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An Apolitical Political Rant

Sorry, that this is a little raw— I’m on a deadline… and this gets into my politics… or “counter-politics.”

Joe Scarborough showed his Progressive Republican colors by cheering on this bloated government’s efforts to clamp down on any and all people that stand against the “current” trend, lobbied by the government-media complex for even more control, where our “elected public officials” point fingers, and when things go bad… point fingers again.  And for Scarborough to think that the U.S. government isn’t going far enough already…

A government that allows an official (like, any— vague on who, given the language of the National Defense Authorization Act) to declare U.S. citizens terrorists, bomb you with spy drones, with no due process, and otherwise… spy on you anyway, any way they can.

One that pushes legislation on the antithesis of the Second Amendment, where you have to go through the Federal Government in order to purchase something to protect yourself from forces that include… the Federal Government.

One that forces contraceptives on Catholics, as “mandated” in the Consumer Protection and Affordable Care Act, a multi-thousand-page law of absolute beauracracy that clearly does not make health care more affordable.

Have you at all seriously considered anything of these matters, without making it out as “just” a matter of political theater or affiliation, when you “just” look at your desk when talking, overusing and misusing the word “just”?

I mean, wake up and smell the coffee…  Oh, right, you already do that, whoring it out to Starbucks®.  So I guess you’re entrenched enough that you will never grasp how much of a part-time cheerleader you are to domestic dictatorship, actually saying, force them, force them their hand; command them, threaten them.

“Dictatorship, shmitactorship”, you may say.  Well, then, let’s not stall our days on the “proper” terminology that, like all ignorant media anchors, you could care less about.

It’s Communism when the Constitution is outright replaced with a Socialist Constitution, where there is no freedom of religion, and the laws are oppressive (e.g., the Soviet Union).

It’s Fascism when there’s a monopoly that divides people based on badges, and is also socialism but with a lowercase ‘s,’ that the government is basically a corporation that controls individual corporations.  (Where China, our debt majority holder, is headed… …and G.E., to a degree, is in bed with both the U.S. and Chinese governments.)

It’s a modern dictatorship when it’s neither or both clearly, yet oppressive, clearly.

“Well, that’s just—”

Our Constitution, our liberty is being tortured with selective law and order, aided with the help of a careless Supreme Court, a spineless Congress and a politically-pandering vapid press.  The balance of power has gone for general power with no transparency.

Just where do you think we’re headed when the “leaders” we elect are only the likes of Bush and Obama, where “governing” is evermore invasive yet no one takes responsibility?

Have you already a hole in your hollow head, Mr. Scarborough?

What am I saying— he’ll never read this.

God, I hate Morning Joe.  (The pretentious MSNBC program, not the blog.)