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One of Two, One of None

Yeah, so this blog won’t be deleted; the tally was a tie: I voted Nay, and TBF voted Yea.  Sonofa—

Yeah, so I’m starting another sentence with, “Yeah, so.”
So I can’t call myself real.  Not with the mess I’ve left.
So I’ll instead leave you with something I’m more used to talking about for the past three years.  And then it’s back to poetry ’n’ sh…  trying to make up for my mistakes.

And I’m writing this with extreme muscle/nerve pain on the left side of my neck, unable to move my head to the left or backward.  This comes after a small nosebleed, extreme prejudice against an Italian bread loaf (and like the video game characters, exploded all over the kitchen) and three hours seleep yesterday.
That’s what I get for being me, a person of ‘irritation’ and of ‘no value.’
Not being real, this pain shouldn’t be real, right?  Let your freak flag fly… you freak.

Yeah, so I think the Non-Disclosure Policy just exploded too.  Surviving is Cristian’s dying hard drive.

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