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Suck It Up

Okay, so I have to answer to Notifications.  I still feel like I die a little with them, but I have to suck it up.  It just sucks that blogging is only as social as much as people put out, the way people have to tell you what they want or Do Not Disturb.  And if I’m not clear or don’t know what I actually want, I’m screwed.  I’m always screwed.

Ever since Why Bother, I’ve been thinking about how great Xanga must have been, with vibrant communities, or at least people eager to understand each other.  It predated Facebook (launched 2004) and WordPress (2003).  But…platforms die.

People will flock to the better choice. …Or find themselves forced to join a site over popularity (*cough*  1.3 billion *cough*), and because people you know have left their previous home.

“My…Space?  What is MySpace?”

Maybe if Google didn’t come up with weird names, like Circles, Google+ would’ve lived longer. …Well…it hasn’t died just yet.  As Wired put it:

Google+ as we knew it is dead, but Google is still a social network

The company is, however, giving up on Chrome.

As Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) approaches four years old, Google has announced today [March 3] it will no longer release updates for Chrome on the operating system.

*bursts out laughing*  😀 Ice Cream Sandwich!  Oh—I swear, it’s the first time I heard the code name…

Sigh. …But yeah, change is hard.  When you’ve invested yourself into something you’ve worked hard for.  When you lose a part of your youth moving forward.  When something or someone dies.  But ultimately, change is hard when you don’t know how to effectively change.  Especially when you don’t have any support.

And how to change, in a social media spread thin…

In my experience, the only thing effective action in moving forward is to work at your passion, and to trust your gut on making choices, find true friends & loves…and leave Facebook as soon as you freaking can if you want to keep your sanity. …Then again, I may be insane.

Whatever.  Whatever!  Suck it up, me; suck it up.  Get back to life.  Because, the only thing wrong I can do in blogging is try too hard.  (That, and violating actual rules.)

…And whatever you do, don’t say “blow chunks” on twitter.


the living lie

Yeah, so I’m insane.

But insane like some writers.  Only I’m not talented in creative writing…  Turns out F-social was still about not fitting in anywhere… but an asylum.  Like many poets.  I know, I know, saying that denigrates poetry a little.

I represent no group.

But there’s also this:

But we’re never gonna survive, unless… we get a little  craaazy…

But how to measure one’s level of crazy?  Is there, like, some ‘crazy’ equivalent to those Newtons or Fruitons or whatever it is that Scientology ‘measures’ in a person?

Anyway, this long poem… though based in truth, should also not see the light of day.
Not bad, maybe good, but horribly, inescapably depressing
You have been warned. Continue reading the living lie

Oscillation, Talking… Insanity

This is an effort to hone in on a point.  Must I always fail?  Just about, yes.
I have no time to write it— it’s a ramble.  A ramble that will dig the hole deeper.
If you think this is just a joke… ooohh, boy (or girl) you are in trouble.

My writing (not writing style*)—not to mention prev. post—may piss some people off;
this blog is an ugly one.  (And I’m an ugly one, have no doubt.)
Easy: just a few clicks away from deleting it…
I’m almost an expert on that oscillation.
Sometimes it hurts, sometimes it doesn’t.  (Pathetic?  Pathetic.)
Always wondering what may hurt someone.  (Fourteen-year-olds are reading.)
It’s not necessarily good that I’m doing this.
Because I am pushing limits.
I am teetering on insanity.
Like Tom Hanks on that island, alone, having to talk to a ball. Continue reading Oscillation, Talking… Insanity