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Memory Release

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I know I’ve lost a lot with age.  Particularly my memory.  And I’m always tired.  So today, I tried to access my past, and came a rush of colors and images.  Seems I’ve shed and blocked so much.  Technology has that way of distracting you from the real world.  But not without consent, right?  A life so empty and boring—you’d choose entertainment…right?

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Beyond the science-oriented classes in high school, I recall walking in the Maine Mall.  Some of the smells come back, though incomplete.  I remember stores that came and went, including a computer repair shop, and even some holiday decorations (or at least the fact of holiday decorations).  I remember an escalator I never took (probably).

I have very little interest in gas-stop items.  But I remember a candy bar not sold anywhere else—like a “Saturn” bar, or something.  And before that, a candy sucker, as a kid.  Just the other day, I find the Punky’s in Portland, where a great salad was bought a few times, had closed (according to Urbanspoon.com it’s supposed to be open today, go figure).

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Becoming that kid doesn’t much apply himself, I had a few teaching assistants.
I remember a Blockbuster that went out of business.  Before that, another rental store, in association with the memory of TA Ms. Pinkman.  I don’t remember what she looked like or even her first name.  Yeah, I’m bad with names.  Sometimes, special attribution is paid to things you can hardly remember in whole later on in life.

Having an interest in electronics, I remember one time I saw the ending of a movie on HBO, one with a credits sequence that features overheating components.  I tried to find this film in the HBO catalog and then at that non-Blockbuster rental, but reached a dead-end.  This search must have taken place before middle school, given the timing of events.

Image source: flickr/Ian Ligget
Image source: flickr/Ian Ligget

I remember enough to know a lot hasn’t changed in the past twenty years.  Technology, business, trends, fashions and music—hell, traffic lights, have adapted, but geologically speaking, I can’t measure much/any difference.  The Earth may be ‘alive,’ but it’s…so calm in these parts of Maine.  Besides weather and business as usual, what has really changed here?

So many things in life lie to you, and tell you to remain ignorant.  Until you find yourself older, probably alone, missing it all.  High school sucks for everyone, but the potential was there, photography was there, vocational education was there, surfing-the-internet-without-proxy-at-the-vocational-school-while-forgetting-to-hand-in-your-work was there.  People were there.

Where is everyone now?  Letting go has that consequence of starting over so dramatically when you’ve been out of touch IRL for thirteen whole years…