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Yeah, so I’ve been ignoring notifications.  I admit.  Just— letting it all go.  Why?  Because I hate the design, and I have expectations.  I might as well just believe that no one is listening, so this HSP sitting here (or standing, actually; I tend to hover over the keyboard) can have some kind of consistency.  “… but again, expectations is what ruins your life.”  Don’t I know, sociocruiser13.  Don’t I know.

Okay, so I needed a little break yesterday because I turned 31, and I absolutely hate getting older.  But I kept going.  It was liberating in a way.

Man, getting little to nothing real makes changing platforms starts to sound good that I can have some honest silence versus empty comments.  (But never tumblr.  God, no, never tumblr. …Other than food porn…and such.)

But besides my needy mofo attitude that’s yet to subside because I need friends, not yes-men/women, not people that are never there, and besides the fact that I’m not very good at responding to comments anyway, I hate the notifications menu design.  And not the so-called “improvements” the people at WordPress keep dishing out.

The unread/comments/follows/likes addition was pretty cool, though.

Seeing no evil.
—Seeing no evil.—

No, the design has always been flawed.  So often I have to (or had to, haha) go to the post origin because what I said is always horrendously truncated.  I need context.

Don’t you just love being able to roll out the entire conversation?
—Don’t you just love being able to roll out the entire conversation?—

So, here, I am saying twitter is better.  Yes, how twitter handles replies is better than WordPress’s.  And I don’t mind getting zero feedback on twitter nearly as much.  In some ways simpler is better, because lower expectations just comes naturally.  (It should be said though, that simpler is not better in the Dashboard.)

So, if the WordPress people, Happiness Engineers or whatever are listening, I suggest ripping off twitter.  Show up to 140 characters of whatever I wrote so I don’t have to click a few more times (yay, more clicking) for context.  There’s no workaround for this.

So, should they hear me, and actually take my suggestion, and screw things up as they tend to do…I don’t think I’ll mind much.  Because I’m ignoring Notifications anyway.


Thank you.  (And, yes, yes, dear readers, I hate me too.)  (And if everyone else can be crazy all week, as some have, I can be crazy too.)  (And as I type, I’m currently being annoyed by the #FollowFriday FAV mentions filling my twitter notifications tab.)

If anyone needs me (lol, never), I’ll be on twitter, Google Hangouts, email.

Good night—er, good morning.  (5 a.m. already?!)

Ignorance in Überland

The Three “wise” monkeys.

Yeah, I just thought I’d piss more people off.  No, that’s not it.

ignorance (n.): the condition of being uneducated, unaware, or uninformed.

Among the actions taken: issuing a filter, attaching a name to the information, finding ‘reason’ to insulate oneself from the information.  And that’s an important word in describing it: insulation.

factual (adj.): the quality of being actual, true.

The quality of information is crucial.  However, the stronger suite can overpower in the mind; often enough, it’s entertainment or sensationalism that wins out.  To judge in a so-called ‘popular’ manner, but have less understanding.

Ignorance and understanding are diametrically opposed to each other.  At least with facts, there is true common ground.  …And, well, the ignorant will end up disagreeing with facts.

In the so-called “smart” world, the teacher abuses the student.

A false sense of truth, and a propaganda source that the information isn’t coming from an honest surrogate.  Sometimes the insulation can be so great that already established facts can’t be used in ordinary places.  It becomes more and more difficult for the actual truth tellers to get a word in edge-wise, until the reporting as well as the discussions left over are empty or full of fluff.

White House calls the factual CBS News headline “controversial”; supporters ignore the story.


Sharyl Attkisson had to deal with her own network, delaying and cutting up stories of her reporting that they didn’t like, until she finally quit.

Free Speech = Democracy

It makes no sense to me that silence would ever change a person’s mind, especially change one’s mind instead of clarifying…  Being honest with yourself, you can’t just shut out others and believe you’re right.

When the message is a lie, when it’s not a reflection of Free speech, it’s not right.  You may already get the surface on that… but ignorance works its ways in so many ways.  Just because Attkisson spoke to Howard Kurtz on Fox News doesn’t mean that the information shouldn’t be trusted (because of the outlet, Fox News).

A fact depends on quality, not quantity or names.