’t fret; seek.  Kill your expectations and contribute honest feedback.

There is another way of looking at it, and this is where it gets PG-13, so hide the wee ones.

Think of it in terms of sex: do you just spread your (verbal) seed everywhere on your blog hoping to get feedback, or do you seek out people to have (verbal) intercourse with on respective terms?

Okay, so that was a little more vulgar than poetic.  But not everyone will Like this post, as they shouldn’t.  At least there’s no ‘Poking’ with WordPress.

(Man, I’m going to pay for this.  Especially since this is a ‘neutered’ edit, where absolutely everyone will be either offended or disappointed.  It was either cut or trash.)

Creativity comes in many forms.  Just be sure to edit properly before publishing, so you don’t do what I did by posting before thinking.

—Man That Unwittingly Makes People Sick